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Shazad Mohammed | CEO at Aceviral.Com

South Hylton, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom |

Douglas Hind | Developer at Landslide Studios

Darlington, United Kingdom |

Jonathan Cliff | Junior Designer at Ace Viral

Cleveland, United Kingdom |

Timothy Wilson | Chief Strategy Officer

Sunderland, United Kingdom |

Reviews 95,124

  1. Fix path
    Toyko Simmons
    It is set up so you cannot pass level but unstead run out of gas r your car flips over
    Grant Robinson
    The game quickly teaches you how to move and spend coins. What it doesn't teach you is how to use the anti-flip mechanic. You will make it to a steep hill and just flip onto your head every time. Impossible game only made to make you spend money for coins. AVOID IT.
  3. Best Off Road Game Ever!
    Charles Malow
    Angry Gran Racing is absolutely the best off road game for tablet or smartphone. It's nightmarishly realistic with all of the necessary bells and whistles. Five Stars!
  4. Paid for coins got nothing
    Arnold sparks
    Two times I paid for coins. Both times my bank was debited and I still have not received coins. Do not pay for or buy this game. Was totally dissatisfied will never purchase again. I understand things happen but this is just ripping us off. Next thing they will ask what im running well it galaxy 3. Either refund my bank with interest or triple my coins. I am going to Facebook and Twitter my experience here to all my friends and ask them to do the same and snow ball this game and service to hell and back.
  5. Rage game
    Tharrin Yokes
    Very good game just makes you rage a bit because of the hill but me i literally throw my phone almost breaking it
  6. Thank you
    Haley Windsor
    Thank you for making this game it was so much like angry grandma run I knew just by the title of angry grandma racing. I just died I didn't have this game. I think it's so fun game that is silly it cracks me up whenever I am sad. and the grandmother has driving the car which is just funny in a car driving together is just plain funny to me the game so I rated 5 stars because it just really funny so yeah
  7. Love
    Anaya Williams
    IT IS SUPER DUPER FUN but them haters have to ruin it
  8. The best game in the world
    Tul Nam Little
    Love it it is the best game in the world and I love play this game I just got it a few months ago but I still really love it
  9. Gonna be sick
    Aaron Hoyt
    If the constant bouncing of the screen based on the static position of the driver and the slightly unrealistic physics doesn't get you sick...the full screen pop up add between each race, or the full screen add with the timer to prevent closing about every other race, or the bottom 1/6th screen add that is also present between races while upgrading and unlocking will have you sick before you fully upgrade the first vehicle. If you can get by all that, its a cute Hill Climb Racing knock off with good graphics, a cute theme and has some real potential if the developer can get past the adds being so overwhelmingly in your face. It might be worth a look later, but for now add revenue greed has lost me as a player.
  10. I love it so much
    Joseph Crum
    It is awesome it is so fun I can't stop talking about it hee hee ho ho it is so fun hee hee ho ho I can't stop hee hee ho ho oh my gosh hee hee ho ho so fun so awesome so everything fun hee hee ho ho really fun so fun son of a gun so fun I'm gonna explode big time oh yeah hee hee ho ho yeah hee hee ho ho bet you can't say this much stuff you pieces of crap so fun ho ho hee hee hee hee boom I exploded
  11. Lou Ann Cane
    Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love! !!!!!!
  12. Amazing
    Liberty Collett
    It's really good I'm 10 and my sister;who's 12, thinks I'm babyish, but I let my sister have a go and she got addicted to it in 2 mins. Take my advice download it and also angry gran 1and 2 there good as well
  13. Angry gran racing
    Veronica Tillman
    It is okay but not the best game ever. I would like the angry gran run better .Is there A angry gran racing 2? Please tell me about it . I would appreciate it, if you told me.
  14. nice
    Darakhshaan' Faki
    could be better and easier to go pass the hill:( I just cannot go pass the hill but still it is super fun
  15. No brakes
    Makenzie Jolly
    Why are there no brakes a car or something u drive should always have brakes but other than that its pretty much ok
  16. Loads of fun!!
    John McDonald
    I play all day and can't put it down!! It's a very addictive game and hours of fun!!! You will love it from the graphics, to the music, to the overall game!!!!
  17. fjfj
    Ishmale Edwards
    Fulbright to be there are no comments on the other than you know if there were only if they were in that way too many things you should it would make the best thing for for for me too lol I'm a big Dock connector the same day brush bush's hashing and I was gonna go for me too bad it was so you want and the worldview to see it would not to bad at least it will work for the next couple hours in this country that would work with your phone off of my phone to call it would take to go home early on Saturday so
  18. Love it
    Miyah Chiles
    It's fun but the gas tank runs out to fast
  19. I love it
    Felicia Todd
    It is good for the kids to play but the on key thing is to gust have fun your self.
  20. Its great
    Hailee Traxinger
    My 2 year old daughter loves it but she hates it when it tips the granny❤


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