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ezjoy match 3 games free
match 3 games
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  1. Would Be a Beautiful Game If
    Elizabeth Palladino
    You didn't have to break open your wallet to get anywhere in this supposedly "free" game. The game play and puzzle types remind me of the PC game Rome Puzzle (also called Cradle of Rome). This difficulty of puzzles in Clockmaker, which ramps up way too fast, guarantees that you will end up being tempted to spend hundreds of dollars trying to beat the game. As soon as I finish off the rubies I recently purcased, I'm going to uninstall this game.
  2. Love this game, BUT.....
    This is my most favorite game I've ever downloaded, but I hate that you can't just BUY the game. Instead, to move on past level 24 (where I've been for months) you have to shell out money to probably pass each level now. I REFUSE to do that so I'm going to uninstall it now. Either a game is FREE or it ISN'T. And this isn't.
  3. An amazing match -3 indeed
    Cat Stefan
    I'm usually so fussy about my match3 games, but this one has got the fun factor all over it.
  4. Cant play
    Diane Packard
    There seems to be something wrong with the game. It downloaded fine, and opens fine. However when I go to play the first level, the play button is not lit up, and it will not let me play.
  5. Great Game
    Angela Mccloud
    Love the sound effects easy listening. So far pretty easy to conquer levels. Only wish it progressed like most games with showing the new level accomplished.
  6. Awesome!!!
    Marie Robinson
    I love match 3 games & one so far is the hardest & that's what I love about it!!! It challenges you & the levels get more difficult the further you go!!!!
  7. Clockmaker
    Donna Kegley
    love it. not easy, but I like it. good game.
  8. The game doesn't work.
    gretta schermerhorn
    It downloaded fine but when I went to play it, it wouldn't load, just a black screen. Then when I tried it again it went a little further to the first house. It said to press play, the play button wasn't lite up. Aggrivated.
  9. Clockmaker
    Carol Wagner
    This game is great makes the mind do some thinking.
  10. Brandi Weed
    Awesome game! But could use more than 5 lives
  11. Relaxing yet challenging
    Susan Gravois
    Wonderful game so far. I hope I continue to enjoy it!
  12. Florene Allen
    The game is nice to play and it makes you work your brain.
  13. Clockmaker
    Vanessa Coates
    Can't wait to get home from work to play...very challenges your mind.....
  14. Good game
    Jessica Greer
    Stylistically appealing with good sound and music. The item finding is a good added element to the classic match three. I like the use of lives rather than energy.
  15. Great time killer
    Yolanda Van Asselt
    Been playing a couple of weeks, no glitches, no crashes but you need a lot of patience if you're not willing to spend real money on a game.
  16. Sharon Purkey
    Very addicting game. The only issue I have is that it freezes up sometimes
  17. cruzangel105
    I give 5 star because this game is good but when I fenish they come eror then close
  18. Different sort of match 3 game
    Betty Taylor
    I gave 4 stars only because it seems harder on the eyes than most others,.
  19. Different
    Linda Campbell
    I love match 3 games but this is proving more challenging than the others! Better than most boring games.would recommend
  20. time eater
    Ben Shute
    It good game to play when u are in a waiting rm or just bored


What`s new

Put together collections!
Complete match 3 levels to get collection elements and befriend helpers.

There's also exciting new travel waiting for you! Complete daily and weekly tasks to travel around Clockville and get even more gifts in the game. Let's go!

New helper!
Meet Polly! Polly wants a cracker, loves blowing things up, and will help you complete levels.

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