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Reviews 7,779

  1. Really great game
    Grace Less
    On the same level as Kairosoft games. Very addictive & fun. Regularly updated & improves. Love it.
  2. Game has stalled 2 hours in to it
    Callum Knight
    Been playing for 2 hours and now the game had glitched and won't start another brew. Submitted a ticket to bitbybit but after 2 days still no word. Will amend my rating once this is resolved. EDIT: I've since recieved help via email, a very dedicated team to get the problem sorted. I tried to help fing the bug but it was easier just to start a new game. A great game, easy to lose yourself for hours without realising the time.
  3. Enjoyable, for a time.
    Michal Staniaszek
    Could have been made infinitely horrible with microtransactions. Without them, it's an enjoyable experience. Hard the first time you play, but maybe a little too easy once you learn the tricks needed to profit consistently. Elements of randomness make replaying possible, but things don't change enough to make it worth it, I think. The new game plus mode doesn't really change anything either, but if you like it then it's more of the same. Towards the end of the game you end up having nothing much to do but wait for the next story event, or brew more beer to add to your already massive surplus of money, which you have nothing to spend on. Some UI choices mean that you have to press more times than should be necessary. Occasional random crashes.
  4. Fun, well worth it!
    Ed Marsh
    After quickly getting tired of games with in-app purchases and their near-constant maintenance, I came across this cute, fun, and serious game. As a homebrewer it was right up my alley, and the offline aspect meant I could play when I want. Game play is fun and challenging to run the business and maintain inventory. Well worth the app price!
  5. Great Micro managing adventure
    Aj Lamberth
    This was recommended by fellow kairosoft fans and I see why. It's an enjoyable game of building up your resources, leveling up and choosing the perfect team, and honing your brewery skills. I will however go far as to say I enjoyed this game more than most kairosoft games. While it doesn't have cute sprites the crafting choices are phenomenal, there's a decent story line and the world just feels more open and interactive. It really is a great game and a blast to play.
  6. Simply excellent
    Kiel Cary
    Great story, lots of fun things to uncover, decent challenge, and wonderful subject matter (beer!). Wish I had gotten in on the Kickstarter campaign, but I am more than happy to pay a couple of bucks for this game! Update: I pick this up and play through again here and there. Never gets old! Would love some new content.
  7. Super spiel
    Jan Philipp Bohl
    Viel spaß, originelles design. Ich bin eigentlich keiner für Spiele und fiz ist das einzige das es auf mein Handy geschafft hat.
  8. 〰〰〰 A MATAEUS REVIEW 〰〰〰
    Mat Cooper
    A well constructed and thought out title, reminiscent of Kairosoft games. Although you can progress through the game trying out new recipes and selling to new markets as you see fit, the game will recommend different areas for you to try based on your progression, which is great for those needing more direction. There's always something to be doing, and unlike it's inspiration it keeps on adding new things throughout the end game, before offering you a 'NG+'. Excellent hand held strategy!
  9. Awesome.
    Cory Davis
    It's a lot like game dev tycoon except beer.
  10. Awesome
    Nick [8bitmisfit] A
    Great game. I will say tho, if you don't remember to cut the tutorial notice off. It gets annoying. Other then that awesome.
  11. Really great game!
    Natsu Dragneel
    I really like this game and hope you add more updates soon!
  12. Lucas W
    A++++. Love this game.. I'm waiting for another game from you.. :)
  13. Fantastic
    Rawdon Iles
    Fantastic game all around, my only complaint is that I wish it had a way of built in hints, like if you failed a whole bunch it would give you more hints on a challenge.
  14. Fantastic game
    Rook Cobalt
    Ideas: hideously expensive upgrades so we have something to spend our mountains of cash on near the end of the game, perhaps a higher skill cap on the primary character, or a "hero class" that the primary character can advance to which sticks when moving on to a new game so my main master brewer isn't stuck cleaning or packing since he can only max out one skill. Shouldn't he be cooking/mashing/brewing? Blau's janitor jabs are a little too close to the mark when the CEO of the company is doing dishes lol
  15. Great
    Gage Stepek
    Awesome game. These are the kind of games that will make the game market for phones. No stupid microtransactions or ads. Game has Upgrades and XP. Excellent game play. Can't wait to keep playing and for a sequel after that!
  16. Bex McCarthy
    Looks so fun but I couldn't open it when I downloaded it.
  17. Kohle Christensen
    This gets 5 stars just because the Chrono Trigger reference is fantastic.
  18. Best Game on Mobile Device!!
    Ben Stedman
    Please keep the hits coming!! Great game!
  19. Great game
    Anthony Fridley
    Almost no bugs (Aside from the odd mouse stuck on screen) and a good level of progression. Everything from the music to the graphics to the dialogue is just wonderful. I honestly want to give this a 6 star rating.
  20. Joe H
    Kairosoft fans will love this. More difficult at first, but also more satisfying.


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