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Rob Tibbetts | Lead Game Tester

San Francisco Bay Area |

Tony Chiu | Game Engineer II

San Francisco Bay Area |

Ned Hugar | Animator

Chie Boyd | Game Artist

Reviews 489,192

  1. Gummy drop game.
    Daryl Gooding
    It's the baddest game to play makes u think more than math class. The items on ur rewards the cash u can win most of all the game never ends. So if I could I would rate it a ten so if u never tryd gummy drop ur not playing a real game. By big fish...
  2. Nothing new
    Kelly Rose
    This is nothing more than candy crush repackaged with a whole bunch of side task that don't really earn you anything. Even the power ups and special blocks are the same.
  3. Fun and challenging but maybe too much so
    linda dunivan
    I really think it is ridiculous to loose your inventory if you spin the wheel and gain 5 more moves. Most of the time it isn't even worth the risk to spin. Also the slot machine is unfairly proportional to the amount of money spent. You rarely win anything and probably have very little to no chance of hitting 500 coins much less that amount being multiplied by 2 or 3. Some levels are impossible to beat unless you have enough coins to buy specialty items. Doesnt give you enough of the color gummy you need.
  4. Good game
    Linda Matthews
    Lots of fun. It is disappointing to lose a life when the game suddenly closes. It should have 5 lives to begin with, not 3
    Yolanda Harris
    I completed the tasks. Got the amount of bricks and cleared the tiles but the stupid game would end. I kept playing and then it said I lost. WTF. Also, the icon comes across the screen and blocks the brick count not to mention the line that keeps the gummy score I s misleading. I wouldn't pay two wooden nickels for this game. Stop trying to con people out of money. Fix your game.
  6. Great game
    Becky Hayes
    I just love this game, so fun. Just have to keep playing, addicted. Can't wait to see the next city.
  7. Debbie Ewing
    Its fun ...but with the new version I don't know where to start after you get into the middle of the game on map...... I keep clicking here and there but I've already been there & have a score where I've played........ So confusing I'm going in circles...fix this I'll give you 5 stars
  8. What have you done to it??
    Sharon Shackleton
    Since update I now have 2 games running, one on server and one on my device.Very annoying when I end up playing 2 different games, even though I select the same option each time. Also can't shut down the app anymore! PLEASE FIX IT!
  9. Why so difficult to exit the app??
    Laura S
    Before the update I was able to exit the game by pressing my back button a couple of times. Since the update it becomes near on impossible! You have to press back, then another icon, then the close icon, then back again and I think again after that. What's the point???? Except to annoy me when I'm in a hurry! FIX IT!!
  10. Still shuts off in the middle of game play taking lives.
    Teresa Boyer
    It's a good game but it shuts down on Android! Makes me angry because it steals your life when it does this! Game also gives you things to collect only it doesn't really allow you to collect them. Idk where they go. Super irritating. It is a very fun game. Better than Candy Crush. Just wish you'd fix the bugs.
  11. Updates
    Shirley Jordan
    I'm addicted to this game I must admit but with every update the game seems to have more issues. It is constantly saying I have no Internet connection when I do, so when I purchase coins my account does not get the coins but I still get charged even though it says purchase cancelled. So I try to purchase them again at it said I already made this purchase and sure enough I was charged for it, and no coins. So it updated this morning, and the content won't download.
  12. Robin babbie
    Even more annoying is i did the update without reading the reviews and i used to think it crashed alot before now its ridiculous i lost one life and it crashed twice and took the other 2 lives....FIX THE ISSUE!!!!!!! Ok so it hasn't crashed in a while so i will up my review. Now if only you could earn the color needed to advance to the next level I could give this 5 stars. You shouldn't be forced to wait or purchase just to advance.
  13. Frustrated
    Mary Lafferty
    I have done all levels and level 31 on San Francisco will not unlock. I can't get the balloon to float up either. I have uninstalled and in process of reinstalling . If this doesn't work then my game is Game Over
  14. Love it but
    jauana bradford
    I love this game but it closed on me and I only had one life left and I was in the middle of a great move. Please fix. So I don't lose my loves anymore. Thank you.
  15. Gummy Drop
    Latonya Perrie
  16. I hate it when it comes to UPDATES
    Hai Carl
    I love this game and somehow addicted to but every time when it comes to an updates , I have to wait again for the update to downloads and after that I have to download Tokyo levels 30MB, this is exhausting!
  17. Meaningful game
    Good game, more meaningful than other stupid pointless games. I like that the player can help different causes. BUT, it's ridiculous that you only get 3 lives and have to make a purchase to increase it to 5. Also, it's too difficult to get coins when the entire game requires these coins in order to advance. Kinda unfair...
  18. Pay to Win game
    Dylan Thomas
    UPDATE 8/11/15: been playing for quite a while and unfortunately the game became too difficult for it's own good. if the game is going to be this hard then give us more lives...also very expensive to play. gold coins very difficult to achieve without buying them. really tired of losing all the time!
  19. I am absolutely addicted
    Hailey Saltalamacchia
    BUT! I hate the wait on my lives and I hate how it's so hard to get coins when all the boosts and other coin purchases are so expensive. I get it really "try to win without them" but when you are playing on such hard levels at the max tier. A boost or extra moves would be fantastic but guess what I don't have the coins for them! I'd give five stars if this were to be fixed!
  20. I love the game BUT it is messing up.
    Sherry Walbridge
    It takes over 10 min to load, then it take about 10 min for the items to move. Took me an hour just to finish 1 game. Please help me, fix it please.


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