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драгон сити
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Reviews 366,376

  1. Locked
    Bryn de Venecia
    I had 4 islands, gem island, quest island, breeding island and an upgraded galaxy island and now I can't get past the loading screen. I put a dragon in the fountain to make him look young again and the dragon wouldn't come out when the timer was done. I thought if I sold the fountain it would put my dragon back in his habitat but it didn't. Instead it locked down and won't let me back in. I'm not going to delete it bc I know it will get rid of everything. I'm hoping to wait for future update to fix it.
  2. Wtf happened
    Hannah Spivey
    Bought the Amber dragon and put it in the Fountain of Youth. When it was young again I couldn't take him out so I figured if I sold the fountain I'd get him back. Nope. Instead it locked me out. Idk what happened but y'all need to fix it because I had over a hundred dragons including six gemstones
  3. Bye,bye blackflip.
    Bernie Daverin
    Was level 62, game crashed and reinstalled itself. Was playing for 14 months. Will give other back flip games a chance. I would not spend real money on a system that will delete you at random.
  4. Got locked
    Lucas Nowak
    I can't get back into the game because there was a glitch with the Fountain of Youth, and now the game won't load! I can't play anymore and made it very far. Please fix this and I'll rate it higher.
  5. Fountain of Youth glitch?
    Eoin Corcoran
    I put cold dragon in fountain and there is no sign of it finishing, so I put a new dragon in and it keeps crashing at loading screen. Please fix!!!
  6. Great game
    Kaehler Family
    I have got so far in it. It is a little slow. And it blocks you out some times but I like it.
  7. Dragon Vale
    Cole Bergen
    First of all I've loved this game for a long time but then I got a little bored but I came back started playing it and loved it. I really like the older updates or versions though I think it was just a little to much with all the other islands but its a great game to play and I recommend downloading it.
  8. Why I lost my park?
    I have been playing for quite awhile with 4 islands, 1 gemstone island and almost level 20 with more than 40 dragons and suddenly when I log in the game started from fresh? What happen? And how do I get back my profile???
  9. Nòooooooooooooooo! Where did my park go?! (Im now verry angry with you backflip studios GRRRRR!)
    Hollie Bisby
    I went on just now and guess what backflip studios- my park is GONE and im not verry happy I spent so much TIME on this game and haven't spent any real money on this game at all and put so much work into my park I was on level 22 and now you think you can take me back to the START of the game- that is not fair I hope other pepole dont get this problem so it only happens to me. Also, I got this game LAST november for this. So give me back my park or you will loose one of your most dedicated players. Thanks- Hollie
  10. U guys suck
    jason puello
    I had everthing and i thought i had it connected to my google account and now everything gone because the game crash so i had to delete it so dont download this game its gonna keep crashing
  11. Dragon vale
    donna longcrier
    I wish you would make more tickets available daily. It is impossible to get even close to getting all the ticket stuff.
  12. Great game, but...
    Segonic O'Hedge
    I keep getting an error and can't play because of it. Please help!
  13. just ridiculous
    anah garcia
    this happens EVERY TIME they do an "update." the game force closes constantly, even more now with the event. You'd think after YEARS of making this game they could produce an update that didn't render it unplayable. Apparently not.
  14. Locked out
    Sean Collins
    I put a dragon in thr fountain of youth and it would not finish so I tried selling the fountain to get my dragon out, but that locked me out thus I had to start over. Fix it and I will give it a 5.
  15. Needs cloud backup or google+ backup
    Flinn Hallam
    When i was moving dragonvale onto my SD card, it seemed to have corrupted and wouldn't load so i uninstalled and reinstalled in hope that i would still have my progress but no i am back at the start but except for that, dragonvale is a gorgeous game with funky dragon designs and art.
  16. Its ok
    Kathrine Storey
    I have fun playing this game while at work and at home. The only thing I don't like is the fact that there are too many combos that get the same dragon. I think it should be that once you get one dragon you shouldn't be able to get it again.
  17. Support Helped
    Steven Flowers
    Was level 32. Fountain of Youth bugged out on me. Fun game, but they haven't helped fix my game over these past two weeks. Fixed Bug. Ty Backflip
  18. Great game
    Daniel La Fave
    Love this game so far. It's a good and fun way to kill time. Only gripe is after a download I lost the shortcut to it. Have to go through Google play to launch it. Still fun though.
  19. Fountain of Youth glitch
    Megan Rice
    Same issue as everyone else. Fountain of Youth wouldn't finish - decided to sell it - wrong choice apparently. Now my game won't load.
  20. WTF
    Jordan Mclean
    I play this game a lot but just recently after I had to update it it restarted I was on level 16 and had just gotten an opal dragon is there any way I can get my account back


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