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Reviews 18,269

  1. Goes so slow
    Michael Weisensel
    I play this on my tablet and the ball moves so slow it is like waiting for paint to dry to hit the ball again. I understand that it has to be slow for some phones but maybe add a tablet button or a super speed button in the settings. Other wise it is a good block game.
  2. mr rahi
    Zahoor Ahmed
    Lovely game, very addictive. It would be nice if extra features/power you get by breaking bricks could stay through out that particular level.
  3. Pleasant gap filler
    marco trevisan
    Clear, simple graphics, ads not interfering and intuitive ; a dedicated gamer might get bored, to me it's just right for filling those time gaps in traffic jams, cues...
  4. Great
    Tuh Bald
    Fun pretty easy only thing a little repetitive but if they changed the beginning level every time it would be better
  5. Like games of old!
    Valerie B
    Love it! Fun nostalgic blast from the past! Like playing Break Away on Atari when I was a kid. Lots of power-ups keep it interesting. Very well done!
  6. Cool Brick Breaker
    Diane Pooler
    Love the game, but read other reviews saying there are only 50 levels, which is what I'm up to now. I find level 50 VERY FRUSTRATING...near impossible to get past with so few lives. Is this by design because there are no levels beyond it? Also, I agree that it is ANNOYING as h*ll that you have to keep registering your high score every time you run out of lives. I just want to keep playing and reaching new challenge levels!!!!!
  7. Cool Brick Breaker
    Tony Strawson
    This game really blew me away! Once you have installed it for FREE from the Google Playstore, getting started is very quick and it really could not be simpler.The game did exactly as it was described and it does not disappoint in any way. Superb graphics to enjoy and the overall layout boasts a wide range of beautiful colours. This game also includes a variety of features to keep game play very interesting; with a highest scores section too, I rate this game as follows....... Highly addictive! 10 / 10. Tony Strawson.
  8. Too easy
    Jeffrey Meyers
    I loved playing but find there are too many power ups and the fire or lava ball that goes thru everything makes things too easy. Get rid of that or reserve it until play has lasted 60 seconds or more maybe would make it better. I beat all 50 levels in one weekend, about three hours.
  9. Codie Jo
    Epic if you think this is five star material then your right if you think this is one or two star material then you have lost your mind and that is my opinion. Thank You
  10. Awesome
    Living Dread Girl
    The only reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because there's no pause I believe this would be a very important feature especially for people on the go but the game works great I love all the cool features in kwirks inside of it I've never seen that in the brick breaker game before so I'm very pleased thank you very much.
  11. Cool Game
    Ranganath Jois
    Great game, But finished the 50th level within a day and now there's nothing more. Hence uninstalling.
  12. Ines Valentina Iurato
    I love this game, just wish I could have the choice to start again without being ask to put my name every time I loose.
  13. One of the better apps.
    Christina Wooff
    I have tried several brick games and so far, I like this one.
  14. Cathy Halim
    Awesome that you don't have to go back to level 1 every time your lives run out
  15. Nice breakout game,
    Jan Morrida
    Took a round to get the hang of it, once I seen what's up, I like it. Need more levels tho!
  16. Cool Brick Breaker
    matt hahn
    Kill the blocks using the ball. 2 important things . Lights out an closed wall.
  17. Brick breaker
    scott lake
    Goodgame throws up crazy stuff all around good time waster I love the game
  18. Begs for rating
    Brian Graham
    Every few levels. There, you got rated! Happy?
  19. Cool game.
    Yvonne Thompson
    It's fun to play; reminds me of old games.
  20. Super Game
    Chirag Modi
    Reason for 4 stars is it's too easy to play. Make it more tough.


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