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Curt Hess | CEO Barclaycard US at Barclays

Wilmington, Delaware |

Michelle (Michelle Marino) Berg | Associate General Counsel at Barclays Bank Delaware

Portland, Oregon |

Eric Diehl | Manager Security Operations at Barclays Bank Delaware

Greater Philadelphia Area |

Anup Talegaonkar | App Developer Tech Lead

Wilmington, Delaware |

Reviews 9,033

  1. anthony schimmel
    They need to add fingerprint scanner like Bank Of America has done. Hope they add this soon. Otherwise its a good app
  2. Jamal Washington
    App is okay but would love for it to catch up with Bank of America and add the finger print login. I do hope that option is available soon.
  3. Does What It's Supposed To
    Deb Cobern
    Makes it easy to make payments and thats all I care about. Paying it off soon.
  4. Good card decent app.
    Robert Evans
    App does what you want it too..just beware if you make any big payments using it(such as paying off card) it s gonna end up holding payment for like a week unless you call issue they say...why you hold up money I'm paying you I ask....
  5. Barclaycard
    Ronnie Frazier
    This is a great banking app for your credit card
  6. Very easy to us.
    John Diczhazy
    This app works very well. Nice and easy to use. Great information ... Doesn't freeze.Good job.
  7. Well designed app!
    Andrew K
    Easy to use and very user friendly!
  8. What is wrong with Barclaycard!
    Pink Fox
    I'm trying to access my app from a diffetent country and it won't let me! My old app requests that I update the app, when I try to do so it will give me a different app to download, which does not recognise my details and it expects me to do a new registration as an American citizen even though I'm based in Britain. Honestly, Barclays, this is the 21st century and we want to be able to access apps from different countries without all this hassle. Get your act together!! You'll hear from me once I'm back!!
  9. Barclays Mobile App
    D Williams
    One of the better mobile apps...thank you tech team.
  10. Happy joy
    Bertha Todd
    Im sure i will like my application. Its always faster and easy to see your account. I love to be able to have my account on the tip of my fingers and alerts too. All i can say Thank You.❤☕
  11. Worst app ever
    Sushil vellanki
    I have been using since 2yr. Even now I am confused how much is my credit to pay. I always end up in paying in advance. I feel pitty for the ui who has designed in such a unfriendly way for such a good product.
  12. does what it needs to do
    Derrell Durrett
    I've noticed no problems, and am pleased with it.
  13. Amazing app
    raul adame
    Love this app. Simple and easy to use. Please add a scan feature so i can be able to scan receipt when I do a purchase
  14. Like the app and LOVE my Barclay card
    Justin Hurley
    I like the app but had to give it 4 stars as it would be awesome to have it tied into the ring forum for us ring members.
  15. Jason Lillebo
    This is a great little app. It's far better than just using the website. I love the peek feature. At this time, my only suggestion is this: when I'm viewing the details of a specific credit card transaction and go back, I'd like it to take me back to the list of transactions (right where I was before) instead of back to more of a summary screen.
  16. Go barclay
    mikekella wilson
    This is exactly how all credit card apps should be!
  17. Ease of use
    Skull Beauty
    Love how easy it is to view info and the peek feature is a plus!
  18. Barclay
    Isabel Erikson
    It is so easy to use, especially the peek option. It has all the information you need to finding your your balance, availability, and making payments in the palm of your hand. The app is wonderful.
  19. Ethan Heselschwerdt
    Would love to see a passcode log n
  20. Works well
    James Ferguson
    App works well and easily navigated. Ability to check multiple accounts at a touch. I like the peek option to see balances without logging in. A must have in my app list.


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