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dirt track racing
гари с мод


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  1. Great Game
    Jacob Osborne
    This is an overall great game, but would like to see the ability to set the number of ai racers, different driving lines, more realistic graphics, more tracks, car tuner and car creator. This is by far the best dirt track racing game in the store.
  2. Eric Fogle
    Would be better if when your racing multilayer. That you can make contact with other cars. Make it more difficult to pass and make racing better.
  3. Awesome!
    trevor breneman
    Only thing that I think would top the cake on this game is a night mode other than that it is awesome and deserves a 5. Btw this games awesome
  4. Dirt trackin
    Justin Purdy
    Great game, i have been waiting for years for a game like this, my only advice would be get rid of the outside of track graphics, people,trees, etc. To open up room for more cars per race.
  5. Great game
    Cameron Heath
    Coming from a Late model driver this Game is awesome only improvements I see would be a career mode with tire wear and setup options
  6. Love the game
    Noah Waskow
    Need to be able to have like a career and work your way up with your name and your own car that you can customize. Need more people in races. But ya the game is still fun to play.
  7. Add sprints plz
    Daniel Day
    I love this game but it would be better if sprint cars were in the game
  8. WOW
    Zach Retzloff
    This game is freakin BOSS!! It sounds just like being at the track! Buy this, you won't be disappointed
  9. Max Des Rosier
    Would like to see maybe some sprint cars and more AIs to face but all in all its a great game
  10. Multiplayer
    Casey Gullett
    I cannot ever get a match on multiplayer why is that please help me and give suggestions at [email protected] Com
  11. Over all good
    Nate Lyon
    Would like to face more than 4 drivers. Also maybe add Jimmy gustin or maybe more drivers
  12. Few suggestions
    Sylvan Schuette
    I am a dirt late model racer myself and I say this is a great game and layout. This game needs a career mode, paint shop, and setup adjustments and for sure 5 stars.
  13. Looking for the new mods
    Jason Schilling
    Ik it takes lots of paper work for real mod drivers but I would like to see more mods and street stocks
  14. Spencer Obryan
    Would rate five but a bunch of glitches. And it'd be great if you could add a championship mode with more cars.
  15. Best Game Ever
    Kyle Preston
    I love this game! I have been waiting for this kind of game for a long time. I can't wait until the updates are finished, especially career mode. Great game guys, keep it up.
  16. Great game
    Jason Harmening
    Need contact in online mode an would be nice to get some sprint cars instead of just adding more late model drivers
  17. Love this app.
    Eric Garrett
    Very fun and realistic. I like the continuous updates. Keeps getting better.
  18. Need more cars
    Joshua Crandall
    An update would be awesome diffrent track, cautions, sprint cars, more cars at least 20 to a race getting boring for the money we pay for it......
  19. Brendon Harrison
    It's really great. But it needs Sprint Cars and a full field of 24 cars
  20. Awesome
    henry fenson
    It's a great game with awesome graphics but needs more divisions and a career or championship to bring more competition to the game. And maybe some Australian and New Zealand track/drivers but overall its worth paying for


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