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amtrak train games
amtrak train simulator
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hmmsim 2 train simulator
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simulator games
игры поезда
поезда симулятор


Monthly active users estimation: 1,500,000

Reviews 161,626

  1. Good one
    Jay Sardhara
    Great game but few things can be improved. Like sometimes when overspeeding, the throttle bar stucks. Do take care of this bug. Also in rainy env. The rain drop seems to fall in the cabin view which is not possible. Lastly when in cabin view, as the train makes turn on the track, the cabin view also turns which should not happen as I have to manually reset and bring it back to center. You have integrated google play but no achievements are linked yet. Looking for those and more in next update.
  2. Excellent game
    Sahil Radhanpura
    Nice game but more feat ures should be added like changing tracks etc. Overall a very good game. In the next update the 3rd train pack should be added.Very happy with new updates.
  3. Excellent!
    Warren Alexander
    The game is excellent! It runs ads but they don't get in the way of the actual gameplay. This is hands down one of the best train simulators I have played. I have played a lot of them. Has a ton of achievements! My only issue is the sound is real low. **UPDATE** game was updated a few days ago. I have paid to remove ads it only costs a Dollar. Do yourself a favor and remove the ads its well worth it. About the update-They added better sound when your view is in the cab which was huge for me and makes the game just feel better with a bit better sound setting which you can now adjust! Excellent update. Also people in the train stations are animated better now. They look nicer boarding the train. Also quite a few graphical updates. There was an issue with trees popping up now they are seamless along side the tracks and don't pop in and out. Thanks for a wonderful experience. I have really enjoyed this game and can't wait for tier 3. Keep up the great work.
  4. Super cool
    kimberly miranda
    Hey highbrow can you make a train simulator with trains from USA and Canada and without steam engines
  5. Soopr cool
    Golda Alexy
    Hey bro ....i hve a request why cant u make indian rail simulator der r many trains..locations and much more....since u r making much cool simulator nw.. I think u cn make indian rail simulator...and i hope der wll b more downloads for tat game.... Try it bro side by side.....
  6. euro ts
    Sam Simmons
    im really into trains and this is the best ts app ive found.its that good my brother is downloading it ***** well done waiting for tier 3 cant wait thnx
    Aseem Mullaji
    Thanks for listening to those FIXES and I hope in next update they will be fixed :-) I have one SUGGESTION, you should make use of Signal, its useless to just stop for nothing, so when its Red signal, there will be a train crossing tracks and moving ahead, might be more interesting and near roads, add some cars there :-) And I can't wait to see some Indian trains and station!!!
  8. New 3 tier update
    Mayur Sonawane
    It's Excellent game and very good Graphics but few changes can make it even Best n More Better game 1) Update 3Tier Soon with new features 2)Add more Trains and train Horn.3)Increase Train compartments to Atlseat 8-10.4) Plssss Add Indian Trains Iam Sure your Ratings will reach so high.Thanks in advance
  9. Great games
    Melody Angwyn Surja
    Waiting for the updates for tier 3. Overall the game is nice, but the speed throttle is kinda inaccurate. Like when you put in 20% sometimes it shows 31mph.
  10. Always rate this game it s mad sick
    Epic Gamer
    I love this game because it has awesome grafic's and it looks like its in real life
  11. Need more reform in rout and station
    Need more trains to in same track and platform should be changed with messenger should in and out in platform. With more realistic required
  12. Good game
    Frank Benedict
    But when it is raining some water drops come into the cabin, if you can fix it, I will give you three stars and two more stars if you can make the light more brighter because at night it was not bright at all, so please fix the light, thanks
  13. Rahul Chakraborty
    Gud game completed all levels but now fr tier 3 no updates given till now...if updates given den it vil b better orelse it vil b give updates fast
  14. Awesome game
    ayan majumder
    One of the best train simulator game played ever. Completed all the levels. Please add track changing in the next update releases,,,and also egarly waiting for tier 3(15 aug),,.
  15. Chanceless
    Ravindra Bharathi
    Super team work Highbrow never seen an such a Train Simulator. Add Indian railways also. Only minor thing is if rain mode we play in the cabin also rain coming pls take care of that. Else wonderful game without hanging. Nice work.
  16. Amazing sim
    Good game some little things to fix can't wait for teir 3
  17. Excellent !!!!
    Shardul Patil
    Nyc game , love to play it . But pls bring tier 3 soon , and pls try to make some changes like ,u can also make our train in the outing and dnt make us halt at all the stations , make us skip some stations , thank you
  18. Excellent game
    sm suhail
    It is very interesting to play this game but some things should change like graphics and over speeding and the throttle bar sometimes sticks.
  19. This is amazing train
    Mark Bautista
    Ilove 3d in a train or lrta or mrt
  20. Graham Oakman
    New updates are good, speed change indicator is very useful.


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