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  1. Ivy C
    This is nothing like the original. There is no status bar to tell you what the levels are for everything like there should be. Glad I can get a refund!
    Sally Smallwood
    I grew up with these things! I remember I had a Keychain with three or four of them everywhere I went. I even had alarms set to wake me up so I could check on them every night!
  3. I think there's a bug
    Jenni Culkin
    The game is fun but I CONSISTENTLY get closed out with a message saying "unfortunately, Tamagotchi Classic has stopped." At least 4-5 times per use. If they fixed that, this would be four stars.
  4. previously known as tamagotchi l.i.f.e. a FREE app
    Bethany Bystol
    tamagotchi l.i.f.e. used to be a FREE app. that sucked. funny how it disappeared and in its place was tamagotchi classic which you have to pay for.. I thought it'd be better because of this but it's the SAME EXACT app! pathetic. if you're gonna start charging for an app at least make it better!!!
  5. Wtf man
    Dylan Church
    Wouldn't even start up. Just had a black screen with three white dots in the bottom right corner. I'll just get out my actual one I guess...
  6. The beeping continues even though i turn off sounds.
    Anthony Kowalczyk
    Even when i go back to the home screen it still continues to beep non stop, i have to force close the app in order to get it to stop.
  7. Needs some work.
    Baltazar Perez
    It's a great app but I don't think it should be one. I think it should be a widget for the lock screen. I think that would be better. On other problem I find on my S3 is that I don't get notified all the time when the tamagotchi gets really hungry, or uses the bathroom.
  8. Childhood Nostalgia
    Darren Moffatt
    Loved the Tamagotchi virtual pets when I was younger. Really cool to see the first generation on Android! The app is a pretty solid first effort. A couple of times where the screen went white between transitions but hitting the back button cleared it up! Also love that the app is clean of in app purchases!
  9. Crashes in every single session.
    Carlos Archaga
    Crashes occurring all over the place. Sometime at start, others during the middle of an action.
  10. Its great! But...
    Zap Man
    Well the game plays as you expect. Runs great on my phone and is a fun time waster, but just as I said on the previous version of this app "tamagotchi l.I.f.e", it Needs a widget. Badly. I dont wanna open the app to play a game that I normally spend maybe 30 seconds on and wait. I just want it to be there in the egg shape on my home screen. Pretty please?
  11. Won't even start.
    Hailey Kowalson
    Paid for an app that won't even open. Startup fails 100% of the time. Not impressed. I mean really.
  12. Won't even start.
    Konrad Polanski
    Fails every time I try to open. Stole $1.99 from me as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Needs more than the first gen
    Matthew Rodgers
    PLEASE add update to where we can play past the first gen. 2 gen and 3rd gen added so much that made it a much more addicting experence. Gen one is nice for nostalgia but is too basic.
  14. Very true to the classic
    Abby Schwingler
    But at the same time, so much more convenient. Feeling nostalgic? Look no further.
  15. Errin Emory
    Thank you so much for making this app available again! I've encountered no issues in the past week, runs great!
  16. Nostalgia much?
    Kyle Wasser
    Yes. It is awesome. Reminds me of being a kid. It makes sense to put create an app since I have my phone by me 24/7.
  17. Needs a bit of work
    Steve Choo
    The beeping sound from the minigame will keep going even when you finish or exit the game. Please fix
  18. Great game but...
    Jared Sottiaux
    Is there a way to get two of them? I looked all over the app but can't find anything.
  19. It's what we had...
    David Maynard
    This is what we had back in the day. There is just something so fun about having it on my phone. As an adult it just takes me back.
  20. Takes me back to when I had one and has so much fun!
    Jen Renaud
    Thank you for creating this! EDIT: played twice now and both times my tamagotchi didn't go over age 7 even when I was taking care of it..