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Svetlana Grishkina | Project manager at Alawar Entertainment


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Stas Zakharov | Head of F2P Department at Alawar Entertainment

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Ilya Grabelnikov | Director of Partner Relations at Alawar Entertainment

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  1. Best game I've played lately
    Linda Clement
    This is a variation on the "Am I Crazy?" theme, and it's incredibly well done. Expert gamers may find it too easy, but for me the HO scenes (zoom, it's great), merciful hints and minigames kept the pace going just right. Very powerful, kept my heart thumping all the way through.
  2. Help
    jared wabeke
    This was a fun game until the basement of the lighthouse. The seek and find scene crashes the entire game. I am highly disappointed with this. Usually alawar games is a decent developer. Did no one play test this before release? I totally just wasted 2.99 to buy an unbeatable game. refund or fix please.
  3. Major glitch
    Deshell W
    Basement scene does not show items to find. Even when I guess and click, nothing can be selected. This happens toward the end of the game after opening cellar. Please fix.
  4. jennifer sarah Todd
    I got to a part in the game where you ment to find things. But the list for the items to find don't appear and the screen keeps freezing. Yet the screen wants you to do the puzzle as it does the glittery shining thing over the area. It at the bottom of the building. Even the hint suggests doing the puzzle. I need the list thou to find the items please.
  5. Not too bad
    Lola Burt
    Would have probably given 5 stars if there was an interactive map its a bit annoying that you have to keep going back and forwards.
  6. Froze
    Briana Bryant
    Loved it until it froze and won't let me continue any further. Even after restarting game and phone.
  7. Twisted Lands Insomniac
    antonia eccleston
    Highly enjoyable game. Fun puzzles and good storyline. Would have given 5 stars if it was a bit longer.
  8. Linda Blieffert
    Just started but really enjoyed the first one, this one is following right after it!
  9. Must download!! You will not regret it!!
    Carolyn Nowicki
    I have now played 2 of the games in this "Twisted" trilogy, and both were terrific, not 1 complaint. I honestly don't pay for games but once I tried one of the free games by this developer, I was so impressed, I bought this game and already know a few more I plan on buying.
  10. Great game
    Susan Matthews
    A lil weird at times, but nonetheless fun to play. On to the next...
  11. Loved it!
    Amie Uke
    Lots of places to discover, great story and graphics. Fantastic escape game!
  12. Can't finish it
    Gloria Smith
    Will not let me get past the basement part. It will not let me pick out the item.
  13. Doesn't let you down
    Richard Vereker
    As with all their games this gave is exceptional value for money . Great art work and a good story
  14. Finished
    Julissa Reyes
    I kinda feel ripped off.. spending 3$ on this game... should have been 1$ cause i finished it the same day i bought it.. make a goid mystery game that never ends? I would so buy that
  15. Addicting!
    Jen Hill
    Would love to give this game 5 stars, but I really hated not having a map!
  16. Good! (Only two tiny glitches for me)
    Ange Waters
    I'd prefer a map to the constant back & forth. Had to tap numerous times on some objects. Otherwise, a good little diversion. Decent length, nice graphics, clever twists.
  17. Beth Mcfarland
    Good game and all bought and played both version but sometimes it freezes and I have to turn it off then power down my entire tablet b4 it will load again plz fix then I'll give 5 stars ty
  18. Kathy Meikel
    Awesome. Rather easy but at least there is lots to do! Relaxing and fun.
  19. Beat it
    Lindsay Swisher
    I beat the game in just under 3 hrs it was fun and addicting over priced i think game that cost money should last a few days
  20. AJ J
    The game was going great and once I got to the part where you cross the gap, it stopped working. Its unfortunate, but I had to uninstall, hopefully this bug gets fixed soon so I can download again and play the game all the way to the end. =)


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