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  1. Won't let me play
    Gamerandentertainer GNE
    So I'm starting my YouTube career and I really want to make episodes about this. Every time its on Unity,it keeps crashing can u plz fix? It doesn't take me to the menu. When I tap on the game,it takes me to my phone menu. Plz fix
  2. James
    jam moe
    Everyone listen in the beginning you go in the bathroom hide in the toilet (middle stall ) then when he is gone look on the sinks with night vision off and the key is there .unlock the door get the glowing thing and go to elevator go down go out and then go back in .THERE YA GO PEOPLE ONLY SMART PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO DO IT BY THEMSELVES. OTHER THAN that the game is awesome hard and mysterious
  3. Close but no cigar...
    Jason Mendoza
    Great game... Best horror game on mobile, but it seems incomplete without the instructions and the game being too short besides that it was a great game
  4. Its pretty cool
    Anysa G.
    If you like suspense, and exciting events download it! I have an aandroid and i worked well, great graphics really cool app if you're interested
  5. Amazing graphics & sound but..
    Tim Horton
    I spent 15 minutes walking in a nicely detailed and creepy but otherwise boring set of rooms, finding nothing except 1 random unexplained death. And the one thing alone that kept me from going further is the ridiculously low sensitivity that can't be turned up. It takes 10 swipes from the edge to the center of the screen just to make 1 turn. Please adress this and I'll give it another try... and more stars.
  6. Really good game
    Gal Leksan
    Whoever says that this game is shit then make a better game urself. its a really well made game and i would love if u (dev) would make a monstrum like game for android. Well done dev ;)
  7. Great..But..
    Brandon Bran-flakes
    I got all of the part souls. 16 right? I entered the key. And died. Is there a escape or not?
  8. Brill....
    vicky davies
    Never paid for a game on my phone before because, well I don't see the point. But I loved the demo version of this and just had to have it :D well done to whoever made this fantastic game.
  9. Freakin creepy
    Francis Edward Recaplaza
    Every time i increase the volume to hear something jumpscares ( i think) always happen kinda freaky. Which makes it awesome
  10. Best horror game
    Andrew Johnson
    If I was you Buy this game best horror in years for me good graphics too!
  11. I play on a Tablet
    milly sutton
    ♥I play this game on my Acer tablet and it is amazing but I try to get it on my phone and I start a game and as soon as it gets going it just shuts its self down and won't load.♥
  12. crazy fun (also scary)
    Aaron Pollice
    bro i just got flipen scared pls play it
  13. Plss help
    Taichi Ozz
    I cant download the additional files. Because when i open it. It just stay in the tittle..nothing more i cant download the additional must be a great game
  14. Seriously awesome looking game!
    Gerard Helmer
    MH3 looks amazing on my tablet! Can't wait to play it to completion! w00tz! Strange though that I can't install on my phone without re-purchase... Emailed dev about that!
  15. Good
    timothy asbury
    Really liked it. I finally beat the game. Its really well made. I also beat part 1 & 2.
  16. Awesome
    Jordan Klein
    It has great graphics and It scared me so much that it reminds me of Outlast.
  17. Great
    Victor Davis
    This game is totally awesome and keeps you on the edge of your seat with heart pounding graphics!!
  18. Amazing
    Troy Sutton
    It is a really good and scary game. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a scary game to play.
  19. Looking good
    adrian martin
    It really has bad look around controls. The sensitivity is crap. You have to swipe the screen like 20 times to just turn around
  20. Nadine Sujee
    It won't let me choose a language


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