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  1. Awesome
    Tfitz Fritz
    I absolutely adore this game! Great graphics, sound, and very little lag! If you're reading this, it's totally worth to buy!! :D. Please, please (I'm begging) update! Add new modes, costumes, and so that you can land on diamonds! Thanks for everything!
  2. Also can't play
    Michael Roop
    Man its been at least a month since I played I won't let me play when it says press screen it won't let me its crap but I still like the game
  3. I love
    Diana .G
    This game its cool and awesome although i wish for tunnel town but still great keep up the good apps aj :)
    Phoenix McCorry
    This is the best app but my leaderboard is a bit messed up in not on the leaderboard but clones of me are on it???? Mind fixing the Bug. Thanks it would really help!! Also on aj jump in kangaroo bud.
  5. Awesome
    Rnbdiva 11
    I love animal jam and its games! Jump is soooo good.everyone says it has glitches but I dont see them. I give jump 5 stars :) ♥ it
  6. Here are some ways to make this better if possible
    Eclipsed the Wolf
    This game Is awesome but here are some ways to make it FUNNER and BETTER! Ok can you make more jump world's like another planet like,juniper ,Pluto any other and there are treasures all over that gives you prizes like, clothes ,gems, DIAMONDS and the higher you go the better and cooler prizes you get and you rarely find diamonds around the maps and you can transfer diamonds to you're aj once a week and put new cool clothes on like spike collar, fire wings,tail armor and more? I would appreciate it!
  7. Really worth the purchase
    Loren Negovan
    I love everything about this game. I like playing this game. I also like the fact that you can transfer a joey pet or some gems. Wouldn't it be cool if you could transfer the kangaroo avatar to your account?
  8. Amazing and fun
    Courtney Spencer
    I found this really good just a few gliches here and there but they made me laugh but can you you hurry up the andorid version of tunnel town please I can't wait any longer
  9. So addicting and so fun
    Hope Perrapato
    I love this game it's incredibly addictive and I just downloaded it today, my kangaroo already ha shoes, boots, a top hat, and a royal cape. Love it!!!!
  10. Fun but glitchy
    Wolff Jaw
    A really fun & awesome game, definitely would recommend and give 5 stars once the freezing, glitchy lag (causing me to fall through the platforms) is fixed.
  11. Love this game :p
    JoAnna Sparkle
    I love this game its so much fun to play. The only problem I have is the video about kangaroos. When I click the video, it closes and goes back to the book thing. Other then that this game has NO lag for me and no other errors. ♥ (⌒▽⌒)
  12. AMAZING!!
    Madison Gott
    Love this app it is awesome I love the fact that if ur on the road u can still get gems for ur account and that it gives u a pet joey! If any of u guys wanna try and buddy me on animal jam my username is momolowoo if u need it
  13. Awesome, but...
    Shatter Me
    I LOVE this game. It's SO much fun. However, it needs a bit more...Maybe like this: First level-ish thing is the canyon thing. Nothing special there, just the usual gems and stuff. In the ice/cave thing area, mild prizes like Rare Item Monday items. In the level after that (cloud level) there could be items a bit rarer than that, maybe a chance of getting diamonds that you can transfer to your Aj account online. You can transfer the rares. They get better as you get higher. My user is Electric Blue.
  14. Good, except for a little bit of lag...
    qaz77 qaz7
    The last time I played this game, it was fine, until when I played this time, it horribly lagged. I was going to jump on a platform and then I fell right through it and failed.
  15. The only thing
    alex joe
    The only thing I like about this game is me and my bro can see who can go the highest he has the game to.
  16. Smartkid554 AJ And MLP Fan
    I think you should make this app to where, at a certain height, you get a rare or a few diamonds to send to your AJ account. Otherwise good game.
  17. Love it!
    Katie50509 AnimalJam
    The game is awesome! Just a few minor problems, but doesn't annoy me.
  18. This game is so fun!
    Amaris Rodriguez
    I love this game because its extremely fun to take on the go, also I can transfer my gems to animal jam! I love being able to get gems for aj without having to bring your computer along and I get a free pet joey for aj! I highly recomend this game to animal jammers and animal lovers! But my big sis hates animals but loves this game I give it a true thumbs up! Keep doing such a great job animal jam you are on a role :-D !!!
  19. Awesome but one thing that needs to be fixed
    Gwendolyn Jones
    OK so I love this game so much but the thing I HATE about it is that when I'm jumping on one rock for a minute a monkey throes a gem at me witch is good but I all of the sudden get pushed off the rock!!!! Its so annoying! Anyways I love the kangaroos but I wish for a type of eyes you could put eyes with eye lashes. I'm also wondering why there's monkeys!?! It should be koalas. Am I right ppl? ~princessfluff10
  20. Love it
    Sanlatron Singh
    Omg this is the best game downloaded in my tab I love animal jam I think jump is better and is the best game ever I think this will be in my tab 4 evr love u animal jam and joye in aj jump....


What`s new

Added ability to transfer gems to Animal Jam Play Wild

Added support for the following languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, German

Fixed a few overlapping UI elements