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Monthly active users estimation: 300,000

Reviews 17,619

  1. Astrolis was refreshing, rather right on and surprising.
    Charlotte Kollmeyer
    The Tarot seems to have some kind of a glitch inauchas it gave the same reading for every sign. One would expect the tarot reading to be authentic for each sign. The reading for the first sign was great.
  2. Very good
    Samanthia Moore
    Its very accurate according to me daily and gives me reassurance that I will over challenges when I'm facing something.
  3. Very insightful!
    Stephanie Pick
    I find myself checking my horoscope daily and find Astrolis to be spot on. Happy I installed it.
  4. Louisa Panui
    Have no idea what all that means. For those of us that dont speak "tarot" or "stars" could you translate it into plain english?? It also needs to have the love, career, health and money options like all the other horoscope apps do. And to have the "singles/couples" and "unemployed/employed" options if you were to add the other "love and career" options in. Do all that and make it good I might just give 5stars!!! NOT TO MENTION ITS NEVER BEEN.ACCURATE!!
  5. ashley Shaw
    Cool app..Has been right on so friend and i check it out on the regular..i would recommend this app to others
  6. Eerie
    Jessica McFall
    It is pretty accurate for my Sun sign each day but it completely matches my Moon Sign horoscope! Sometimes it is so weird. 1 horoscope said something like a situation would be like two cats fighting. That day, my cat got stuck in a plastic bag and almost really hurt herself running around trying to get it off. Just mentioning the cat idea then my cat goes through injuries was pretty ironically eerie.
  7. Best out there....
    Ibis S
    Update: Still the Best! Even the updates are prefect (amazing with all the apps out there that are ruined by updates, this one improves!). Love it. Ease of use and accuracy is amazing. Really like the chatty version of the horoscope, it brings the information and concept of the meanings down- to - earth. Great job on interpretations!
  8. Good, but...
    Corey Fickel
    Love the tarot feature, especially the use of the minor arcana. Other apps only use the major arcana. Horoscopes are a bit to be desired. The weekly general horoscope and the weekly romance horoscope are almost the same. Daily general horoscope and daily love horoscope uses too much repetition. The same phrases are used over and over again for days to the point where it almost seems as if it was put together by a computer using a list of pre-made phrases. Chatty horoscopes are always great.
  9. Just not happy
    Louise White
    There are 72 cards in a tarot deck why do u keep on repeating only the first 20 cards? I've tryed other websites as well as apps and don't have this problem please fix this very annoying.
  10. Audrey Hogan
    This app is my go-to ... I love it. It's trustworthy. One of my favorite parts is the way in which the planetary alignments & influencers are included and integral to the readings. Smart astrology based on scientific knowledge ... not just some intitive guess from an unknown source. " I also love the daily/weekly/monthly breakdowns ... most useful. Thanks so much!
  11. Joell Harris
    It gives me a general understanding of what is happening around me! Most other apps don't.
  12. Horoscope &Tarot
    Karen VanCamp
    Pretty good, interesting,and fairly accurate. Check it everyday. Like the tarot better.
  13. Really easy & simple to use!
    Jane Marie Gordon
    Horoscopes & Tarrot are simple & easy to understand! Gives you a bit of hope everyday!
  14. Very accurate!
    Casso Aum
    It's usually spot on for what's truly happening in my life! Love it, best app of all of them.
  15. Good App!
    Christelle D
    I do not use the tarot reading because it's obviously a software generating random cards but I like the horoscope as it is a direct interpretation of the position of the planets etc.
  16. Great app
    Patrick Sackey
    Always on point. It surprise me how it reveal all my thought daily and what I want to undertake tomorrow.
  17. Very useful :-)
    Tania Riella
    Also informs you about planets that are currently situated in the different sectors of your sun sign and details which ones.
  18. This is true!
    Nichole Escobar
    This is an awesome daily reading showing my exact circumstances. I love this app!
  19. Love it!
    Janice Pittman
    It is usually right on point with what is going on in my life! I don't go a day without reading my horoscope!
  20. Spirits
    Cornisha Riley
    I was always told that horoscopes Where a sin..but this app hit dead on to even my church letters..I love it..I have to read my reading EVERY DAY!!!!!


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