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Cameron Tofer | COO at Beamdog

Alberta, Canada |

Alyssa Duguay | 3D Artist at Beamdog

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada |

Amber Scott | at

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada |

Phillip Daigle | Lead Designer at Beamdog

Alberta, Canada |

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  1. It's xmas time!
    Michael Kurnik
    Wanted this one so badly that I waited for it to go live. Finally realized after going to Beamdog's Web site and following links it already was available but not being listed in play store search yet! Or it just might have been the fact that I used a 2 instead of II in the search. Anyway thanks Beamdog for releasing quality games on Android!
  2. I want a refund
    Chuck Chesley
    The game runs flawlessly on my nexus 5 but having never played the pc version its a real pain to figure out what all the buttons do and the how to play section tells u almost nothing and im not spending hours of my life doin trial and error to memorize what everything does dont download unless u played the pc version and already know what u r doing
  3. Uh oh.. Galaxy tab s issue
    Justin O'Malley
    Suppose I should have read the reviews first. Black screen with audio and nothing else on galaxy tab s. Was really looking forward to playing this again :(
  4. Nexus 6 Glitch/Bug
    Litt Osiris
    When playing the game. If you leave the game and come back the touch is slightly off. So if I go to touch an item or character portrait I have to touch to the side of it for it to register the touch. You have to close out the game and relaunch/reload to fix it. Pretty annoying when you don't have hours to divulge to it or have constant interruptions. Even if you lock the screen and come back the hitboxes for everything is off. If this is fixed with an update I'll change my rating. Thanks!
  5. Excellent
    Natalie pierce-shult
    Loved the PC version and this one is no different. Definitely need a tablet to play it on tho, and I recommend a 10 inch screen for best visibility. My 7 inch screen is decent but still a bit small for some of the looting corpses and such.
    Eli Nash
    I'm at the end of Watcher's Keep, and when I go to trigger Demogorgon after he kills Odren and his party, the game crashes! Please resolve this! I just spent so long running through this dungeon
  7. It's like beeing young again
    Radu Rugiubei
    I didn't even have second thoughts when i saw this game was available, i bought it right away. It's a wonderful rpg with a huge storyline and great gameplay. I recomend it from all my heart! One little problem tho, on watchers keep i keep getting a bug when i want to fight demogorgon and exists the game. If anyone knows how to get aound this, or maybe beamdog will be so kind as to patch this up!
  8. Does Not Work on Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Developer Confirmed
    Patrick McNelis
    The developer confirmed this is a known issue with the Galaxy Tab S 10.5. It will not work on that device. Save your money if that is what you're intending to install this game on. I downloaded it to my new Galaxy Tab S 10.5, but all I get is a black screen after the developer's splash screen and the intro music. Can't get past that.
  9. Best RPG of all time
    Travis Strang
    This is largely considered the best RPG of all time. This game being on android is just insane. If you like rpgs and a challenge then you must buy this game. By challenge I mean this is a hardcore gamer game.
  10. Great port.
    Michael Alspach
    Runs perfectly, easy on battery (can play about 6 hours on one charge with light down low). Great time killer, though I prefer Icewind dale personally. This is what a mobile game should be. The one thing that needs fixed is the built in save locations aren't right so you can't import characters, should be easy fix.. Cloud save would be good too..
  11. Great game dont listen to anyone,LGVOLT runs great
    Dread Plague
    Ive never played bg games before,but rpg vet and i figured it all out on my own,the help section is great. Ive been playing this on my LGVOLT NO PROBLEMS,its fun and cant believe i finally got a real rpg on my phone all expansions. Its flawless and fun. Did i mention it runs on my lg volt?? Buy it,love it.
  12. Refreshingly challenging
    Kevin Kim
    Once you get a hang of the controls and mechanics of the game (~ an hour for me) this is a solid and deep rpg similar to fallout 1 or 2. You are pretty much free to do anything once you leave the starting dungeon. Nexus 7
  13. Plays well
    jeremy klimek
    To the guy who says it's barely playable on the note 4... I'm on note 4, kitkat 4.4.4 and it's extremely smooth. The s pen is a huge help and to call it unplayable makes me think you shouldn't leave reviews anymore... I'm hear to clarify it looks awesome on the note 4. If you can't see it or play it on this then idk what's going on because your review didn't say. For everyone else who is not extra whiney today I highly recommend
  14. Simply brilliant.
    Colin Durber
    Excellent port of one of the best classic cRPGs ever made. It's titles like this that made Bioware one of the best developers of all time. And Beamdog have done a great thing bringing this to the Android platform.
  15. I want my money back!
    Charlie Hartman
    I love this game but I would give this zero stars if I could! It took me 2 weeks of trying before it finally downloaded, using all my data in the process, and when I finally got it downloaded, I can't play it because it keeps freezing! I want my money back! This is the biggest rip-off ever!
  16. Bugs detract from great game
    ram d
    On newer versions of Android which resize the screen when the software buttons are shown it gets confused. Clicks are all off by a thumb width or two and it makes the finicky ui too frustrating to enjoy
  17. Justin Bell
    Amazing game of course but one major inconvenience needs to be taken care of in my opinion, using a galaxy s5 I can't tab out and back in to the game without the screen glitching and compacting into half my full screen. We do pay for the app so hopefully that can get sorted out because this is the best mobile game by a long shot
  18. 5 Star Game...
    Simon Raynor
    ...but I've encountered the same bug I've seen mentioned on here where the game force quits at the demogorgan fight. There are other small niggles but they can all be got around/ignored, its the bug with this fight that's made me give 4/5
  19. Never played it before
    Dusty Christopher
    I never played this before I'm pretty much a rookie at this game and I love it yes its a little bit hard to get my head around it all but I'm slowly working it out worth the effort if you like rpgs you will love this playing it on samsung note 3 works great no problems to report so far
  20. Lots of bugs
    Nicholas DiGiuseppe
    This app crashes like crazy, at random times. I have never er had one crash so much. In fact, you cannot fight demogorgan as it crashes after talking with him. I love baldurs gate, but this is not well done.


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