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  1. Nice concept, but it doesn't work
    Robyn Lebron
    I tried using the app, but it comes up saying that there's an error while preparing the app.
  2. Great idea, but doesn't work
    Josh Coull
    Like the title says, I think this is a great idea and gives extra motivation to exercise, but the bloody thing doesn't work.
  3. I couldn't start it
    Kaisha Oliver
    I clicked open and the message I received was - "Sorry! " I was so excited to link this to my Walgreens account.
  4. App won't work
    Jenna Buhlman
    Any time I've tried opening the app on my galaxy s4 it tells me there was a problem setting it up thus rendering it useless. I've tried Uninstalling it and reinstalling it twice but I haven't been able to get it working.
  5. Can't even start it
    Matthew Purosky
    It keeps saying it was unable to start. And I just got it!
  6. Won't Start
    William Cohen
    Every time i try to boot the app up i get an error message saying it couldn't open. Was excited to try this out. (Samsung Galaxy Note 3)
  7. Won't open.
    Brandi Hughes
    I have a galaxy S3. I was excited to earn Walgreens points with this app :(
  8. Would probably like it but...
    Kaitlin Smith
    It will not start up even after u installing and reinstalling it.
  9. Doesnt download on 6 edge
    Jeff Rasmussen
    I was really excited for it too!
  10. Not downloading
    Sheri Johnson
    Over an hour I am waiting for this to download once download can't even use it come on fix it your killing my Walgreen points
  11. Can't open.
    Vector Lightning
    How do I get to tech support?
  12. Can't get into app
    Melissa Murphy
    Says, "Sorry! There was an error while preparing the app." Restarted, same issue.
  13. App has interface glitches which make it unusable
    Andrew Herridge
    When trying to do my daily workout whenever I press the button to say ive completed a part of the workout the app switches to the next one but keeps the instructions for the previous exercise on the screen and overlays my workout data. All this leads to an unreadable mess of information on the screen which makes it impossible to do my workout. Edit: New update seems to have fixed issue and app seems to work fine now. As such i have reviewed my star rating.
  14. Doesn't work
    Chris Wilson
    I've had it for a couple days now. Shealth and Google fit keep track of my activity with steps and running. This hasn't logged a single one even though it's linked to my Google fit and email. Maybe when it works I'll try it out again
  15. Can't go beyond intro
    Shubham Venayak
    I am using zenfone 5. I can swipe through intro but neither I am able to click 'skip intro' nor I am able to click 'Done' at the end and so the app is not starting. EDIT: Android version 4.4.2 and no other special settings EDIT: Working now thanks :D
  16. Many glitches.
    Alexander Wicklund
    Its a fun app but has some interface glitches. The exercise instructions given are for the exercising following the one you are doing, the calendar keeps reverting back to the default workout days (M,W,F), and it cannot remember my weight or height the second I leave my profile page. Its buggy, but I feel once it gets cleaned up it'll be a great app.
  17. Unusable
    Broken interface (info images of random exercises covering activity times) and no timer for the programs. Do not under any circumstances get a subscription until it's fixed.
  18. Does not work
    Pedro Liberal
    Reinstalled as per dev request. Google fit and runkeeper integration now working. No way of changing from imperial units to kilos and meters, this alone stops me from using the app. I have completed today's distance on Google fit, but after the integration Atari fit doesn't recognize that. I find the menus to add new workouts clunky and barebones. In today's material world, I find them a tad ugly. Also, fullscreen. Please allow us to turn that off. Still, progress!
  19. Interface is terrible
    Kiryn Silverwing
    When tracking exercises, it only lets you enter the time in seconds, which makes it really difficult to track that I just spent 30 minutes on the exercise bike. No way to delete exercises after the fact if you make a mistake when entering them (which you will, because it's not explained that well). It tells me it has a free routine, then doesn't tell me what category it's in, so I'm poking all over the place and only seeing paid ones.
  20. Cannot get past tutorial
    2lol 555
    When I start the app it only shows the starting tutorial.


What`s new

Redesigned navigation interface that follows Android guidelines; Workouts, Games, and Menu have been moved to the top navigation bar, and the back button has been removed. (duplicate functionality to device button)

Password reset is now enabled!

Fixed exercise information overlaying another exercise while completing a workout.


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