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Monthly active users estimation: 3,500,000


Bogdan Bala | Software Developer at Avira Romania, currently on sabbatical

Județul Ilfov, România |

Elena Năstasă | Member of Avira Romania Management Board

Romania |

Corneliu Balaban | Product Owner / Engineering Manager - Mobile Apps

București, România |

Daniela Stamati | Mobile Developer

București, România |

Reviews 554,850

  1. app lock still not working
    Encinos Lee
    stopped working since last update, no password prompts on locked apps thus no app is locked, i can click into the applock selection screen in avira app but it wont prompt me with the password screen here too, i tried resetting the password but it wont remember any passwords, everytime its showing save new password, tried reinstalling, 5.1.1
  2. da fha
    Less of a hog then avg, same as desktop
  3. Does what it says on the tin
    Abdul Rehman Sharif
    In recent times I have seen my android loosing it's speed and getting slower (as always) - the reason I got this app. So far I haven't come across any major issues, hopefully it would continue to be so.
  4. Best security app but...
    Fadi Kreem
    This app easily gets the five stars rating because it does what it says. However, after updating my phone to Android version 5.1.1, I found out that the app lock function does not work anymore. I tried to enable it by going to the menu "Apps with access usage" but I never found an option for Avira. Please fix this devs!
  5. Amazing Avira Antivirus !
    Relena Evans
    Great & Simple best protect my staff personal Thanks Avira really I love it ! ♥♥♥
  6. please
    shan shan
    ive been using this for my laptop its very good & working very well... but for my mobile phone. i am looking for an option settings like notification icon, days & hours setting to updates (automatic update). & many more please fix it... tnx more power. afraid to install as of now...thus: my phone safe & secured?... PLEASE.... 5-30-15 still no more response. Aug. 7, 2015.. upgrade & pay for pro version app, not for free app. anyway tnx...
  7. Best one, needs one improvement
    A Ronin Liberal
    Caught a lot more bugs than Bit Defender or Avast. Very user friendly. The only thing I wish it had was a quicker way to add unwanted calls to 5the blocked list. Most of the unwanted calls will come from the call log (last call). It should only take a couple if clicks... maybe a widget for that option?
  8. WHERE?
    Humada Alfian
    On description say that there are app locking that can using for free, but I'm can't found anywhere,,,,,
  9. Brenda Kalk
    Hands down the best security for everything. Simple to use. Great results. I have never been let down since being led to this company several years ago. Thank you for continuing to be user friendly and on top of issues affecting security.
  10. Alexander Harvey
    An excellent Antivirus\Antimalware app! Detected and removed all of the threats it was tested against! Well done! Avira is keeping up it's usual high standards! Reviewed 8/23/2015
  11. Great app, when it works...
    Brian Mortensen
    After a factory reset, followed by an upgrade to LMY48I the app-lock feature no longer work. I have tried to reinstall Avira with no luck.
  12. Still to many notifications
    Christopher Prichard
    Would love Avira to stay out of the way unless something goes wrong. Getting two notifications per app update it way too much.
  13. Love it so much
    Thomas Huemmer
    I like the good service in the Pro-Version. Always up to date. Thank you Avira.
  14. Needs a fix for Android 5.1.1 August update
    Balaji Rajagopalan
    App lock feature was working fine before latest update of 5.1.1 for nexus 5, now applock does not work..
  15. Doesn't work fast
    vivek indurkar
    Need some improvements in scan process. takes very long time....
  16. Satisfied & Happy =)
    Yuki Sugawara
    I'm happy with it. An app which is too pro-active can be annoying at times. But not this one. I'm happy with it. =)
  17. Been using this for years
    John Cuaycong
    It's very reliable and has never failed me. So much has improved since I started using it such as the cross platform availability. :-) Update: August 2015 -- blacklisted numbers are unable to block SMS anymore. :-(
  18. Good app
    Sarah Maguire
    I have been using Avira for several years now on my pc and laptop. Would rate it 5 stars if an option is added to stop notifying every time it scans an app (I thought ticking the option for notifying only if it found something would do the trick). These notifications are annoying.
  19. Excellence
    muha akhyar
    Very excellent antivirus security. Good update, totally deserve 5 star rating.
  20. Amazing!
    Hamza Daghajoqah
    Great app! I have been using it on my computer & decided to use it on my phone! And soon on laptop, It's just great! I recommend this app for all of your devices :)


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