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James Seaman | Vice President of Business Development at Artifex Mundi

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Tracy Pfau | Video Game Actor at Artifex Mundi

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Wojciech Domagała | Microsoft Azure Cloud Developer and Cloud Architect

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Reviews 2,204

  1. Really wish games would give time to play before asking for a review
    Ethel Ellison
    All five minutes so far seem nice. Fairly standard features for HOP / point-and-click adventures. Doubt it will be as good as Artifax Mundi's Grim Legends series, the Drawn series, the Awakening series, or The Journey Down series. Likely better than the first Time Mysteries game, and most recent Big Fish games. I would guess this game will be a four-star in my estimation before I finish it, but I haven't played enough to confirm.
  2. John Barry
    Very early in the game but so far everything looks good. Will update later if necessary
  3. Jayne Kuchcinski
    Really enjoyed the game and the story line. So well done you guys
  4. Great game
    Brooke Allen
    I think this is the 5th game I have purchased from this company and they havent disappointed. Love graphics, music and storyline. Highly reccomend
  5. Kelly Wynne
    Great conclusion! Hope there's more to come!
  6. An excellent conclusion!
    Jonathan Kraus
    A little shorter than the second installment, this chapter wraps the series up, tying itself back to the beginning. The second is still my favorite, but this was still very enjoyable!
  7. Loved it
    R Darin
    Played all 3 episodes. Enjoyed them all. Keep making these great games!
  8. Awesome story
    Judith Cline
    Finally a puzzle game that when you select hard, it is. It is a relatively long game, challanging but not impossible. A couple times I did need to go to regular mode to see on the map where to go next, but that's OK I love them challenging because they are more rewarding to win and last a little longer. More like this please.
  9. Loved it.
    Michelle williams
    I can't wait to play the next one.
  10. donna hayes
    As usual, Big Fish did it again. I really enjoyed this and the other two. I'm so glad I got these three games. Great graphics and story line. Awesome Big Fish.
  11. Rosa Segarra
  12. Love the game but way too short
    Nikita Byrne
    Game is over in a hour. Great game just wish it was longer! Keep up the good work guys
  13. Great game
    Bernadette Kerr
    Well worth the money, i'm hooked! Right, back to the game, enjoy!
  14. Intriguing
    Karen McMillen
    It's nice to have a game that has a plot. The hidden object games were more fun with a number of objects requiring several steps to locate them.
  15. Reginald Mihan
    Great game please make more of them
  16. Brilliant
    Juliette Hall
    I love Artifex Mundi games. Excellent graphics and easy to navigate. Really enjoyable and I'd definitely recommend.
  17. Zhaobo Wei
    It becomes boring when you play too much
  18. Anita Laughner
    Very good game. Very pricey though. I dropped the 5 bucks on it because some reviews said it was a long game,and for some apps, it is. There is a lot to this game, but I finished it in two short evening sessions. For longer gameplay and difficulty, the expert setting should be used. I wish I had realized that and played without the guidance the normal setting gives you; it would be much more difficult and hence much longer. I did enjoy the game and story line. The puzzles were decent. For 5 dollars, though, I wish I had known how quickly I was burning through the game so I could have switched modes. If you can mid game. I'm not sure..Overall, fun game,but if you are looking for a serious chllenge,use the expert setting.
  19. Long but boring
    Millie L
    I would really like to rate this higher - good graphics, detailed hidden object games, good length for the price...but like the previous one, I just got tired of it by the end. The devs need to find a line between the casual and expert mode that works. I normally play expert mode in this genre, but in this series I got so sick of hunting every scene over and over for the next 'to do' (the hint button doesn't always work in expert) that I reverted to casual mode, and was bored simply going through the motions. if you are new to the genre I highly recommend it. if you tend to play these games at a higher difficulty...buyer beware.
  20. Best Hidden Object Story Game Dev. On Play Store!
    Mark Jordan
    Played on a Galaxy Note 4 running 4.4.4, the S Pen works with game. One day I tried one of these free games by this dev. & now I'm hooked on them. I bought all with Google Play Achievements added in. This one has 77,000 XP points. So far this one is just as good as the rest. Try a free one & see if you like them, their not for everyone. I enjoy the story lines, finding objects & figuring things out. I normally like action type games, but this is a nice break from that type of gaming.