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Reviews 16,469

  1. Sydney Yates
    Its a good gane and all,but lots of people feel stupid or rediciolous that their kissing their phone or tablet.I've got a mum saw me kissing my phone and I'm nine.she said why am I kissing my phone so I said nothing.she laughed for like an hour.she kaughed and laughed and laughed.whatever trever dinamite.
  2. Terry Wiening
    I think it's a funny app you can have fun with it and I give it a 3 just because I have to kiss my phone and it feel stupid. I think it would be better if we had a hot sexy picture to kiss maybe that would make a difference
  3. I rate the game five stars
    Rose Massingo
    I love this game but I fell stupid that I have to kiss my phone or tablet it is so crazy and you could have put a picture of a girl or a boy other than that the way you have the game set up it is a very good game to play on.
  4. Weird\Stupid
    Sianna Perkins
    At first I just touched it with my finger and gave me a 100. I mean like hellow! It stupid and pointless. It can't even tell between a finger and lips two totally different things. Dumb a** game. Just get a life, a phone is not real it may tell u that u r an awesome kisser but in reality people r like what was that .
  5. It's ok
    Nicole Cintron
    I love the app but I feel so stupid kissing my phone I agree with Terry Wiening i also think it's gay i'm a girl so i'm really just kissing a girl .... weird
  6. Lol, Whats up with this. Come on people.
    Alyssa Stewart
    Guys how is this like kissing a real person? Tap the lips with your finger, each time you do it, its diffrent results. Fake. No offense. But crappy game, get some balls and ask someone out. Your basicly kissing glass, no passion, no love, no experiance. Just being a puss when you get the game, dont be a loner share your life with someone. :3 Soft, warm lips are way different than a cold solid object that is lying to you.
  7. Chernise Cat
    It's totally crazy so i mean who kisses the phone hobos kiss better than that too and you know they don't even have phone so this is total s***
  8. Maryann Hattar
    Add a hot boy/girl to kiss it feels weird to kiss my tablet
  9. Its funny because
    Mercedes Ferguson
    I'm just gonna dare my friends to kiss it, and they will cause I will give them money!!!
  10. Wendy Pokorny
    Love it. Even though I'm not old enough to kiss boys, I like knowing how well I can
  11. Loved it but I have to kiss my tab and my phone when I download it
    Mary Ann Jimeno
    I do is i just attached my hand to the lips and it works
  12. I feel it:
    Shadow The Hedgehog
    I feel it like kissing anyone or my boyfriend James hehe he did this to me he kiss me at the beach
  13. I gave it a three cause I kissed my phone. Lol
    Shamira Sparks
    I had to wipe my phone off but I got a100 super awesome
  14. 100%
    Aula Watts
    It's a good game but it's weird kissing your phone or tablet just to get hundred percent
  15. This is crazy
    Tyana Hoskins
    This is kinda crazy to kiss my phone but every time I do kiss my phone I get 99% on each one gang
  16. Kissing games
    briana hall
    Loved it my sister played this game and showed me how to play
  17. Xena Davies
    Its weird having to kiss your divise why can't we put ourown pics on an d there is not much to do.
  18. MoOona
    asal p.n
    It's fun, l love it very much.
  19. Kiss me
    Riley Williams
    I love it my first try was 100 Romans 99 experienced and 97 passion
  20. Kai gonzalez
    It alright like the other guy said its pointless but its fun


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