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Léa Angelina | Technologist

Vinda D. | Game Programmer

Phoen Leo | Game Programmer

Al Kautsar | Game Designer

Reviews 62,122

  1. Washing game still bugged
    Mai Le
    Very fun! Except even though the description says that the washing game is fixed, it still isn't. Sometimes you can't drag a dirty bowl to clean it so there are glitches and you end up not even close to reaching your goal to get those 3 stars.
  2. I want new fresh improved update :D
    Fauzan Suryahadi
    There's bug in "Wash" level , the sponge won't disappear after "cling" sound and sometimes it's hard to drag the dirty bowl. Detected by using lenovo s920 ~ live long and prosper , thanks for spreading joy through this game ~
  3. Please fix the Wash stage!
    Gabrielle Palaypayon
    I like it, the game, the sounds, the challenges, EXCEPT the washing part. Sometimes its hard to get the bowls, the bowls disappears, and sometimes you can't drag the bowls to the other cleaned bowls. Pls fix :(
  4. Addictive
    Meitria Dewi
    So entertaining!! I love the sounds and various recipe.. Yumm!! Anyway, when I skip the story about the girl, it doesn't skip at all. The wash stage also bugged/lagged i couldn't drag the bowl faster and had to wait for a second.. How can i get more scores?
  5. Erin Hyman
    I like the game but it tends to freeze once you get to the dishwashing level then you have to turn it off wait a few minutes and then try restarting the game
  6. Great Game
    mieka robinson
    This is my favorite game on my phone. Very good game to pass the time. Best part is you can continue to play the levels and don't have to wait for lives to keep playing like many other games. Only complaints would be it does freeze a bit when doing the dishes and I wish there were more upgrades or more types of customers.
  7. It's cool
    Veny Santoso
    The game is cool and fun. Not too easy yet not too difficult. And I like it for having a storyline.
  8. Nice game
    Madison Mcnamara
    The English isn't really the best, but it's understandable. The people get angry a little quick. Right after they place the order they're already getting all red faced XD But once you get used to it its not very hard. Its a nice challenge, and all together a fun game :)
  9. T.T
    Gevira Kanza
    I really want to play this game.... But, everything goes blank... I can see anything but it still in the game and I'm trying to re-install and it's happening again... Please fix it... T_T
  10. Entertaining and Challenging
    Elischa S
    Great graphics, and easy to use. This is the best game I've played in a long time. Well, until the game started freezing, and I reinstalled the game to lose everything.
  11. Like this game but..
    kiki kawai
    Game often lagging, when washing level sponge can't dissapear after bowl cling
  12. Fun and addicting
    Maheen Ahmed
    The English could use some improvement, but that's a minor criticism. It would be nice if we could earn diamonds/jewels in the game through achievements rather than having to buy them or get them from things like liking on FB or following on Twitter or through downloading apps.
  13. Great game!!!!
    Joyzki T
    I just can't stop playing until i finish all stages. ;-)
  14. Fun
    amymaslia salle
    The customer getting mad really quick...other than that...overall its a fun killing time game...
  15. Very fun!
    Jamie Storhoff
    The game seems to freeze at random moments and doesn't get ingredients you need. The dish washing level seems to have a bug where the sponge wobt go away and you cannot put up another bowl. If everything was fixed it would be a 5 star game for sure.
  16. Great game!
    Inggani Masitha
    it's fun, addicting, and also keeps me craving ramen! BUT when I reached the 4th place, it always crashed on lvl.10. I really wanted to open the 5th place so I can go international. Please kindly fix this.
  17. Good game.
    Nadeeni Perera
    Wish thr we're more ways to earn diamonds. also u've made it so that it's impossible to get three stars in the latter levels without purchasing the items that require diamonds. Not cool.... I've been playing the same level so many times to try and get the three starts... Think about it!!!!
  18. The best Ramen game out there!!
    Tracy Ann Jalique
    This is the most awesome Ramen Game I have ever played!! The graphics are the most realistic I've seen! I really enjoy playing! I wish you could create a sushi game that is just as great!!
  19. Fun game, but stupid dishes.
    Sahara Tomer
    I would five star this game, if it wasn't for the mini games. There's been several incidents that I've three starred them, and only recieved two. I had to go redo chapter three's about four times before it counted. And it's still not counting for chapter four. I've raged out on this more than I ever did with Flappy Bird. It doesn't help that the sponge gets stuck on even well after my bowl is clean. Taking up at least a good ten seconds per try, just waiting until it lets me drag the bowl to the clean area.
  20. Good but
    La Toya Williams
    Sometimes it doesn't respond to my touch when trying to serve customers but responds to every other move such as handing cust. menu, filling drink orders etc


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