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Cameron Tofer | COO at Beamdog

Alberta, Canada |

Alyssa Duguay | 3D Artist at Beamdog

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada |

Amber Scott | at

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada |

Phillip Daigle | Lead Designer at Beamdog

Alberta, Canada |

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  1. Galaxy tab s
    Robert Scott
    I see the beamdog logo and then the next page is black but I can hear the music. If I slide my finger around on screen I can hear buttons being pressed and if I push the right one I can watch the intro movie. I know this is a great game but until this is fixed I can't play. Seeing that the last update was almost a year ago does not fill me with confidence that it will be fixed any time soon.
  2. Want my money back
    David Combs
    I hope you read this "I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW PLEASE!!!!!" I bought this game and now can't even open it. Apparently it won't open without wi-fi, not everyone has or can afford wi-fi. Just give my money back was gonna say this in game but CAN'T OPEN THE THING!!!!!!!!! I have had enough! Money back k Now!
  3. Does not work with Lollipop 5.0.2 on Galaxy Tab S
    Ian Woodnott
    I bought the original when it came out and so was looking forward to playing it again. Unfortunately, it is not yet compatible with Lollipop on the Galaxy Tab S. Such a shame. Come on Beamdog, pull your thumb out and sort it!!!!!!
  4. How to use BG 1 character in BG 2
    AJ G
    How do you import characters to play in BG 2..... I refunded 2 just because it didn't show my old saves to import character to bg2
  5. Great game, buggy on devices with adreno gpus
    Jonathan Turnbull
    Please fix the missing effects (water, lava, .etc) issue when using a device with an adreno GPU, thank you.
  6. Great implementation.
    Bryan Hepburn
    The only problem I've had with playing this on Android is that when resting, there's audio but no video. On my tablet, with Android 4.2, water is visible. On my phone, with Android 4.4, water is not visible. Everything else works perfect. Can zoom in. My charname got struck by lightning yesterday, kind of funny. Don't go walking around in a lightning storm wearing metal armor I guess. :-)
  7. Fun to play
    MrBlown y
    Once you learn the controls and all the class styles it's becomes a joy to play. A Long game, with dungeons, monsters, looting, multi-player, and customization. I wish I knew how to make it look better tho
  8. Raw, but hopelly will improve.
    Andrius R.
    Seems Beamdog cave in to the fan demands and published game ahead of time. Sure, it was "coming soon" for 1.5 year, but even now it is nowhere finished and still requires a lot of patching. Few observations just for five minutes of playing: movie sequences shown in half screen - top is black, half video is shown. After clicking magnifier button all character names remain stuck on the screen and is impossible to turn off. After switching to different app, it impossible to go back to the game,. it just shows black screen. I believe these issues were around in beta months ago and they are still here. Please do your job or hire at least one more coder.
  9. Text size problem. Making it easier to change
    Raymond Alexander
    Could you make it possible that you can change the txt size from the main screen as is impossible to read on HTC mobiles . I had to guess where it was after going into the tutorial and clicking on one of the buttons which brought up the graphics options. I can read it now . But I nearly deleted the game because of this problem . Maybe have that clickable from the main screen so all sound and graphics options are there from the start . Thanks
  10. Wow...
    Jayson Kleinfelder
    Amazing job with these old school DnD ports. It's played flawlessly so far on a droid turbo. Also, I would love you forever if you remade planescape: torment.
  11. Best game on any tablet.
    I've played a lot of games on my tablet- but none like this. This game has everything I was looking for. Dungeon crawling, loot gathering, monster slaying, and a level of complexity that today's watered-down games that are tailored to teens with ten minute attention spans simply can't offer. This is my first time playing Baldurs Gate, and surprisingly playing it on a tablet has been an enormous pleasure. I strongly ask the developers to put number two on the play store- I WILL buy it.
  12. A great pc game now a great phone game
    Max Hubbard
    Plays amazing on phones and tablets. The only loss is not having a computer monitor to play it on but that in no way limits the game play.
  13. Epic
    Daniel Tweed
    Played this a few years back and now been through the experience again and not a moment wasted, the odd bug here and there but loads less than the original!
  14. Jump on my sword Evil
    Gus Fromlondon
    Vintage stuff. Some really challenging tactical combat, and nice to see that some of the AI issues of the original have been fixed (no more picking off cultists one by one before the big demon battle, Moore's the pity...)
  15. Fallout 1 & 2 next please!
    Casey Hodgson
    Beamdog absolutely rock for doing these ports. I will await ever so patiently for the original fallout and fallout 2 and then happily throw Beamdog more of my money to get them on my android running at proper frame rates.
  16. 12th time's the charm
    Nick Agriesti
    I just downloaded the patch... the text is annoyingly huge, and it crashes everytime I click load. Didn't have any problems before the patch, but for the past week and a half, it's been randomly quitting on me. Now, it just won't load. I paid for this, man. And G-Play won't publish my review. Edit: I reinstalled it, and now it seems to work, but hey, I also just lost 3.5 weeks of gameplay. Beamdog, you guys need to work on this. Would hate to be facimg the same problem in another few weeks.
  17. Please refund if you're not going to fix it
    Zach Callahan
    Ever since the Lollipop update, I get nothing but black screen. And I've been waiting patiently for the past few months for it to be fixed but that seems unlikely to happen. So I would like my money back. Now please. A. Refund!
  18. So good.
    David Dunnett
    Amazing game. Maybe now it's on my phone I'll actually finish it! Great port, runs beautifully. My only comments would be that it does tank your battery and, although I know it's designed for a tab, it would be nice if you could scale the UI. Or at least make the pause button bigger! Still well deserving of 5 stars as is tho ;)
  19. Love it! Definitely worth $10
    Chris Keener
    It took me a year to save up the $9.99 using Google rewards bc I'm cheap and don't even like paying $0.99 for an app but I kinda wish I had bought it sooner. Great game! Takes some time to learn but is well worth the effort! Can't wait to play thro and get icewind dale
  20. Great
    Travis Strang
    This game is probably one of the biggest and deepest games on the play store. My only gripe (small one) is transferring characters to bg2, it's not straight forward for people not familiar with computers. I figured it out but others might not.


What`s new

A fair wind favors the Sword Coast today as the 2.5 update arrives in Baldur’s Gate! After weeks of waiting on becalmed seas, our swashbuckling team of developers have released a patch filled with features and fixes.