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  1. Fantastic Puzzle Game
    Brent Stradling
    Graphics are not only beautiful, but functional as well, by giving you hints on how to navigate the playing field without dying (something you will be doing a lot of, making it that much more satisfying when you do beat that stage). The puzzles are creative and very well thought out. You never get the feeling of the game getting repetitive from level to level. The rules that are set by the environment and objects that you must interact with are very well utilized. The length of the game is solid, you get a lot of gameplay for the money. Speaking of money, you buy the game, and that is it. This game is very much ABOUT THE GAME. No in app purchases or any other rewardless gimmicks designed to drain your wallet. I'll buy again from this company. They know how to do it right.
  2. Roy Minton
    It always thrills me to find an amazing game...there are so many games out there that's it's not always easy to find the gems. This is one of those gems with its engaging gameplay, beautiful graphics and a comical yet compelling story. I hope if you're reading this review you get a chance or had a chance to play CLARC.
  3. Fun at first, unforgiving difficulty curve.
    Conrad Young
    Absolutely great visuals. Esoteric story that's fun to progress through. Simple & tight controls. Puzzle mechanics are very clever & really nail the joy of discovery. Even supports gamepads well! Unfortunately, later puzzles seem to be strangely balanced. The difficulty curve rapidly changes from block puzzles with forgiving timing, to a split-second pattern memorization & timing chores. Worse still, enemy robot vision is highly inconsistent, often spotting the player through cover that worked in the previous 10 attempts, causing pattern-based evasion to become unpleasantly unreliable. It seems like the later puzzles weren't playtested in a way that ironed out jarring difficulty spikes. Because of these issues, the feel of the game abruptly switches between a lighthearted clever puzzler, to an arduous super-meatboy-esque die-until-you-make-it frustrating grind. To top it off, offering a level skip cheat is an extremely lazy solution to sharp irregularities in difficulty. Overall a good game, but induced way too much frustration. The difficulty problems really spoil the experience. Needs to pick a genre & stick with it: puzzler or ultra-hard?
  4. Frustrating
    justin crow
    Gets very hard very quickly. It's pretty with a fun theme. Loses 2 stars for the infuriatingly inaccurate controls coupled with insanely tricky gameplay. I'm near the end now but I've lost the will to complete it - too frustrating.
  5. Excellent puzzle game
    Nick Sewell
    The graphics are great and the puzzles have proven quite challenging so far.
  6. Love it totally
    sam caspian
    Absolutely fantastic game. Graphics are wonderful, controls work flawless. Buy buy buy buy
  7. Great Game
    premium bokchoy
    Really good graphics and interesting puzzles. The enemy AI can sometimes be difficult but there is usually a pattern to be found.
  8. Adam Williams
    A truly brilliant game, only let down by its controls which cause too many (fatal) mistakes when played on a smartphone - even the large screen on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  9. Worth the money.
    Matt Nelson
    A lot of time has gone into making this game. If you're a puzzler then you can't really get much better. Nice story line that kept going much longer than I thought it would. Kept coming back till I'd played it all. It is hard in some sections with some lightening quick reflexes required so if you're just so-so about this game or just puzzlers in general maybe look somewhere else.
  10. "Very Puzzling" but entertaining...
    Midnight デイビッド
    Worth buying it's a full game & totally fun & no sleazy In-app purchase junk like 80% of Android games now... (Android TV- Nexus Player)
  11. Great Game.
    Matt Dzurka
    Great game. Probably the best Android TV game you can get.
  12. Great puzzles, like the atmosphere
    Erik Steffl
    This is one of those games where you can just walk around and feel good, if you like that industrial feel :) The puzzles are fun, up to a point where I am stuck not being able to solve current puzzle, then it's a bit too much fun :) Overall great game. OLD: Still cannot get through in level 5, around 5 min in video walthrough NEW: after last update and starting from scratch level 5 works, changing the review to well deserved 5 stars.
  13. Mild control issues
    Alice Edwardson
    Overall this is an amazing game. I'm a fan of puzzlers, but often wish there was more story to them. This game fills that niche excellently, with an amusing/adorable storyline & a full world to explore. One issue: sometimes the directional controls seem a little off, in that when I try to push one direction it misreads as another.
  14. Brilliant
    Antony Wootten
    A little too fiddly in some places, relying too much on dexterity. The puzzles are great throughout though, even if a level can take 100 or more goes to get through it thanks to an annoying robot that needs to be dodged.
  15. Outstanding Game
    Davide Stella
    probably the best puzzle game I ever play on my phone, well written story really capturing never annoying. the levels challenge you without frustrating or boring, once you learn the trick to go on with one puzzle the next one sets a new challenge. Graphic is amazing and the game is running fluid also on my Moto G (not one of the most powerful device in the market...), controls are easy to use. Overall a game that payback your money with a tons of fun! Very VERY WELL DONE! Thanks guys!!
  16. I loved everything about it until...
    M JW
    Halfway through level 10 its now suddenly got so ridiculously hard that I cant do it even after watching a walk-through on youtube..... (something Ive never done before) as its just about impossible no matter what. After weeks of trying just that one bit of the game, Im now so sick of it I dont want the game anymore & am uninstalling to make room for something else. I dont see any skip options or way of continuing, so Im very disappointed.
  17. A wonderful journey that is well worth the money
    Brent McCraney
    CLARC does a great job of drawing you in to its world. It has solidly created cell shaded graphics that may seem familiar to anyone that has played Borderlands on PC or console. The music is fitting, and the puzzles make you smile once you've pushed past them. Controls work well via the touchscreen. It is a joy to navigate CLARC on his journey through F.A.T.H.E.R.'s world. A definite must play. Thankfully this is not a F2P game, and is well worth its asking price. Enjoy!
    Nathaniel Smith
    This game would be really cool but the fact that they designed the controls the way they did is just ridiculous. WOULD YA FIX EM ALREADY!?
  19. Level 13 is impossible
    Taylor Hawkings
    Level 13 is complete BS with the race. I've tried multiple times, but my racing robot keeps getting destroyed by the f**cking lasers.
  20. Like
    Sbr Realest
    Like the cell shade graphics and gameplay...I love a challenge and Clark does the job!!