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Monthly active users estimation: 300000


Tiffany Alvord | YouTube Superstar

Philip Lau | Creative Director

Vicky Tam | Lead Developer

Kaylee Cheung | Operations Manager

Reviews 119,079

  1. Savings failure
    Joanne Kan
    If there's an option to make your savings should be better, since it doesn't recognize my last or previous savings as it should be! better keep one beauty idol or beauty idol: fashion queen! uninstalled beauty idol~
  2. It was 5 * but
    Lindsey Force
    It is taking an unreasonably long time to save. And when its done. I'll get back on the game later and it never did save. All the progress I had made was gone. Very disappointed. I really liked this game and was considering getting gems.
  3. Really nice
    Hawra Alsalami
    But it gets annoying sometimes like when I go to my house it takes forever to load plus when I try to watch the video for 20 diamonds I press it but then it wont let me watch it.its good but verrry annoying:-)♥also I would give it 5★s if u would of unlocked the new stores snd the new guys because I am on level 120 and the stores and the boyfriends are still not opened plzzz try to unlock them and try to make these changes thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Saving is bad
    Jessica Venegas
    I keep losing my saves...if that worked better this game would be better. Other than that it's fun, like a dress up doll.
  5. Almost good
    Isaac Atienza
    I like the games concep and the things that u can buy but the prices of the items its high the same sa star girl if there are items that are lower maybeit will be better. I hope when the other shop had open the prices of the items will not be that be expencive. I hope u can also create a way to get gems and money easy if not create a shop that not heavy on cash or gems. Thanks
  6. so cool
    Hiyen Hi
    I love this game.It is so cute especially the contest it is so fun try to play this game it will be so fun!
  7. Fun but a bit expensive..
    Adrienne Lessie
    I truly enjoy this game but my only pet pevs are the diamond purchases out weighting coins, there's barely anyways to earn diamonds as well, getting bfs can be really expensive as well but i do like the fact you get gifts from them that costed more than you paid out to bf them lol. Other than these things its pretty fun time consuming game. Oh and the new clothes updates need to be more coin purchases instead, also bring back starpon too!=} oh and friend me! Friend code is: BIKTRME
  8. Good game, but limited
    Jaye E
    The game was pretty addicting. I got up to level 21, but only because I wanted to see if I could get into the other stores that say "coming soon." I don't know when or how to get those stores open. The character and boyfriend avatars are adorable, but again, the interactivity is limited. Regardless, this is good for a free game.
  9. Great...
    Esther Mpofu
    Great game...but the things are sooo expensive. BTW where is star chat exactly?!!
  10. Good way to pass time
    Shelby Huntley
    Fun to play kills time fast if youre on the bus or something. Would be nice to have more options of things to do and be more interactive with fake and real players.
  11. Saving failure
    Fara Leeyana
    The game is okay but the saving took a long time. When it said the game was saved,it actually not. Its keep returning to the previous game which caused me to lose all the previous rewards that I've received. Please fix it. And another thing, how do we know other people's ID when we want to add them??
  12. Axe Ecliptica
    The gameplay is good, and the ideas are great. From a developer standpoint I can really aplaude this game. However as a player, this game needs WAY more of a clothing selection right off the bat if it wants to be more successful
  13. Cool but
    Daisy Lamarre
    It a cool app but you if you cud lose the pentagram for the symbol not everyone would appreciate it and they could be offended by the symbol but the game is awesome I love playing this game and Cell with many others and I think if kids were to play at some of their mother would not like I'm playing a game with a symbol of a pentagram on it so it would be bad for business please get rid of the pentagram and thank you for the lovely game bye bye
  14. its a decent time sucking game....
    Mia Davis
    The game isn't bad but its not great. Gems are hard to come by. Adding friends to gain more help and energy is also hard as no one I know plays this game. You also can't just add people whom you see in the game as friends. The game is very expensive. Overly so. They make it very hard to earn money to afford all of these things you need to even play. All in all, if you lower your expectations and play to play its fun. Irritating, but fun.
  15. Fun but needs adjustments
    I was pretty addicted to this game when I first got it...then I saw how unreliable it can be at times and am a little more "careless" with it so I don't get frustrated. Saving times are generally not a problem but can be slow (I think you need internet/data for it to be more reliable, that should change). I will get random pop ups asking if I'd like to collect free jewls, when I click "okay" I receive nothing and it goes again need wifi which is not fair. Still fun but Don't rely on anything.
  16. Needs to update. <3
    Skyy Chan
    I love this game and have been playing it for a good while with my friends and it really needs to update the stores and the boyfriends and possibly the games... There is promises of more shops and everything that have been there forever and its about time these updates actually happen! But it is a super fun game that isn't too demanding, which is really nice. I highly recommend it :3
  17. Not so Intense...
    Sanday Cal
    Not so good but... I hope the Bugs will be FIXED.
  18. Awesome Game! :-* :-)
    Zenia Mazhar
    I love this game but the clothes are expensive that is all :) otherwise this game is TOTALLY PERFECT!!!! ~
  19. Great game, but expensive in-game things
    Jezzi Jiang
    Nice game but hard to buy things. They're expensive. BINXWGG
  20. Love it, But..
    Kirsten Hill
    Every time I try to earn diamonds (like that video that pops up after a moment into the game) I don't get the diamonds, and it's really annoying me. Please fix it, and it'll be 5 stars.


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