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Reviews 4,370

  1. Great app
    Pamela C.
    It's funny. At first the relaxation one did little for me. After a couple tries, though, it really started helping. I go straight to sleep. I'm still too skeptical about the suggestions actually working to download the ones that cost. I will say, though, that his voice and way of speaking could be distracting and unsettling to some.
  2. Love it...BUT 3 missing :(
    Dawn Macdonald
    Hi Joseph, thanks very much for your response!! :) I have checked my Google account and everything seems to be better, but I still have 3 missing! Anxiety,depression and the meditation app?!? I'm a bit confused to how these are still missing,but the rest are now resolved. Any suggestions please
  3. Lifesaving
    My review comes after listening to to Joseph's audio messages and hypnotherapy for almost four years. I've been through an international move, end of a 12 yr marriage, becoming a single mum, a second international move two serious periods of unemployment. With Joseph's encouraging, inspiring messages, I now have the career I dreamed of having, two well adjusted happy children and an absolutely wonderful man. I have been more positive and learned more than ever thanks to these messages. Thank you Joseph.
    Max S
    Promises 100 hours of "free" sessions, but only delivers 3 free sessions and the rest can be had for $35!? DISHONEST!
  5. Hypnosis on healing
    Christine Preller
    Its been helping me t o change my way of thinking about my body and start new thinking patterns. Every audio I listen to enspires me to become a whole person again! Thankyou so much!
  6. Extremely Helpful
    Desiree Kirkland
    This man is the real deal! These podcasts & hypnosis sessions have been helping me for years. And to make it even better, he gives tons of free audios. Its rare that you find people that truly wanna help intead of just taking our money. I highly recommend this app!
  7. Loving this app
    deanna sanders
    I wish there was a way to loop multiple episodes and put them in a chosen the Relaxation on first and then less important ones following.
  8. It Works
    Greg M
    Has done wonders in helping me get my anxiety under control. Also when i am stressed it really helps me get relaxed and under control. Thanks Joseph
  9. Need it!
    Marlinda Jones
    It really doesn't matter which one you choose to do, the stress relief is found in all of them. Went 2 weeks without it and started having anxiety attacks again. I will start doing my hypnosis again tonight. Only thing I could imagine to work better is an in person hypnosis.
  10. Josiah Lauby
    Hypnosis is a scary thing. You should make a realse thing so you are yourself again.
  11. Nope...
    Chelsea Revell
    I could say quite alot about this but that would be nasty. Not for me i'm afraid. Couldn't take it seriously no matter how many times i tried, i would still find myself thinkin 'oh just shut up'.... I'm sorry.
  12. Josephs on target
    Joe Barrett
    listening to what he has to say has changed my life
  13. Good but purchased title won't Download
    I liked the free download very much That I purchased one of the titles but It just won't download. Any ideas why this is happening?
  14. Sammy Walkingtick
    Thanks, I have never felt better, although you used the some of the music from the movie Narnia lol, did anyone else catch that
  15. La Luna
    I listen to these podcasts daily, I love love loooove it!
  16. Working!
    Jennifer Summers
    I have struggled many years and outside of medication found no help! I have only used this app for two days and I can feel a huge weight being lifted! I haven't felt this light ever!! I look forward to tomorrow finally and its only been two days!
  17. How do you get to the free sessions on the app
    Brodrick Vaughns
    How do you get to the free sessions? I saw the comment below and tried to follow the link, but the video was no longer available. Really? Joseph can u help me out? I will change my rating when u decide to post a link..
  18. Ellen VM
    It worked okay until recently I constantly get the error 'unfortunately hypnosis stopped working'
  19. Emma Butler
    Was really good until update. It didn't have an effect straight away but after a few nights of listening it worked really really well. Now after update, it won't work unless on the Internet. Why ???? Please fix as I have paid ones I'd really like to listen to without being on Internet all night :-(
  20. Seems to work if you can avoid...
    Shroff Cyrus
    On most sessions, when he says "deeper" it sounds like "diva"; and "feeling" sounds like "fearling". Very annoying until you manage to ignore it - maybe it's just me. At the beginning I was gone long before!