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  1. Needs an update to fix bugs.
    Jason Clark
    Will not update pages after playing a game and will not switch between categories in the milestones. **Update: I have sent in numerous reports to get issues fixed and nothing has happened. When I no longer have issues, I will increase my rating.
  2. benjamin scott
    Keep getting network errors. Also would also like to see expanded box scores too.
  3. Fun Game, but.....
    John Cable
    The mobile app and the Facebook app are vastly different which is annoying. The game is pretty fun, but in the end it's just another "play this game and give us money or you will suck for eternity" like every other Facebook and mobile "free" game.
  4. A great way to spend time when you are waiting.
    Rick Morozink
    Not only is it a fun way to enjoy baseball, there are a number of different strategies one can use to play.
  5. App is completely inoperative now
    Scott Hammer
    Last week the Android version started experiencing very frequent network errors, making game play impossible. I cleared data and tried to login again. Disastrous. The app is completely inoperative now. Renders no data on home screen, and there are no options in the navigation drawer. Please ask me for help...I am a professional Android developer.
  6. Hooked
    Andrew Gelstin
    New update for mobile is great. A lot of fun for the baseball fan!!!
  7. Back to one of my faves
    Benn Miller
    This is back to being one of my favorite games, I just wish they would update the hockey game to be more similar to this one
  8. Customer service absolutely sucks
    Robert Searfoss
    For as much money as they're making you'd think they'd address basic problems. They haven't responded to a single message. They have not fixed the constant "error on network call" crash. I no longer get pennant games. Game could be good if they cared about anything other than your money.
  9. David Watkins
    Not much to the game. However now my players are all level 5 the game says I can not train players because insufficient funds. I clearly have enough funds. Please fix
  10. Best Baseball Franchise/Dynasty Sim Available!!
    Tolan Lichty
    This game is addicting if you have a competitive nature and free-time. Plus, it's really fun assembling your own "Dream Team" of players from ALL eras of MLB - past and present!! Do you have what it takes to create the PERFECT TEAM?!
  11. Even better on here than facebook.
    Derek Wallace
    Personally, I like what you guys have done with the stats on the games and who did what on the games played
  12. Slow but Decent
    Eric Gunning
    Extremely slow paced game without resorting to paying cash. Almost plays like an idle game with 18 hours between the beginning and ending of a league. At some point (around level 50 or so) the game will become repetitive with people paying money passing you by while you struggle to increase your teams rating by the smallest amounts after each league. Still a good game though.
  13. Constantly crashes
    Richard Henry
    This is a 4-5 star app when working properly. Unfortunately those times a few and far between lately. Please address the bugs and the constant crashes.
  14. David Slaughter
    Fun game just takes long to get to the great players and there's no way to get around it. I would like to see more imphises on mile stones and player stats rather than team wins and levels. I would love to see how my players stack up against another managers player stats. Seeing a players stats as well as ratings in free agency would be a good addition also. I find my self searching players stats online before adding them to teams.
  15. Good game, but...
    Alan Kanazawich
    It seems that the team ratings mean nothing to whether you win or lose. I play an opponent twice, both times I have a 94% chance to win. I get demolished both times. Same scenario again, but now my opponent has the +90% win chance, and I still lose both games. This does not happen in real baseball regularly. I can only seem to win if I have a 60-80% chance to win.
  16. Franchise baseball.
    Andy Ohm
    Enjoy every moment of the game so far. Often reminds me of players from when I was a kid.
  17. John Beatty
    Glitch ridden, defies it's own win odds constantly... frustrating... little freemium upgrades to win in a less than immense time
  18. App upgrade falls short
    Michael Desens
    Well the graphics are shown are nicer and match the desktop version a little more closely. But all that is lost in the fact that the game play is now cumbersome and takes much much longer. I was much happier with the game play in the old app and would prefer that you went back to it.
  19. Constantly Crashing
    Brad Wilson
    Every 2-3 minutes it stops loading information, requiring a restart of the app, making it 100% useless. Would give it negative stars if I could. On LG G4 using Android 5.1
  20. Used to love
    ben fjoser
    Three updates and still getting error on network. Love this game but might uninstall if not corrected.


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