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Reviews 75,458

    Bonnie Horowitz
    I have been using this solitaire app for more than a few years now and it is the best for many reasons. There are many different forms of solitaire games to choose from, you get to see your results, the app is not slow and the adds are not intrusive as they tend to be in many other apps. I like to play games that make me use my brain therefore I choose some tough ones and I try to win every game...I did not start sounding like I had an obsessive compulsive disorder until I went to rate this app. I will have to ponder on that for a few...OK, done pondering. This is the BEST SOLITAIRE APP!!
  2. Wayne CADDELL
    Great game to pass the time. I don't know how to play all these games yet just the Klondike.
  3. Totally messed up this app
    Donald Godier
    I am not sure what you have done to this app but I am done playing it, after more than 100,000 games on many different phones and tablets suddenly now is impossible to win more than 4 or 5 games in a row and the winning percentages are atrocious, uninstalling after many years of loyal playing.
  4. I'd pay, but...
    Jefferson García
    You're not accepting my currency. Still a nice app for letting me create custom games.
  5. Ever buggy
    Igor Philippov
    Best solitaire collection I have seen so far, but also persistently the buggiest (battery drain if in background, countless game bugs if user interrupts animation, new in version 4 - bugs starting new game after ad has been shown). Overall playable but don't expect smooth experience or proper record keeping.
  6. Nexus 7
    Alan Sciascia
    Game has been running well until recently. Today it started crashing for no apparent reason. Crashes mid game where it freezes until I get the error message about it no longer responding. Restart the game only for it to happen again a few minutes later. Running lollipop 5.1.1
  7. Very Good Game
    Jagdish Vaidya
    I loved good to give brain exercise .Record keeps you motivated.
  8. Use to be good
    Allison Comentino
    This use to be a good game but then you update and you have ads and the screen looks completely different. You also were able to win more on the games. I would have recommened this to everyone but with the ads and not being able to win a game I would go with a different one. It was so much better before.
  9. Even shows you how to play games!
    Philip Laursen
    Great Solitaire Game...I didn't know there were this many solitaire games, even shows video of game to show you how to play if you want!!! Love this one for solitaire!
  10. Solitary WITH ANNOYING ADS
    Margarett Maxwell
    Ads are a complete nuisance. May uninstall as blackmail to remove th is very wrong.
  11. 250+ Solitaire
    Kathy Braund
    So much fun and variety although Scorpion is my favorite.
  12. Couldn't ask for more
    Mike M
    Lots of games and nice graphics should keep you occupied for hours.
  13. The BEST collection
    Adriana Lombard
    This guy programmed one wonderful piece of work. No other collection comes close. The new display options are just bonus eye candy.
  14. Like it
    Ciska Pretorius
    But can't win most of the time and game should show when u have no valid moves left.... eg game over
  15. Cheating app??
    Nadaa Robinson
    App deals impossible to win hands more than half the time. Stats look terrible
  16. Best Solitaire Game
    Jason Welch
    Over 250 variations with a nice, clean interface, customizable rules, and start tracking. It really is the best Solitaire game I've played. Only downside was the banner ads occasionally caused a bit of lag, though that was rare. It was worth it to me to pay to remove the ads anyway.
  17. Even more than it's name
    Sam Wallace
    A huge, well organized collection of games with the choice of players adding their own. Simply the best.
  18. Ad problems
    Debbie Holloway
    I had the game for years + and i had to reset my tablet so when i download it back again it show a ad after every game and b 4 TV a game, so i am deleting it if it is not fixed. Never had ads b 4. Then they want u to pay to stop ads.... u will lose customers that way to many ads.
  19. Bill Frakes
    More glitches in this last upgrade than i had since first downloading it!
  20. Awesome
    Krystle Anderson
    I like how l can actually see how the game is played so I can hurry up and get start. Plus my daughter loves changing the colors for the background and putting her face on the cards


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Bug fixing

Added preview when choosing a game
Updated Dutch, Czech, Turkish and Brazilian Portuguese
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