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  1. jordan nurse
    I bought an in game item for this game, it did not go on my account and still charged me for it. I emailed the email provided and that's all I had was it is nothing to do with us we have got a contract with Google play. No forwarding email given nothing absolute appalling!!!
  2. SEVEN Coley
    Even though i dropped my phone and the battery came out and i had to start all over after having 2 million dollars and over half the achievements. Great game though
  3. excellent and really love it
    Abang Asriman
    my child really love this game and can't stop playing this game at anytime does his have. And one more thing i am really need to know why it consum to much battery power... can the developer check for it and i am really appreciate if his can solve this situation... anyway i am alsoo love this game and 10 star for the great job...
  4. Controls soo good soo real
    Samaya Kumar
    Very good game for .. who love to drive all those earth movers .. Crane controls are perfect.. Especially swing of the weight stops when u do the trick.. Superb..i am enjoing it and my wifes hates it ha ha ha ..
  5. Crashes Constantly
    David Calasso
    This game wasn't too bad, initially, but once I got all the machines, and really started to progress in the game, it began crashing more and more, until finally it can't even be played. My device is more than sufficient to run this game, so this is clearly poor software designing. VERY DISAPPOINTED !!!
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
    Iwam Rees Jones
    Best construction simulator ever created but i will give the game 5 stars if you crash into the speed limit sing your vehicle just stops the sing dosent move at all. Would be kool if you could get a longer flat bed trailer for the mobile crane
  7. Awesome
    Adrian Craven
    Best sim game i have ever played great job. Easy controls smooth gameplay and great fun keep it up.
  8. Good concept
    Rob Tokar
    Game is pretty good, but if yer gonna put such an emphasis on driving a liitle realism would be nice, two inch poles stop u dead in your tracks, and be dammed if a prius is gonna stop a fully loaded rig, yet it does. Construction aspect is good though
  9. Great game, but I cannot progress
    shannon chandler
    I have dropped off the green container in the marked area at the port, but nothing happens. Mission does not complete.
  10. Great simulator
    Richard Storey
    Excellent game, it would be good if you could do all the bad things as well like driving illegally... Haha
  11. The best
    YD HD Gamer
    Never played a better simulator but my only problem is that you should add stuff like a road construction mission and add tar machines and that stuff make it big then I will give 5 stars
  12. Needs improvment
    Landon Gulasky
    You should add more construction vehicles and be able to hire computer men to help and not do it for you. You should be able to do rode work to.I wold rate higher next update if you do use some ideas.needs to be able to open garage doors and have to nuy gas,and have to get your vehicles inspected. I think if it was more like real life it would be better like when you crash u should have to wate for emergency personal.
  13. Need to add
    Steven Henning
    Allow us to make roads,tunnels,train track. Then let us haul heavy loads and have a escort. Allow us to take the train to different places. Add new cars. Make skyscrapers. Add tow trucks and add that sometimes are trucks break down.
  14. Fun game
    Justin Bluer
    Really fun game. I've done most of this stuff and can say most of the controls are accurate and realistic. I would like to be able to get right inside excavator and run joy sticks like I've seen on other excavation games. Just preference thing though. It would be better if the driving was a little more realistic. I like this game though and thank you for your hard work. I'd also like to see a water well or oil well driller. Get a oil rig on here.
  15. Love it!
    ashley byass
    Very fun and well made, only thing I find annoying is the map whilst driving. The map would be easier to use if it rotated the way you are going, other than that I can't really fault it
  16. Awesome
    John Humphreys
    This game is the best construction game I have ever played on a tablet. Awesome game for the money. Can't wait for the next one 2015. I can't stop playing this game.
  17. Simple and fun
    Andrew Zenitram
    Of course it has simple graphics we would like better graphics that the ususal blocks but still a great game not hard at all to make money to buy other vehicles although speeding gets you tickets would be more enjoyable with more realistic things as far as accidents or crashing into anything other than just coming to a stop when you hit a sign... sometimes the steering button doesnt activate so you make a hard turn and usually crash i guess with better graphics and more detailed things would be nice.
  18. Fun
    Anthony Nelson
    Fun game with good graphics. I've found a few glitches: when loading a dump truck with the wheel loader I had control of both machines at once. SGS5
  19. Almost perfect!
    Kevin Lidtka
    I have spent way more time playing this game then any other game I have. It's simple, relaxing and fun. I have one gripe and one request to make this game perfect. First, it is unable to multitask, meaning if you hop over to another app then hop back it restarts the game and resets you progress in a mission. One request to make the app better is to reduce the amount of boundary walls in the map. I love taking shortcuts across the map and would like more. The invisible walls everywhere are jarring.
  20. This game is great!
    Daniel Hap
    Technical enough to feel educational, realistic in the right places and forgiving in others to facilitate truly enjoyable gameplay. The variety of vehicles and machines is nice and controlling each one for missions is highly entertaining; I could play around with the forklift for hours, the different camera views are great especially when you have loaded cargo! This is a developer I would support again.


What`s new

- added language support for italian, turkish, dutch, japanese, thai, hindi, arabic and hebrew
- added native support for x86 devices

System requirements: 1 Ghz Dual Core CPU, 1GB RAM, Android 4.0.3