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  1. Love it
    David Estrada
    Needs more like cars and much more realistic, like ball joints breaking, new cars, n new multiplayer mods like free roam with a chat, drivers, and new maps, like a small city. PLEASE
  2. Fun
    Angela Paillett
    Need more cars but i like it
  3. Andres Moran
    Fuking baddass game i.ever played thanks for making this game
  4. 86 regal 80 Malibu coupe
    Jason Goins
    You need regals and maybe be a Malibu to thank you
  5. Dyllon Long
    This game needs a regal or cutlass in it
  6. Super fun
    Gavin Peake
    The game is awsome and I want more cars
  7. Its just great
    lucas hashagen
    Not great awesome I like the game so much its just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Love this game
    Kolby Williams
    James Sone avatar image
    James Sone May 4, 2015
  9. Loved it
    Carla Sanchez
    It is so cool that you get to do challenges and hopp and you can do what ever you want but their are no cars in the road it is just you and a nother car if you want to challenge
  10. Worst way to spend .99
    Allen Kuhn
    Im a custom lowrider car guy have been my whole life but this game is just redicalously stupid very hard to figure out and half the time you but the upgrades it takes your money and you dont get any parts. Also wants you to spend more on the game to get anything. Seriously no point to the game but just play with hydraulics
  11. Firme could be a lil better
    ruth sanchez
    Good past time but could be better cars and performance upgrades
  12. iDonutKnoe
    Love the game, but ever since I've updated the app I'm unable to challenge players on multiplayer mode.
  13. Awesome
    Shaun Francis
    Best dolla I've eva spent for a game
  14. Love this game
    brannon Dunn
    Please add a "87 grand national and some type of truck to better the odds and attract more players thanxs
  15. Love this game
    Dwayne Young
    But please add a truck and this game would attract lots of lowrider truck fans
  16. Luv this game
    Mista Frisco
    I luv this game but we need to get a 76 glasshouse.
  17. Low riders
    shay wehi
    I have loved low riders when I was 2 and I love it please make a update :D
  18. Been playing this for along time
    Johnny Lopez
    I love this game been playing this befor the app the only thing I dont like is my cars lean to the left and come down hard on the left even when you contact them there come off as rude and dont reply in emails plz fix and ad 83 Lincoln and 96 caddy big body will give more stars
  19. Lowrider
    jay star
    Very fun but? Y do I have ad's & I just paid 4 this game
  20. Always loved this game.
    Tony Fulmer
    I've had this game since the beginning following the app progress on Lay It Low. Switched to a blackberry and missed this game. Came back to Android and it was the first game I downloaded. Now time to figure out the new features and get to winning.


What`s new

1.70: Added Instagram Post option
1.70: Optimized Social Networking code for better game performance.
1.70: Game Engine update.
1.70: Bug Fixes
1.70: Fixed issue with In App Purchases