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Reviews 2,532

  1. Would have rated higher except for crash
    Millie L
    Played the whole game to the end, then when I selected the option to play the bonus chapter it force-restarted my Asus tablet, and once it came back and I tried to return to the game it had lost all memory of my profile and was asking me to start the main game again....grrrrrrrr. I had enjoyed the story up to that point, and the only (small) bug-bear was I would have appreciated the ability to use the map to fast-travel rather than manually steping back through each section all the time.
  2. Well worth it..
    Lucy Fielder
    One glitch encountered in bonus chapter with tying the balloon and could not continue, started a new profile and played through to the end. Great game, I enjoyed :)
  3. Lake House
    Pat Goldsworthy
    This was well worth £1.18. Brilliant game. Couldn't stop playing it. Not too easy or too hard so I didn't get bored.
  4. Creepy but not scary... Awesome game!
    Jeniece Fairbairn Summers
    Loved playing this... Amazing graphics, great suspense, puzzles not too difficult. Lots of fun, definitely would like more like this!!!
  5. Bit easy but not bad little game
    Russ McNulty
    Puzzles were not challenging in the slightest, even for this type of game but was still fun. Good waste of an hour or 2 and decent value.
  6. Loved it
    Tracy Patterson
    Played very well,worth the money. I had one problem when i got locked in the ships cabin i didnt get the magnifying glass first, had to restart game because pop up windows stopped responding at that point. After the restart all worked great even the bonus chapter.
  7. Fun
    Shelly Lupfer
    I liked the game other then a few glitches and one restart it was fun with lots of hidden object scenes, well worth the money
  8. Outstanding!
    Lourdes Torres
    Great graphics, great storyline. Not too easy, not too difficult. It was just right. Thanks Alawar. You have great games!!!
  9. Fantastic in every way!
    Vicki Presley
    I have played many of these types of games from different developers and have been disappointed with most of them. This is the first game I've played from Alawar. Everything about this game so far is perfection. Amazing graphics, not too hard, very interesting storyline, and no glitches. Great price as well. I'm so happy to have taken a chance on these developers. Before I upload any game I read all the reviews (even on amazon). Alawar game reviews are THE best I have seen for any developer on play store.
  10. Jason Faas
    Get to a certain point and game glitches. Can't advance any farther. I paid for this game and can't even complete it. Waste of money, do not buy. Game is complete crap. Too many glitches.
  11. E3ECO
    Great story! I was a little disappointed you couldn't jump around the map like you can in some of your other games, but I still had a fun time working through the mystery. I love the creepy little touches like inanimate objects blinking and moving.
  12. Perfect!
    Jenni J
    I loved this game. It took me a few days to finish, so it was definitely long enough for the price. Excellent graphics, hints recharge quickly which is great because I have bad eyesight so I need help with the hidden object scenes. Interesting story, lots of locations, and well laid out. Highly recommended!
  13. Lake House
    David Bilson
    Mystery adventure game. I enjoyed playing this very much. The art work was excellent no glitches or gremlins, and not too much of find the objects!! As in the past I have found that inferior games use this too much as a filler. Not this game plenty of puzzles hard enough to keep your interest but not so hard you want to run round the house screaming!! I have paid a lot more for a lot less in the past. Thank you more much more please!
  14. Worth buying! Great game.
    Peggy Payne
    This is the first game I've purchased from Alawar. I enjoyed the plot, puzzles, and the graphics and music are great. At the beginning of the game I did have some trouble with the video going out while the game continued to play. That's the reason for the four star rating. Other than that, fantastic game! The load time is MUCH faster than any of the Big Fish games and the game never hung or crashed my tablet like BF games! Thanks for releasing a quality product the FIRST time. I'm an Alawar customer!
  15. It was good but
    Marlina Floyd
    Everytime a story would come along it would go black, ive had this happen to me on two of their games plz fix. Other than that its good
  16. Not my fav.
    Debra Bosch
    A lot of running in circles. Story didn't make sense at times. Very strange. Incredibly frustrating progression of of story. Kind of like when someone makes a short story way too long. Can I use the word story a few more times? Hahaha
  17. Great game
    Karen Calder
    Love this game. Great story line, good graphics, a good length, enjoyable bonus and I enjoyed the trivia at the end. Nice little extra. Well done
  18. The best
    Susan Waring
    Excellent storyline, fantastic graphics, not too easy & a fairly long game. Well worth the money. Hope there will more like this.
  19. Great game
    Dominique Williams
    Game was great but I couldnt finish my game cause screen is black music n sounds still n the background but can't see anything
  20. Amazing Game!
    Harmony Morris
    Absolutely loved this game great story amazing art. I couldn't put it down an played until the end plus bonus level. Thank you to the developers for making such a great game. Well worth the price it was a pretty lengthy game. I will be checking out their other games.