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J. Allen Brack | Executive Producer and Senior Vice President at Blizzard Entertainment

Orange County, California Area |

Alice White | Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition at Blizzard Entertainment

Orange County, California Area |

Allen Adham | Senior Vice President at Blizzard Entertainment

Irvine, California |

Justin Osborne | Vice President, Global Brand Management at Blizzard Entertainment

Orange County, California Area |

Reviews 1,623,371

  1. Phone still has Tablet Ui
    Nick Ruttenberg
    UI issues have NOT BEEN RESOLVED. After 4 months I still have the tablet UI on a 5 inch screen. Blizzard again is ignoring this issue.
  2. Help!
    Ashley K
    Great game, but I just purchased a 2 card pack for $2.99, I got an error message, but it still removed the money from my Google play card. How do I fix this! I want my cards or my money!
  3. Unable to download
    Brandon C
    I have it set to download/install onto my sd card, but it still takes up my phone space to the point where i can't get past unpacking crates due to running out of space
  4. The best online card game
    Alex Milwid
    Easy to learn addictive and you can challenge your friends! You don't need legendaries to build a good deck although it can help. You can get all the cards in the game without paying a some.
  5. Great game
    Josh Bauchman
    I definitely recommend it to anyone to check out. I'm only here to comment on the stupid comments. If you can't download the game then don't rate the game if you haven't played it, dumbos. It's a fun game, don't ruin it for people looking for a good game by bringing down the rating.
  6. Slow
    Cai Yiting
    It was fine recently until it was stuck at the loading screen for a long time. It used to load pretty quickly and I'm also using the same network. Please fix
  7. Issues
    Those CoolDudes
    Alright my old issue is fixed. Now it won't let me login. I've even changed my password and every time I go to log in it just says "incorrect". Again, will change rating once this actually works. Great game.
  8. Nicolas Flachet
    It's good game, but unplayable on phones. Without a good wifi connection, half of the games I played was lost because I was constently deconnected. Also, if you choose not to put money in it, don't hope to draw legendary card other than the Adventures one, because it's probably the worst drop ratio I've ever seen in a game.
  9. Purchased pack
    Jonathan Lim
    Bought 40packs and its still waiting for authorization. Kindly fix this issue please. Transaction went through, payment was made, but my pack is not to be seen.
  10. Too much space!?
    Ryan Limbat
    I have enough space, but it tells me that I don't have space. PLEASE FIX!
  11. Refund
    10/10 Google Play, 10/10 Blizzard. I have contacted them for 2 purchases that I've made by mistake on the "Anericas" server instead of Europe and the help and response was instant. I got a full refund and I'm extremely happy. See you on HS Europe ;)
  12. Fun game but needs improvements
    Joshua Sargent
    Good graphics, but the app eats a lot of battery. Been having a DC issue also. Play through a nearly full round, and get dc'ed with no compensation. Just like every other Blizzard game; fun for the people that don't pay money, and very fun for those that do pay money because they get to womp on the non-payers.
  13. Great but mine won't start properly
    Logan Grady
    I played this game a ton on my phone and I still play it on pc, but now whenever I try to sign in on my m8, it loads for a couple seconds and closes the game completely. It doesn't even bring me to the login screen before it crashes. No error message or anything. I've reinstalled numerous times and restarted my phone and the same issue. Pls respond if you know any fix, otherwise this is a fantastic game.
  14. love it... but monstrous app...
    Paul Camacho
    love it... but yeah... the app size is imposing... blizzard could consider streamlining a functional app for phones that doesn't load the standard blizzard framework and hoopla... I don't need it to look pretty
  15. Really sick of the connection issues
    Iacopo K
    Takes too long to load the shop, my collection, the arena, everywhere takes at least over a minute to load. Then I have been disconnected in the middle of games so often that it's not fun anymore. The game runs smooth when it runs. It's crap when it has to load at every tap of a button and disconnects in the middle of games. I've got great 250mbps internet speed. All other apps work flawlessly. Not Hearthstone.
  16. Easy to learn, difficult to master
    Jasper Lee
    Addictive game and very fair. Can be played competitively and casually. Skills in this game can take you very far without having to resort to payment methods.
  17. Can't play the game :(
    cloven Ramos
    I have a Samsung galaxy Alpha and I can't even start because , after I press I'm new it automatically says connection interupted but everything is good on my end. Please fix this issue so that I may play this great game! I've played blizzard games since 03 help me out here.
  18. What I need...
    sigi badman
    Why does this app take up so much space? I had to delete 5 apps and its still not letting me get to the menu screen. This is a pretty simple game and all, so why does it got to take up so much space?
  19. Awesome game... Nearly as good on the phone as the PC
    Jeff Howard
    Hearthstone is my favorite game right now. I prefer to play it on my PC but when not available the phone is an excellent option as well. It has all the same features and of course your account sync across all devices. This is the kind of game you want to play on a phone. No compromises. It runs very well on my Nexus 6.
  20. Wont let me purchase
    Jonathan de Tournillon
    Was told my credit card was declined so i waited a day, then two, then a week. Still says the same. Called the bank and still have plenty of money. I want my two decks!


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