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  1. Fun and Funky
    Courteney Hinkson
    The storyline in this game is interesting and fun. Puzzles are creative but solvable. Achievements are glitchy which is my main complaint.
  2. Replaying Game With Version 1.7
    Mark Jordan
    I decided to replay game from the beginning to see if the bugs/glitches have been fixed. Plus this time I'm playing it with Lollipop 5.01 on my Galaxy Note 4 instead of 4.4.4. Last play through several achievements didn't unlock, plus audio glitches made me have to use text captioning to know the conversation. I'll re-rate the game after my next play through. If they fixed all the bugs/glitches this is definitely a 5⭐ game, but if 3 of the achievements still glitch
  3. Bad android port
    Lee Holland
    Playing on my Acer Iconia One 8 tablet and the gameplay is fun just like most old school adventure games. But unfortunately there are loads of bugs like the voices skipping ahead in cut scenes making the voices not match what is happening on screen at all! Please patch this game asap.
  4. Really fun! Too bad it's super buggy.
    Kelsey Sloan
    The game glitches all the time during some of the audio bits making it impossible to do anything until it reactivates, if you're lucky. I won't be able to finish the file I started however because it glitched while I was separating the hook and the reed making the moss disappear. Now I have to start all over again
  5. Outstanding!
    Colin Bewley
    No gip here. Great story line,good use of characters, nice story length. A little confusing on how to use some things in inventory,suspect it comes from translation. Not enough to bother me though. Can't wait for another adventure! High quality all around. Keep it up!
  6. ---~~~* A Mataeus Review *~~~---
    Mat Cooper
    The game looks beautiful, but that's it. Puzzles are mostly nonsensical and the solutions seem incredibly random making progression unintuitive, which is a shame as it has great atmosphere and character. However, bugs are everywhere! Hotspots that do nothing leaving the game unresponsive if you try to use them, cut scene audio out of sync by over a second, examining certain inventory tries to use it instead of describing... Needs mega fixing.
  7. Good game
    Chapin Demetrius
    The game is good graphics and game play are nice,my only complaint would be the in game conversations are long and drawn out on a pc this would be no problem on a mobile device it becomes a bit tedious but it's a well made game and I would recommend it to anyone who like point n click adventure games
  8. I finished the game
    Harun Khokhar
    ...AND I LOVED IT! I literally lived through the game with the hint system. Without out it, the game's cunning ideas would of made me throw down my device in frustration of what to do! Story: Brilliant. Perfect. AMAZING GAME!
  9. Denny Howard
    Good Game but it glitches. Can't be bothered playing it for a 3rd time. Make multiple save points so if it glitches we can go back to a previous part of the game
  10. Superb game - Samsung Galaxy S 10.5
    Nosy Rosie
    One of my top 3 favourite Android games. A great story filled with humour. Robert is a real hero! I did have problems with glitches on my first attempt at the game but had no problems at all when I had a second go. Loved every minute.
  11. Glitches
    Jenna Bennett
    I really really enjoy this game, but even with the update the same glitches keep happening. Third time I have to restart the game!
  12. Brian Morris
    This game was great! I love the illustrations and the dialogue. Was sad when it was over.
  13. Fab game!
    Amy Broz
    I thoroughly loved this game! Had one bug, contacted support and they had me back on track pretty quickly. Quirky and awesome story, very challenging, great graphics, just a lot of fun!!!
  14. Cute game but has glitch
    Alex N.
    I'm stuck at the part where you give the note to the security guard to distract him. I can't go into the laboratory or up the stairs. Please fix this glitch asap! I can't move forward in the game. Otherwise, a marvelous unique and quirky game.
  15. I love this game!
    Teddy M
    But I wish it was longer because I blasted through it or they should make a second version
  16. Fun Game
    Tabitha Oxendine
    Good game. Just get stuck sometimes on what to do next. But an entertaining storyline.
  17. Ok, but with bugs
    Stefan Olivier
    Inner courtyard. Peck is on the Basylian release button eating a fish. I cannot select him because the select hotspot seems to overlap with the basylian release button's hotspot. Please help. Can't complete the game. Nexus 7 2013.
  18. "Cannot be downloaded due to an error"
    Ginger Grigsby
    I think this game looks great. I have never received this or any error msg when downloading before. What's up with that?
  19. Roy Lazarovich
    Beautiful game with good puzzles, a great nod to the adventure games of old, a few missing spoken lines, but other than that very recommended.
  20. Highly Entertaining
    Alanna Cooke
    Great game. Perfect length. I had a bug and a crash here and there, but nothing major. Some of the puzzles were a bit more obscure than expected, and I had to check the hints a few times, but the hint system was great and got me on my way quickly. I wish I had 10 other games like this to play!


What`s new

New in v1.7:
- fixed Android 5 problems
- fixed critical bugs/crashes in tutorial
- fixed bugs when selecting items
- help system fixed
- scrollbar added to help system

Have fun with v1.7 of The Inner World - if any bugs or problems occur, please let us know: [email protected]

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