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Reviews 413,867

  1. Magic puzzles
    I love magic puzzles cuz it has a ton of puzzled plus u can use photos from ur library and turn them into puzzles
  2. It's fun
    Judy Hammonds Chamberlin
    I like playing the game, it's relaxing. I'd give you 5 stars if it hadn't stopped working after the first puzzle. Please fix this problem for me so I don't have to uninstall the game.
  3. Awesome way to pass time.
    I absolutely love this app! The puzzles keep me occupied and keep providing new challenges. It's great that you can change the size of the pieces and the difficulty of the puzzle.
  4. Great app
    Skip Burroughs
    If you like puzzles, this is the closest thing to one on your table I've ever seen. Great fun.
  5. Great Game.
    Desiree Bankhead
    I like the game and all but there should be a thing when once the puzzles pieces are put in the right place, they lock in place on the board and they don't move when you touch them. Like a lock or unlock mode would be great.
  6. Enjoy puzzles
    Nancy Townsend
    Since last update I find that I am getting kicked out of the application and have to restart from the beginning. Very frustrating when you have almost completed the puzzle. Can this glitch be fixed
  7. Pictures are very pretty
    Ann Creek
    But it will switch to an ad in the middle of putting a puzzle together, which is very distracting, and sometimes several times. I love that you can use your own pictures.
  8. Ilham Mohamed
    Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this app
  9. Love playing
    Rebecca Middleton
    I use the app on my tablet and enjoy it very much. It does freeze once in a while. Otherwise, no problems. I'd give it 5 stars if there was more music. The same repetitive song gets old quickly. For people who don't want to pay for puzzles, there are a lot of free puzzles available. You just have to go to the store and look for them. Most are pay, but there are enough free ones to go for a while. Also, there's a new one everyday that's free. Glad I found this app.
  10. Nothing really magical
    Kerri Cann
    The puzzles are fun and nice but I expected more from a magical title
  11. Relaxing
    Elaine Witt
    I love doing puzzles, i cant do the "real" ones, my cats enjoy tearing them apart as i put them together.. This is perfect for me!!
  12. Beautiful Pictures
    Deborah S
    Works very well on my Droid Maxx. I enjoy the bright colors and the variety of puzzles. Different levels of difficulty keep it interesting. Plenty of beautiful free puzzles, but would be nice if we could earn some of the really nice puzzles instead of buying them.
  13. Cool puzzles!
    Shiloh Sines
    Love the puzzles and it's easy to put together!
  14. New puzzle daily. Several free puzzle packs.
    Carol Stablein
    Good options as to number of pieces and static or rotating. Could use a little more variety
  15. Finally
    Brianna Holland
    I love this app! Its so calm and relaxing! Cool puzzles too!
  16. Elizabeth Fuimaono
    Up until now I wasn't having any issues. Now whenever I try to piece one together I'm getting several of the same pieces!? For instance, I've been coming across 2 sets of corner pieces (8) when obviously you should ONLY see 4!
  17. Very relaxing
    Darcie Grigg
    Nice music. I like that you can change the difficulty. However, there are not enough different pictures.
  18. Wonderful puzzle
    Drennen Blocker
    Great way to pass the time. They have beautiful pictures and I believe you would enjoy it.
  19. So far so good
    Kate Joost
    Four stars for now. After I play for a while I will revisit the review and offer details. One thing for sure, the quality of the images surpasses any that I've seen elsewhere. If you have executed the same attention to details throughout the game then you are headed up,up,up.
  20. Good fun
    Joan Gibeson
    This is a fun puzzle app. It sometimes takes pieces I don't want, but is otherwise great.


What`s new

We’re constantly working to make the best jigsaw puzzle game for you! In this update we’ve made some subtle changes for the app to run more smoothly. Should you have any feedback or issues - we’re always ready to assist!

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