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Elizabeth Howard | Vice President of Publishing at Aspyr Media

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Hugh Smith | Senior Software Engineer

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Anabel Balderas, CPA | Controller

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Daniel Hagen | IT Manager at Aspyr Media

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  1. Restored my phone
    Joseph Griggs
    Downloaded and has to uninstall the game do to low memory. Did not completely remove from my phone and could not download anything so i had to restore my phone to factory settings but trying to redownload now. Wish me luck.
  2. Yay!
    Bradley Compeau
    i was never able to finish this game when i was younger, but now i can! still a great game, BUT i wish there were keyboard controls for usb/bt tablet keyboards.
  3. Great game!
    rizky hartawan
    I love this game so much, however my screen often not responding when choosing a dialogue, causing whole tablet screen and button not responding for a long time. idk maybe a bug in the application, could you (Developer) look into this matter? Thank you so much. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. EDIT : developer has fixed the problem and everything went well. Great job!
  4. Excellent!
    Andrew Brown
    Well done port! It keeps all the original menus, combat system, effects, etc. It just adds a fairly well done touch interaction overlayer that doesn't take away from the original navigation at all. I don't know why other game companies haven't figured out they could make tons of money by porting all their classic games (cough, Nintendo, cough).
  5. Pretty good.
    Daniel Pering
    Only real complaint I have is that when I went from Smuggler to Sentinel I always lose two to three skill points and when dual-wielding the off-hand is always 2 less than the main hand even if it should be less. Also cannot adjust the brightness.
  6. Omg
    Mark Read
    I just can't belive I have this game. I'm so happy. So glad it's unchanged. Seems to work fine but every so often it gets really Laggy in menus. Not sure why but will re comment if I figure it out. Other than that great game and transformed amazingly for touch screens. Thanks xxx
  7. Anthony Stapf
    This game was good for the first 2 days or so, now freezes whenever I boot it up. Fix soon, please! I'm a diehard Star Wars fan at heart, and it pains me to not be able to play this game!!!
  8. Duplicates of juhani
    Russell McKay
    The stage right before the star forge, and the rakata who are chanting a ritual to open the energy force field to continue my mission and there chanting gets interrupted by juhani every time I try theres more duplicates running to my location. Same with hk 47 and jolee bindo theye back on the worlds I found them. Every time I select jolee bindo and hk47 it says "oh so very broken" for both of them..I have not deleted or modified my contents I would like to continue where I left off from. Plz n ty
  9. I love this game.
    Christawn mckinley
    This is my first time playing this I never played it on pc, so my first impression was very good. But one small problem has made me want to spend all hours of my day trying to beat a Certain fight I run out of medpacs and stuff like that can the devs please make medpacs a little more common in dead corpses I killed? Thanks.
  10. Took a few tries to install...
    Tyler Norton
    But that may have just been my connection. Once I got it running it's worked pretty much flawlessly aside from one or two issues that required me to restart that app. This hasn't impeded my progress or anything though. Overall it's always been a great game and the $3 price tag is a steal for 20+ well thought ought hours of story and probably another 20 of sidequests.
  11. 5 star
    David Hill
    The game that made me switch to an Xbox has come to Android just as good, if not better than the console version. Very well done!
    Damien Sanchez
    Make sure you have multiple saves. One quick save and one hard save. It must be before or after a door. If you try and quick save or hard save before a boss battle or cut scene. You will have before or after. Save twice :D
  13. Missing textures, dev not communicating
    david ryan
    Character models and some walls,doors are missing textures still not fixed after update, lowering rating until dev does something. S4 i9500
  14. Doesn't work on my Note 5
    Joseph Gendill
    I used to have the Galaxy Note 4 and this game used to work on it fine. I upgraded to the Note 5 and now when I go to download it, it goes 50 percent then stops and says there was an error downloading. Please fix! I love this game!
  15. Bug?
    5 Golden Stars
    When I load a save/hit continue, the loading bar jumps almost to the "L" then stops. Fix it and I will rate 5 stars.
  16. Kotor
    Kate Smith
    No text shows up in any of my conversations. Makes it impossible to play without knowing how to answer. Fix it!
  17. Great game!!
    Ben Carnevale
    Just needs to implement a "Fire" button instead of tapping the screen to fire when you're in the ebon hawk trying to get off Taris.
  18. Full Game = HOURS of gameplay, story, etc.
    Matthew Valley
    This game is fantastic, and the fact that they brought it to Android is incredible. Hours of content is packed right into your phone or tablet. Tired of the PC port you bought on Steam? Well, this mobile port looks just as pretty and a hell of a lot of fun to play. Choices matter, gear to find, and Sith/Jedi to hunt; all at the tap of a button. Achievements have been added, so happy 'chievment hunting! High replay value, you'll never go unentertained. This is without a doubt, the greatest RPG on the mobile gaming market.
  19. Are you kidding me
    Luke Fisher
    "Download failed because you may not have purchased the app" ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? I PAY 3 BUCKS FOR AN APP AND IT PULLS THIS CRAP ON ME? Not only did it take multiple tries to download it (which takes an incredibly long time) without an error occurring but now I can't even play it. Dont waste your time and money
  20. Cant lie, this game is perfect.
    Graham Hull
    Astoundingly well made port. I have many fond memories of this beautiful story driven universe, many play-thus later, it still feels new.


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