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  1. Conservative dance
    Paul L. Munoz
    The almost inactive triangular & circular bumpers don't allow the ball to jump for increased scoring. There isn't any extra turn when you hit a special score or repeat shooting when the ball hits the gutter or passes between the flippers shortly after takeoff.
  2. Pinball Pro
    Jeannie Rich
    It's pretty fun. Not as exciting as I thought. The spring doesn't go back to shoot the ball as far as I would like, but, that's the way it is.
  3. A blast from the past
    Michele Caputo
    Only issue is Left paddle sticks after use and has to be tapped to go down. Used to play in college. Feel young again!
  4. Great Game
    Sue Johnson
    Unlike Grover who can't spell, I love the game. It's brings back so many good memories from childhood and reminds me to have fun and not take life (or this game so seriously)
  5. Grover Kauffman
    Up graded and still drains down the riit side every time it goes to that side of the play field. The design and construction of this game is very poorly done. Not lik a real pinball at all. I am a real pinball wizard and i rate this game as very poor, i would'nt even 4ve it a full star.
  6. Great ,great great
    shawn titus
    I love this game 6 stars from me,i highly recommend this game,brings back great memories....and the music in this game is exciting...not a wasted download... thumbs up twice from me...
  7. patricia dollard
    Not as good as Pinbot but pretty good for mobile app. Please bring back oldies but goodies app...old video games but updated from Duck Hunt to Galaga. Pole position..all the favs. Think of the popularity and increase in users
  8. The tables suck
    Paul Mysliborski
    Two of them are decent, but the pirate wheel that deducts points? Are you serious? And the one where you can shoot into the "gold mode" for serious points, freezes the right flipper so you can't stay in for more than a second or two. I mean, HELLO! You are not giving away actual money here. How about making this game fun?
  9. Fun and simple
    Chest Rockwell
    Easy to play, multiple boards, ads not much of an issue. Plus it's free. Great way to kill 15 minutes or so when needed.
  10. Not like real pinball
    Will Steele
    This does not feel anything like a real pinball machine. The ball almost feels like it goes on a set path each time you hit it, and seems to just float until it hits something. The tables seem really basic, and the last table with the rails is just awful. When the ball reaches the end of the rail, it is supposed to stop and fall through the hole at the end of the rail (which is present in the visuals). Instead, the ball just keeps on going as fast as it can, as if it flew off the rail.
  11. Love this game
    hamish dean prue
    Best app i have ever downloaded for 5mb. Lots of levels and smooth gameplay. Usually im complaining about apps so its nice to find a good one :)
  12. William Crotser
    LOVE IT! This is one game I don't regret downloading. No problems on my phone. FOR NOW ! a couple problems with the flippers and screen locking up second time I played .BUT , NO PROBLEMS WITH ANYTHING NOW ! STILL LOVE IT !
  13. Pinball Pro
    Rebecca Brandon
    5 games, but a lot of layout disfunction & control / non-functional flippers in top sections of board; games very limited in scope. Got bored quickly
  14. Good Pinball Game
    Jeffery Anderson
    Great free pinball game with multiple pinball machines to choose from! Like how chill the music is too...isn't annoying. If you're bored and wanna play a pinball game where the ball doesn't get stuck in magic glitchland, I recommend installing.
  15. Ron r 666 beast
    Ronald Reese
    Fun game and great passtime and best of all free and little ads thank the gods not a lot of pop up ads
  16. A great game
    Dario Mossa
    As far as passing away some idle waiting time goes, I doubt you can find a better game. If you look for hours upon hours of beautiful 3D graphics and a gripping storyline, buy a gaming pc or console and gta or whatever. If you want a nice, well programmed arcade game to pass time while you wait for the bus: download this. 5 stars and many thanks to the programmers from me.
  17. Pin Ball
    Sassy Debb
    People what is your freaking gripe. This is an amazing game. Graphics are detailed. I mean heck it's free. To the so called pin ball wizard,I played one ball for over 25 mins. Love the set up on each machine. Yeah free. No quarters going in this machine. I tip my hat off to the people that put this game together.
  18. Brilliant
    Alan White
    This game is very good for a free one. I have an issue with very slow reacting flippers on my Asus Transformer. Great on the Samsung Galaxy SIII phone.
  19. Response Laggy on S4 Mini
    James Miles
    Simple format, not overly Ad-driven, but the key feature--paddles-- is just lacking enough in response time to be annoying. Too bad. :(
  20. Addictive Game
    Oliver Liu
    A classic game with fun new features. Awesome to have multiple interfaces to choose from as well. Physics is also fairly realistic, even the levers get stuck sometimes, just like to real thing!!


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