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  1. Lots of HOP's, but...
    Heidi B
    This is the first game I had to play in easy mode, otherwise you'd spend most of your time running around. I wasn't thrilled with the artwork either... very plain. Some of the puzzles made no sense & there wasn't much of an explanation. I did eventually figure them out though. Not great.
  2. Too many hidden objects
    Henry chin
    A nice enough game but too many hidden objects as others have said. Objects such as tiny screws to find are not condusive for smart phone plat. Fortunate only wasted $2.99 for the game.
  3. Fun point and click adventure game
    Kristen Droke
    Fun game, good length, nice graphics and the use of the "time machine" to navigate the game is wonderful. But it does rely too heavily on hidden objects mini games. Really enjoyed the game over all. And the bonus game was longer than I thought it would be -- thank you!
  4. I love it!
    Lore Dana
    Good length, lovely graphics. I enjoyed it.
  5. Time mysteries 2
    Charlotte Mcarthur
    The story and the graphics are great
  6. The best game
    John Murray
    I played this game when big fish games first brought it out it keeps your mind active.
  7. Reeeeeeeeeeally long game
    Annie Chaplin
    If u want a game that goes forever....and ever....and ever....and ever....and ever....and ever....and ever....and ever then get this one, but it is pretty good and well worth the $'s.
  8. Time mysteries 2
    Agnes Connell
    Don't waste your money cannot finish game just keeps saying error very disappointed
  9. Too long
    Paul Garner
    If ever a game is overly long for the sake of it, this is it
  10. Luv it
    demckee mckee
    Another great game! I can't wait to play the last of this trilogy... Keep up the great work! :)
  11. Good game
    renee melson
    Just as good as the first one
  12. Time
    Stan Horrocks
    I love this game! I have played it and beat it probably about 10 times so far. I love games that deal with time and especially when it alters time in some fashion. I enjoy how the hidden object puzzles change each time I play. I now just need to acquire Time Mysteries 1 and 3. I also love the bonus mission as Charlotte.
  13. Don't waste your money.
    Alesha Roth
    Game was very short. Plot was weak and disorganized. I had to rely heavily on the map built into the time travel device to know where to go next. Controls in HO scenes and various other parts of the game very poor. I had to tap on items several times, and if two objects needed to interact with each other, such a key in a lock, there were several occasions where I had to make up to 15 attempts to get the items to interact. Skip this one.
  14. Love these type of games
    Anna Gorton
    Love games that allow me to zoom in since I have decreased vision. Love the story line as well.
  15. Time Mysteres2
    Joni Geier
    This is really fun, I like the 18th century storyline.
  16. Alright
    Jackie W
    Fun way to pass time but graphics not as good as I'd hoped
  17. Hidden objects too difficult to find
    Naomi P
    I played many games like this but I find this particular one incredibly difficult. And the storyline did not make sense. Will try other games by this company though.
  18. Time Mysteries 2 - The Ancient Spectres
    Tanu Sharma
    This is a very good game, but when the hints show that you have to go to the time device, they don't tell you where to go i.e the year or place over there. Except for this, Time Mysteries 2 is a very good game and I like the bonus adventure after you finish the main adventure.
  19. Good but stuck...
    Irene Liesk
    Was going well and enjoyed game until I reached a door I should be able to pass through. But game doesn't respond to tapping. Not happy paying for a game I cannot finish.
  20. Great game
    John John
    I gave it 4 stars only because your games are not long enough if you make them twice as long it would be perfect