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Trond Abusdal | Software Developer at Rock Pocket Games

Tvedestrand, Aust-Agder, Norway |

Jonny Ree | Artist & Programmer at Rock Pocket Games, Lead Potato at Bouncyrock Entertainment

Oslo-området, Norge |

Ivan Moen | Founder, CEO and Creative Director at Rock Pocket Games

Vestfold fylke, Norge |

Natascha Röösli | Producer, Business Development, PR and Marketing

Oslo-området, Norge |

Reviews 2,197

    Tony F
    I don't know what all the negative comments are about, I've had no issues on the Hudl2 maybe these people are still using the Nokia 3210. ... Game is fun and a great time waster, also very relaxing. Highly recommend it especially as there are none of that IAP bull crap
  2. Perfect
    jason tucker
    Hands down the BEST fishing game for Android. Simple, easy to use. It's actually relaxing like real fishing. Don't change a thing! Please
  3. Great time waster
    Lindsay L.
    Just don't leave when he says "this place is fished out. Let's find another spot" because 8/10 that's when I catch my biggest fish. Would give it 5 stars if not for that.
  4. Hardly opens
    Chris Johnson
    I used the lite version with no problem. Since I purchased the full version, the game won't open about 80% of the time. It's a complete waste of money. I'll never purchase another RPG game if this is the standard. Update: Obviously someone isn't concerned with customer satisfaction, either. No response to this review. Gotta love em.
  5. Charlo Jasmine Allum
    Good game. But whenever it's saying strike and I try to pull the fish in there's nothing on the end of the line? Please help.
  6. Super fun
    Deven Loomis
    I love this game. Super fun, and i love fishing.. go rpg games! :-)
  7. Dislike it
    Filipe Governa
    Good phishing game with good presentation, but no Google Play Game Features, no Google Cloud Sync, and poor back button support (can't close game).
  8. Eugene Liebenberg
    I have wasted my money. I cannot cast properly. The casting seems to work in the reverse.when reeling and tilting back lowers the rod tip! Am so disapointed
  9. Great sim but no exit option
    Jay Moore
    I understand this was developed originally for iOS but you simply MUST include an option to properly exit the app on Android.
  10. Love it
    Nathaniel Davis
    This is one of my favorite fishing games ever. But I wish that there was more fish.
  11. Help
    Gary Law
    Every time I strike the game turns off so waste of money, not a happy bunny
  12. Does not work
    Luciano Araujo
    After last update the game is not working...I'm not able to open the game.
  13. Alan Warren
    Paid my money now this thing Won't open please fix I'd hate to think I just wasted my money
  14. Albert Fulker
    What is the Fish a Photo option ?
  15. Its a great app.
    Bradley Chase
    The one problem I have with this. The baby sitting. I don't need someone to tell me to set the hook constantly. Most people that use this app know how to fish. I like to sit a listen to the sounds. But not to hear somebody tell me how to fish. Keep the surroundings natural but loose the baby sitter.
  16. Nice
    Hans van Druten
    If you love fishing, this is pretty much satisfying. Nice graphics (crisp above-water surface view, but jumping fish is basic 2D) with old UI. Not much in your tackle box, and a few bunch of fish only. You can't see your fish/bait when they're underwater, only the direction of your line. Driving your boat with a view of your depth sounder is a plus, although graphics (on boat-mode) is basic 2D. Disabling device back-button was a good thinking, no worries while reeling in. Have fun fishing, fellow anglers :D
  17. X
    Mike Schoenfeld
    Very good and fun game. There is however, one annoying glitch. While in tournament play, I've been hooking a great fish, according to the guide, but the keep fish possibility is not there, only brag or release...a fix would be appreciated.
  18. Too easy
    Rex Burk
    Good game but it's way too easy. I get a fish on every 10 seconds. There's no challenge. I've gotten bored with it quickly
  19. Love this game!!
    Chris Trabucco
    Never had any problems with this game. Only request I would make is to add more lakes/tournaments. Already beaten all the existing ones.
  20. Ok
    Pretty cool accept that you have to pay for it PS I'm KARA PINEGARS SON


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