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Svetlana Grishkina | Project manager at Alawar Entertainment


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Stas Zakharov | Head of F2P Department at Alawar Entertainment

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Ilya Grabelnikov | Director of Partner Relations at Alawar Entertainment

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  1. Fun
    missy jenkins
    Love this game. I haven't found any issues playing it on my Samsung S4 phone or my Samsung Galaxy Tablet S 10.5. The images and graphics look good on both of my devices and the game play runs smoothly. It provides hours of fun and strategy type game play.
  2. jesi hans
    I loved it! I still yearn for more levels even though there are a lot. Thank you for all the wonderfully hard and detailed programming. Well done!
  3. Arunothai .N
    Love this game so much. I played all versions on pc.Best way to kill my time tho.
  4. Addictive
    Carolyn Lewis
    Love this game. Its a real distraction when i need one.
  5. Really awesome
    Christine DeMarco
    I've played this on computer but now have it on my android I luv it!!!
  6. Moneys worth
    Sheila Mendoza
    Challenging but finished all alawar frenzy games. Need more.
  7. Shawn Horstman
    It is fun to pass the time
  8. The time limits on these levels are ridiculous.
    Heather Gardner
    I have played through the first 9 levels, and so far it is *exactly* like the original FF3 except that gold medals are much harder to achieve. If I think of it as paying $1.99 to get new levels for a game I already owned, it's okay. If I think of it as a new game, it's thoroughly disappointing.
  9. Farm Frenzy 3 American Pie
    marylou plummer
    Farming with animals they have added a few surprizes
  10. Mandy Schwartz
    When I open the game it force closes
  11. Hard to play with touch screen.
    Cheryl Carbo
    I like the game and love the robots but have to hit the tablet too hard. Not as responsive as some of their other games. Frustration level takes away from fun.
  12. Can't get passed opening screen
    Addie Riggs
    Just installed app, really looking forward to playing. Love other farm frenzy games but it comes up in with picture in portrait instead of landscape as if it doesn't realize I tilted my phone. I can only see 2/3 of the screen. It won't let me exit or select options I have to force close.
  13. Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
    Emi Sartoris
    Very funny game, much more difficult to gain the gold than in the classic Farm Frenzy 3! Improved grafic, it worth the few Euro to obtain the full playable version.
  14. Like it but it hangs up
    Tonya Long
    If it didnt hang up i would rate it higher
  15. Fun game
    Stephanie Irwin
    But you can't get walkthroughs for the android version. 84 is impossible to get gold on.
  16. I'm a fan of Farm frenzy, but not of this app.
    Kiffany Bethel
    This app constantly freezes, stutters, or will close and open the Play Store. This is ridiculous..I'm only on level 11 because it constantly freezes my tablet and I have to do a hard re-boot. C'mon are better than this.
  17. Tama Foltz
    Wish they would put other farm frenzy (ancient rome or gone fishing) games
  18. Love it!
    Ragasuta Shegar
    Nice graphics. Would definitely give 5 star if you guys actually do something on the touch sensor. I have to touch on the goods couple of times before it actually moves to the warehouse.
  19. Sandra Biggerstaff
    I'm enjoying this installment of the farm frenzy franchise, the graphics are sharper.
  20. Good game
    Mal Chapman
    Keri da Silveira avatar image
    Keri da Silveira November 17, 2013
    Freezes constantly, update required I love this game, I have all versions on my iPhone and have completed them only to clear it and fo it all over again. I am a huge fan. This android version however freezes almost immediately after starting the game, forcing me to reboot my Samsung Tab III everytime I try to play it. I have uninstalled and redownloaded 3 times now in hopes of fixing this problem. I have Farm Frenzy 3 installed, it works a bit better but it still freezes and I have Ice Domain as well and that one won't even open up. I believe an update is required since my device has not had a problem with any other app, even free ones. As I have paid for all three of these apps I am not happy. I just want to play it on my tablet, please help.


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