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  1. Good graphics but a money graber
    Martin U
    I am a huge fan of tower defense games. I have played all of them and beat them on the Android. It took me an hour and half to beat the first level on easy. I did restart many times. trying to get perfect. but this games and emphasis is on paying money.
  2. It's ok.
    Kyle Kirchberg
    Nothing all that new. Graphics are a little wierd. It takes a long time to unlock new lvl's unless you pay real $ for them (a really dirty tactic by the developers) Game is crazy hard even on easy untill you find the right set up of tower combos/upgrades. All-in-all it's entertaining for a few days but nothing i'd end up playing long term
  3. Might be a cool game
    David Malone
    Played the firt campaign level and then found out you have to buy a badge toplay more levels. Also lots of adds:(
  4. Older Version
    Sebastian Holden
    I have the Samsung Note Edge and I have the really old version I tried updating it, no updates, I have the 1.0 version and I spent money on gems to get all max tower upgrades and I want the x3 gold to start out with like my tablet but I can't
  5. Too Greedy
    Jackson Chan
    Hard is not a prob but every stage needs way too many gems to unlock. basically wants you to pay thru yr nose to progress. ridiculously greedy.
  6. Have to pay to play
    Kanupriya Maheshwari
    this is a good game but firstly after level 3 you need to pay to unlock each levels!!! Secondly the graphics are well made but again it keeps freezing and towers are super dumb. they don't fire a lot of times super freeking irritating. they keep looking at the goblins and fire at their own will ALSO I DONT APPROVE GREEDY GAME MAKERS. LEARN FROM GOOGLE IDIOTS
  7. Lame
    Stephen Arnett
    Lots of fun on galaxy nexus and tablet but the gem multiplier that I had to buy with real money and the increase starting gold does not work on my HTC one m8 so 5 stars falls to 3....Will rate 5 again if this can b fixed.
  8. HTC one
    steve emery
    -1 bc ITz waaay to hard even on easy unless U pay can't even pass the 1st lvl -1 bc the ad pops up for everything so suddenly that u end up clicking it by accident -1 things cost to many gems -1 for not working after the 1st day
  9. Bad customer service
    Daniel Sonnenfeld
    Well the game itself was fun until you need to collect gems to unlock more levels. I used the earn feature twice and was never given the gems. After asking the people twice and showing proof they just keep sending the same email to me asking me for proof again. Great game otherwise, just sketchy company.
  10. I'm just saying!
    Michael Broom
    Good game to get you frustrated, just kidding! I'm a huge TD fan of all versions that make their way to the game front. This is by far one of the best. I went ahead and dropped 6. bucks to get a good advantage to start off, to my surprise it actually helped and even with that in mind I'm stuck on 4th level for now! This game is one of the best I've come across! MIKEY LIKES IT! PEACE B-)
  11. Good Game Flawed by Greed
    Kevin DiOssi
    This is actually one of the better TD games I've played in a while. The game is fun, challenging, and requires much trial and error to achieve a 3-star victory in each level - I like that. Press the menu button and an ad comes up and you'll click on it because the delay is JUST long enough that you'll make your menu selection and instead be sent to the Play Store for an ad you erroneously hit. On top of this sneaky move, it takes gems to play, you earn these sparingly in the game so you'll open your wallet!
  12. Stopped working
    Dan Rogers
    Loved this game, was always on it, very addictive, which is the reason I am so frustrated that it stopped working after a few days of playing, jus glad I didn't pay for any gold to unlock levels etc, will change my review to awesome! If they fix it and keep it fixed but I have reported it to em so many times and nothing's changed, very frustrating,
  13. Have to buy level 2 onwards
    SyCHoTiK BLaZeR
    Absolute garbage biggest display of pure greed. Have to buy levels, buy upgrades, surprised you don't have to pay a monthly subscription too lol better not give the devs ideas.. game is only OK. Not worth spending cash on find better. Uninstalled.
  14. Goblin Defenders: Steel'n'Wood
    Julius Delfin
    its Awesome game, great graphics, i managed to clear the 5 stages & upgrade the heavy cannon, then after all of that the game crashed, so please FIX the BUGSSS !!!!
  15. Robert Busby
    I have watched several setups stand-by as enemies simply walked by, then at the last second, it turns to shoot once. There's obviously something wrong with the radius programming, more so the poison guns. I usually have them at inside corners so they should get 2-3 shots of at minimum due to the fully stage 3 ice guns i have around them. Still they barely get 1 shot off. Fix this and clearly 5 stars.
  16. Strategize
    Jm Niebres
    Squeezes my brain on where to deploy the right weapon and the perfect timing to fire! Nice game \m/
  17. Not an honest game
    Taylor Whitt
    It's nearly pay to play, which as a developer I understand. However, it has pop-ups that occur just as you are supposed to click, has you rate it just before you find out you need to buy gems. It gives "warning" messages as what you need to defend against comes. Not beginner friendly. They need to perform a stat gathering to alter the difficulty. Like slunk log reports. Also, the game crashed on me and the sound kept playing. Had to restart my phone.
  18. Very bad
    Tyler Wright
    I'm a huge TD gamer, and it is like they tried so hard to be different they over looked the game play... very laggy on every round, and I boost my phone for games (no lag until 98 on btd5)
  19. Way to Difficult
    Neal Zimmerman
    Even on Easy the game is way to hard! Hey developers, when a person picks easy, it means they want to kick back and enjoy the ride, not for it to be as challenging as normal and hard! UNINSTALLED!!!!
  20. Highly recommended for tower def fanatics
    Paul Detablan
    Excellent game for free gamer like me, you can play the game even without any in game purchases. Just collect gems and you can uprade towes and unlock new levels. For me, it is the best tower def game i'd play so far. I'll give five stars for u guys...