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Hasan Alper | Founder at Alper Games

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Hasan Alper | Founder at Alper Games

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Gregory Alper | Director Alper Music School

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  1. Vanessa Smith
    I rate it 2&1/2 (two &a half ) to 3 stars because it doesn't let u play the card u wonna play, u have to play the one the computer pick. It's a good /great game for beginners.
  2. Decent Spades game
    Joe Seibold
    It's a little weird since there's 4 different versions to choose from in the settings. To play Spades, click either "Simple Game" or "Pairs Game". Don't know what the other two are, but they're not spades. Doesn't bother me though, and the HD effects make up for it. I'm used to foreigners making sub-par products.
  3. Unable to play low card
    Davie Rae
    It makes me take tricks when I'm bidding nil. Daft
  4. Stupidest game ever
    Patrick Poulsen
    Forces you to spade a set if u dont have the lead card and forces you to play highest card in suit.... cant get a nil that way .....stupid stupid stupid.. i rate -1000000000 stars
  5. Not spades
    Divvva Starzz
    I bid 0, my partner played ♢'s and the bot played a low ♤, but I couldn't play my jack of ♡'s. Why? And no, I didn't have ♢'s. (simple game w/IQ levels at 10) Uninstalling :(
  6. Date boom
    Nathan Lindsey
    I luv spades just as much as I love doing reina
  7. Not spades as I've even seen
    Richard Rude
    Worse spades game I ever played and I've played spades for 40 years
  8. Good game different though very challenging
    Cassandra Robbins
    Nice when you can't sleep at night lol !!!
  9. Chad Nelson
    App will randomly deal out unneeded cards during a hand obstructing the view of the view of the cards actually in play. The unneeded cards do not disappear until the app is closed and reopened. I liked the game options though.
  10. Poor game
    Hal Schmerer
    Needs a lot of work. There is no explanation of the different kinds of games. It forces you to beat the trick (never have seen that before), does not keep score correctly and is very slow in operation. Uninstalling it right away
  11. Huckle buck
    Phon vongdara
    This game is better then spades. Cuz u can call your own trumph.
  12. Terrible.
    Cynthia Wingate
    Won't let you choose your own cards. Went nil and it made me take the book. Stupid!
  13. Good graphics bad game play
    Katy Morris
    What's the point of bidding nil when it forces you to play winning card in your hand. If you can't choose a lower card of the same suit its not worth playing. Ever gonna fix it?
  14. Needs bug fixes
    Jamal Harris
    Keeps shutting down and stalling. Will reinstall after fixes.
  15. Really
    Urban Geek
    This is by far the worst spades game I have ever played...
  16. Being forced to throw over you're partner is not spades.
    Ryan Murphy
    Too simple. Does not capture complexity of spades.
  17. Karen Gonzalez
    Why does it play counter clockwise? Don't like it. Will be uninstalling.
  18. spades game!
    Mitchell Thompson
    very nice app! love the hd effects :)
  19. Best spade games now and must be the best spade games now and must be the best spade games now and must be the best spade games now and must be the best.
    Johnny Berry
    Johnny baby the men when it come this cards game now.
  20. excellent
    Jaida Grier
    this game is awesome!!! I play this game every day.


What`s new

*Pairs Game added.
*Bug fixes and improvements.