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  1. Best 2048 app ever!
    Akhil Indurti
    The variation in game modes offers a plethora of fun. A super-fast app that is my go-to game on all of my devices. Feature request: A least optimal version of some of the games, where the tile pops up at the worst place possible. Essentially a challenge-mode.
  2. Great app and games!
    Russell Richardson
    It would be cool to have some sounds though :)
  3. 2048 ++
    Jennifer Wilbanks
    I love having all the different versions of this game. This app is visually appealing and inexpensive to have ad free.
  4. Very nice
    Pamela Christian
    Love having a variety and the directions on how to play all in one place
  5. Best 2048 App
    Chris Reyes
    After trying a few different 2048 apps. This is by far my favorite. There are a bunch of different game types and it saves your progress for each one. EDIT: Dark theme in the new version is awesome. Complements my dark themed ROM perfectly :)
  6. Great game!
    Cristian Ares
    Re-rated for fixes! Excellent game for passing time in the subway and in travel on airports!
  7. Funny
    Prasham Trivedi
    One of the best 2048 game I've ever played.
  8. Beautiful and addictive
    Nick Tsakonas
    First of all about the game: i did not know about it as of yesterday! I was addicted 3 games later!! Very good! Regarding the app: very well designed and very smooth operation. Really clean and well behaving.
  9. Beautiful and Responsive
    Ethan Hassett
    The design of this game is flawless. It runs very smoothly and looks great. It's a little heavy on battery consumption though.
  10. Whaaaaaaat?
    Eric Cochran
    AMAZING. I just learned how to play, and this is outstanding! Nice job!
  11. Fun!
    Kyli Rouge
    Nice aesthetics, nice programming, and a very communicative developer
  12. Perfection
    Sebastien To
    Nothing else to say!! :D Super Smooth, fast, Material designed.
  13. Emiel van der Wal
    Great design, but please,, design a material design icon too? Current one looks really ugly
  14. Simply the best!
    Sergey Zozulya
    The most interesting, beautiful and playable game of 2048 paradigm.
  15. Awesome UI
    Barna-Botond Balázs
    Love the material design UI, the animations, the game variations and the Play Games integration (achievements) as well.
  16. Swell job
    Gregor Povše
    Nicely done, responsive and easy on the eyes.
  17. Great game.
    Tiago Araujo
    Should have more free games or, at least, a trial for those payed ones.
  18. Hmm.. Impressive!
    Hatsy Rei
    I've tried like... 15 2048 apps now? This one is certainly one of the best.
  19. I actually recommend the in-app purchase.
    Sam Coy
    This happens rarely. The app comes with two free games, 2048 that we know and love, and 243, which is like threes. The additional modes are worth it. You can buy them ALL for £1.39, and each one has components that hate happiness. Totally worth it. 144 Is the most fun in my opinion, it's just evil on toast.
  20. Awesome
    Tudor Luca
    I do not particularly like this type of game, but I love the app! I might play 2048 more often now. You guys should open source it! :)


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UI bug fix for users running Q developer preview (thanks Kathy).