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Reviews 134,113

  1. Like it, but...
    Kevin Arora
    I like the game but what I don't like is that to promote a fighter it costs 90000 supplies, and to promote your command bunker to lvl 5 you need about 190000 supplies, and finally to build a hanger you need about 300000 supplies. So my point is please try to lower the cost of some things that some people just don't have enough for at the moment. Please fix this than I will give 5 stars.
  2. Hello
    John David G
    That's what I thought your people do nothing they didn't answer me. So what are y'all doing smoking dope.
  3. Battle Islands
    Jer Man
    This game does not work unless on WiFi...never loads and when it does it keeps disconnecting...very disappointed as i have it on my ps4 and i really like it...don't bother with this game...
  4. If you cannot fix the issue of game not staying connected when I have unlimited data. Then I'm deleting. So you're saying you don't wish for me to post your dirty laundry about game issues on this forum but in private were people cannot see true issues? And I have a ticket pending you just haven't responded
    Jeffrey Hodson
    Won't stay connected to your server deleted until you fix or I'll just tell others not to bother downloading
  5. Nice but tanks and planes need work
    Jay Smith
    My tanks are suppose to have an 8 yard range but they always drive up right next to their target to fire at a wall then right next to the target behind it. Info on them says long rang attacks but my infantry have a longer attack range. And what is the point in having bombers if every single mini gun turret can shoot them down faster than an anti aircraft gun? Please fix this problem then I would change my rating. Also I have no disconnect issues on Samsung galaxy s5 active playing through Google play
  6. So sad
    Alex Rojas
    It doesn't load for me. Don't waste your time on this game
  7. I quite like the game but...
    Edric Lee
    I find the game really enjoyable and I like the way it's set in the WW2 period. However almost everything costs a ridiculous amount of supplies. Some of the upgrading lengths are also absolutely atrociously high. The cost of supplies that are needed for fortifications, upgrades etc need to be reduced quite a bit. It would otherwise be a really great game.
  8. Scaling needed
    Richard Myles
    Gradual difficulty is key. Cake-walking through lvl 1-4 is great, but making lvl 6 impossible means this is just wasted storage now? This is not reassonble, and it's not fun.
  9. Battle islands
    Joseph Flicker
    I'm changing my rating of this game I gave it right accolades because I have stuck with it from almost the beginning through all its crashing issues but now they have gone an updated and they have deleted the game I've been playing for over a year. With all the troubles and crashing issues that it's had don't bother playing it'll only frustrate you. Trust me just stick with clash of clans
  10. verzell walker
    It's a ok game would be so much better if it would just stop crashing all the time......and I have to pay for mines every time I login not cool
  11. Heavy to load
    Ali Julian
    For attacking the opponent is needed time to load & look like so heavy to upload the data, not just like the game from the neighbors, it's so light, easy to operate & good graphic, this game is good but I need more lighten
  12. Don't waste your money
    Kylie Schultz
    Upgrades take days, the cost of buildings is rediculous, cant control your army in an attack all you can do is deploy them, gold is hard to come by... i could go on and on about the negative side of this game... the creators of this game purposely made it that way in the hope that the user will spend money to buy gold to speed up their progress in the game oh and the server sucks balls. Always having connection problems.
  13. Deserves -5 stars
    Armand Pretorius
    Good game but there are a couple problems.Your troops are gone after an attack even if you still have some left and every time I attack someone or I do a mission I always have to reconnect and I lose all my resources from the attack.Please fix this problem
  14. Gane gets stuck
    Alejandro Manuel
    Bello i recently found this gane And looks intersting bit the gane get stuck many times i will follow playing to ser what happens ,if not i will remove,,thanks!!!
  15. So funny
    nash babar
    Boring!. After attack many troops survive then aftrr back to base no one come back hahahahaha then build another troops? Waste of time.. Well i just try it but its not worth it time to uninstall and look another good game
  16. My hardware does not support this
    jeramy basehart
    Why would it let me install this on my Toshiba thrive 10.1 tablet if its not supported the app won't even open fix this I will rate five stars
  17. Scott Bluhm
    it's ok - game play itself is alright but trying to connect to the server to play is horrible. At times it takes forever to connect and quite frequently loses the connection. This has become worse in recent weeks despite a strong and fast wifi connection.
  18. No instructions / tutorial regarding factions
    Richard Rude
    Everything costs so much REAL MONEY, tanks, buildings EVERYTHING cost way to much. If anyone wastes real money on this, they have several screws loose! I think they are smoking dope or drunk with no one replying to me. No tutorial, hard to tell what if any faction you're in. Looses connection all the time. When recruiting troops its a pain in the butt because you have to go to each building and recruit troops, tanks, planes, jeeps, boats etc. It really is a pain. I've played other similar app games and this is the worst for recruiting bar none! Fix this and I'll change my rating
  19. Jordan Swain
    If it didn't cost so much to get stuff and if the upgrades didn't take 4hours right out the gate it would be great but all in all its good
  20. Orchids Phals
    fix the diconnection to claim 1 more star. Dun have the wow factor in graphic comparing with dawn of titans. Full star if the graphic is astonishing


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