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  1. Mario Evenstar
    Not all games fit the screen properly on a Hudl 2 i.e 2 millimeters missing on the top screen with some games. Tried all the settings but no luck. Please fix. Thank you.
  2. Awesome
    Eric Nolen
    Plays practically everything have had some issues with certain games but overall bravo
  3. Love it!!!
    Shipwreck Delgado
    This program is very easy to use and runs perfectly. Thanks
  4. Excellent
    Corey Gilley
    A great emulator for my favorite classic system. Runs both HuCards and CD games with very few issues. I also like that it supports compressed audio tracks (ogg) for CD games, this saves me a lot of space on my sd card.
  5. Best PCE/TG16 EMU on Android!
    JXDS7800B User
    This PCEngine/TG16 emu has nearly every option you can think of and runs smooth and easy even on devices with lesser specs. Now if it had support for MagicEngine's cheat codes[or cheat code finding function], it would be perfect! Rob, you're awesome! Thank You for making such a cool emulator for this classic system!
  6. Excellent emulation
    Aron Alliston
    Accurate smooth emulation with a great interface. Only problem I have is with the Image Effect option which doesn't work on my Archos Gamepad.
  7. Must have
    Daniel Velez
    It works great and worth a buy.
    Dale Adams
    I was so impressed with the free version that I upgraded to this - and glad I did!! There is more advanced support for external controllers (including my Wikipad!) so I can use both the analog stick and/or the D pad. I can also map the select and start buttons correctly, and can map I and II buttons to any of the four Wikipad buttons (unlike the free version). Also plays PC Engine CD games and seems to work fine with those also. Love the scanlines set at 10%! Loads of options, and for £3 you could have hundreds of hours of entertainment from this. BRILLIANT!!!
  9. S3
    Lloyd Brothers
    Awesome, wish there was a way to save my emulation preference of 6 button "off" instead of having to change it every time I play. It's the only setting I can't get to "lock in". Perfect emulation system that requires very little disk space! Can't wait to try this with moga! *Thank you for the quick new update! 6 button "off" fixed! You're great! This made my day! Thanks!
  10. Brilliant.
    Edward Hodson
    Had this for over a year. Now using it with a Moga controller and it's just superb. A perfect emulator totally worth the money
  11. Excellent...
    Noel Affonso
    I've been a fan for years. You really can't beat any of Robert's excellent emulators, including this one. Accurate emulation and very full-featured. Worth the money.
  12. Awesome!!!
    Dedrick Pouncy
    Works fantastic on Nvidia Shield Tablet 32GB LTE! Thank you.
  13. Great emulator
    august ritter
    Great for standard tg16 games. I just wish i could figure out how to play tg16 cd games. I downloaded the correct bios and have that working... But when i load the game i get an error. Im thinking maybe i need to change the audio format?
  14. TG16/PC Engine/CD Emulator!!!
    Luis Nido
    If I could fist bump Robert Broglia through his apps I would! Lol! Love that I can play all my favorite TurboGrafx 16, PC Engine, and CD games on this emulator. Have played every game I have tried without issues! Good work!
  15. great app
    mike hopper
    needs cheat codes funcyion. cd works well just have to download bios /system card and in options apply them just google and it will show up :-)
  16. Changed to 5 Stars.
    JC Noir
    Found a version of Silent Debuggers that works! Bad ROM before I guess.
  17. Great!
    Don Yarbrough
    All of Robert Broglia's emulators are excellent and this one is no exception. Although I haven't tried any cd games yet. Hope to see more classic systems emulated, like 5200, 7800 and intellivision
  18. Great pce emu
    Chris Watson
    Works well and plays all the gamea , controls can be a bit fidly on a small screen.
  19. Trouble saving?
    Zak Higel
    Anyone else getting a "File I/O Error"?
  20. Outstanding!! Galaxy Note 4
    Steve L
    This is a great developer that responds to emails and constantly updating the apps to make it better and better. Highly recommended to others. A++++++++.


What`s new

* Add option to automatically increase audio buffer size if needed such as when routing audio over Bluetooth
* Fix possible crash in the new audio code