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Tiffany Alvord | YouTube Superstar

Philip Lau | Creative Director

Vicky Tam | Lead Developer

Kaylee Cheung | Operations Manager

Reviews 133,225

  1. Mary joy Darcera
    When I usually top the 2nd floor of the shops it turns black. And some shops are still not available. This game should also have a page on Fb or connected to fb so that we can add some friends. We keep on working and working.What's the point if our money is too much but our diamonds are low, when almost all of the stuff to buy are more on diamonds. It needs update or what so ever. Just fix it please. And yeah the winners are keep on winning its like they won't give us a chance to win too -_-
  2. What happen
    I was suppose to win 200 diamond and 30% discount coupon for the fall fashion.. but i haven't receive it.. please fix this.. i really do love this game..
  3. Come on most things in jewelry??
    Huda Barakat
    I can't believe how you put most things in jewelry, I mean how can we buy clothes or accessories. Fix that please...
  4. It's OK
    Mer Javier
    Well my daughter plays this game she uninstalled it for a while but her level goes down when she installed it again... She was lvl 21but the she became lvl 18.. pls fix it..
  5. Didnt get my prize
    So i clicked my prize and i shouldve won 450 diamonds and one 50% discount but they were not there! I've spent quite a lot for the competition! Totally not sattisified with this. FIX IT!!!
  6. Love it❤
    Bianca Garcia
    Add/vote me *BI5HCNY* I'll vote you back ! Such a good game its a waste that they havnt done an update in forever ugh come on wit that update n i will put 5 starr but other than that i love it
  7. Worth it
    Nailah Bestari Gaku Mikuzawa
    It's cool, and kawaii. But, can you make it more cheaper? I hate it when we must buy the outfits using diamonds. BIBKZ8Z add, like and vote for me ;)
  8. Cool
    Hanya malik style
    I love this game but the problem to enter in the bar i must have acc fb i do not have it 1 energy cost 40 diamont fix it plz
  9. My prizes GONE!!! What the!!!! Give it back!!!
    Grestynne Luna
    I won 200 diamonds and 30% discount coupon, then I went to the mall to buy some clothes, my coupon isn't available and my 200 diamonds is not counted on my diamond count! I mean fix this up or I'll quit playing this game!
  10. Its pretty good
    Octavia Hawkins
    The game is pretty fun to play and I enjoy it. It only has a couple of problems. One would be they need to update the game. How long will we have to wait to get level 5&6 boyfriends and the other stores in the mall? That and not making so many of the clothes cost diamonds would help. Hope you take my suggestions into consideration not for just this game but for your star girl games too.
  11. What!!!?????
    Nima Choden
    I was in level 14 and I didn't save it but when I just checked I was in level 10 pls fix it I went through so much trouble to get to level 14. I uninstalled it. I am so disappointed
  12. Normally enjoyable
    Chantel Olson
    I am NOT happy with this game right now! I woke up this morning to collect my salary from some jobs and I noticed my outfit was defaulted back to the original. I went to change back but NOPE. MY CLOTHES THAT I SAVED UP FOR WERE GONE AND I CANT FINDTHEM IN THE STORES. FIX THIS DARN GAME DANGIT OR IM UNINSTALLING AND COMING BACK TO GIVE YOU 1 STAR.
  13. Syringa Blue
    As much as I love this game sometimes the new updated data doesnt load and I encounter errors when I try to play. It usually gets fixed within a day, but it is disappointing. However, overall fun game with cute styles.
  14. Pretty much
    Reaven A. Regalado
    I already starting to love it anyway where can we get starpon dresses ?
  15. Addicting
    Elesha Hazel
    Just wish theyd update. So many blank spots. New carnival games would be good as well
  16. :(
    Lucy Heartfilia
    I like it but.. clothes and accessories are too expensive. Dating a guy is too hard, too. You will spend lots of diamonds and coins here. :3 i also can't join the queen idol contest
  17. I Love it but..... (´• _ •`)
    Nilkya Irene Nieves
    Why the others stores are close can u please open them because I would love to buy some others clothes in the the store that is for rockers, so yeah also dnt put so much clothes to buy with diamonds its really annoying and irritating so yeah Please open some new stores ugh
  18. Good Game
    I love this game! I'm Tomboy so don't usually like these games but its cute to say the least. Only problem that I have with this game is that all the clothes are way too expensive! But other than that it's a nice game.
  19. Love it!
    nurul aishah
    This game is awesome! Usually,I will feel annoyed when I play any fashion or drees-up's game but this game is the first one to make me satisfied with...Keep up the good work and I hope there will be more shops available..^_^
  20. Vote me I'll vote back *BIVX5RV*
    Kwong Michelle
    Well... I've uninstalled Star Girl and Beauty Idol 4 several times, just because there r bugs everywhere. But when I hv nothing to spend time on I miss this game so this is what happens XD


What`s new

Hey, Beauty Idols! New things are just around the corner with the latest update!
- Introducing the newest shop with all-new clothes: Rock Star!
- New promotion packages for the Fashion Competition!
- Awesome new and improved graphics!
- Sound and performance enhancements for a better experience.