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Reviews 5,320

  1. Bug
    Mack Stump
    I'm on "paint the still life" but I can't select the colors on the pallette. Nothing happens when tapping them. I can skip the mini-game but that's no fun.
  2. Awesome!!!
    Shalyn Hilmer
    I used to play the 1st 2 on my laptop and beat both and the 3rd installment I got and beat. The sagas for r still awesome!! Never get bored no matter how many times I beat 'em. They're the best hidden objects EVER in my book!!! Can't be beat!! Keep up the good work!! Hope u make a 4th:)
  3. Frustrating!!!!!
    alissa furr
    Want my money back.....played great until the flowers on the mantle....will not allow me to arrange them....found many others who have the same problem....been going on for 6 months....not worth the 99 cents....15 min of game play....then stuck.....not worth the download
  4. Excellent.
    Matt Shean
    Really enjoyed this. Puzzles were difficult without being frustratingly impossible. Once you figure out a few short cuts the game will flow a bit easier. I could tell you but I think you'll need to play yourself. Worth the coin.
  5. Louise Mckenna
    Loved the full version game great story line .like a great book i had trouble putting this down once i stared playing .i want the next one now :-)
  6. Amazing, detailed, fun game
    Jackie W
    Best $1 I ever spent on a hidden object game. Very interesting puzzles and engaging storylines. Not too easy, not too hard. Buy it now you won't regret it!!
  7. Loved it.
    Lisa Haynes
    Long, detailed play. Not too hard, but has a full strategy guide if you need it, plus excellent hint system. Loved being able to travel from place to place using the map!! Bonus chapter was generous, too. Worth the money.
  8. Girlfriend is hooked!
    Doug McGuire
    Not my type of game but my girlfriend said it is one of the best games she has ever played, and she is incredibly picky. :)
  9. I ♡ this game..
    Patricia Leong
    I plyed this few yrs back with my laptop.. din expect to play this game with my samsung note 3.. its a great game and it relly kills time well.. give it a 5 stars cux i ♡ it!!
  10. lorraine luccisano
    Very enjoyable! Not too easy. Hidden objects well done. Thanks
  11. Fantastic!!
    Jill Schartiger
    Im so glad I chose to buy this game. I love HOGs when they also include different kinds of puzzles, and this one def does. I loved the storyline and playing detective. The map to jump from room to room and show which has new clues is wonderful. Unlike G5 games, which are more expensive, this one is worth its price!! Excellent!! I can't wait til the next installment. Im off to look for similar games from Alawar! PS... I played this on a low end tablet and had NO issues. No freezing, nothing. Smooth play.
    Annie Chaplin
    The detail is absolutely beautiful and so realistic-love the little bugs on the floor in the cellar. If u want a game that keeps your attention for hours then this is the one,just when u think it can't get any better, it does, with surprises again & again-it's deserves 10 stars-love it ♡
  13. 1000 doors1
    deborah sheleman
    Brilliant! Your games are great. This is only my 2nd game. The graphics & story are very good. Don't chg a thing. The guide & hints are very helpful when your going from plc to plc it is definitely wrth the $3. Keep up the great wrk
  14. Nice game....but....
    Raymond Bong
    Enjoy playing the game......but when more than half way of the game, when come to a hidden object where a tobacco pipe is one of the object to be found and suppose to be in a wooden box contained in a larger box, I just can't see it there, the small wooden box is empty.....anyone having the same problem....?
  15. My 1st Alawar game didn't disappoint
    Sloan Dietterick
    I purchased this game on sale. Great that this game had a map, hints, and skip mini games if you want 2. I did get a little messed up in the storyline cause of new download, but will play it again. Storyline I was following was very good. Was surprised a bit 2 see Henry Viii. Looking forward 2 more Alawar games in the future. This game is worth the full price.
  16. Light Easy Puzzling
    Kishme Quick
    Great length and I especially loved the map, enabling you to access other rooms easily, with the added bonus of showing which room required something doing in it, saving me scratching my head trying to remember where I'd seen a puzzle that needed the item I now had.
  17. Beautiful main and bonus game ☺
    C. Hok
    This game has absolutely gorgeous graphics and little movie-clips. The story is made of different chapters. This makes it easier for you to stop or pause the game, as every chapter has is stand-alone little story. You have a choice between 2 game-modes to play: casual (lots of help, sparkles and fast skips and hints) and advanced (no bar-tip-help and sparkles, slower skips and hints). After purchase you will get the main-game, bonus-game, concept-art pictures and strategy-guide. The game has also 35 well hidden morphing objects for you to find and an excellent variety mini-puzzles and Hidden-Object-puzzles. The puzzles vary from very easy to little more difficult. Played very well and without any bugs on my NEXUS10-TABLET. Well worth the money!
  18. Amazing
    Max Carter
    Great game with a good story and varied, interesting puzzles. More chapters or a sequel would be good
  19. Dull unoriginal
    Alter Mégot
    Look for bits and bobs with no thinking required while tolerating a baby story. 100% useless. Didn't refund because it was too late.
  20. Love this series
    Linda Clement
    It's a hidden object game that's more creative than most. Great storyline that keeps getting better.