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بسمه لي قفل الشاشه
تصوير من يحاول فتح قفل جهازي
سوما مكالمه فيديو


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  1. Jennette Medeiros
    This app has worked great! So far, I have only caught myself trying to log in but it gives me peace of mind knowing I can leave my phone on my work desk and not worry about other employees snooping or getting information on my accounts!
  2. Perfect for keeping tabs on the dishonest!
    Tone-e Gee
    Once it's downloaded, Ur covered, should Ur phone ever go missing, & falls into the wrong hands..
  3. Great app! BUT one question...
    Lucky Voodoo
    Is there compatible app for removing power options from lock screen? A thief will just turn the phone off. It won't work with apps I've tried. maybe I missed something...
    jibril iman
    This app is extremely helpful (just a tip always keep your lication on so the thief's location will be shown) and it will also send a picture of the thief and send it to your hotmail. I'm definitely, no doubt giving this a 5 star. Thumbs up to the app makets
  5. I Still Have a Question
    Jay-Ar Obias
    Will it still email the photo if when time my phone was lost its not connected to the internet. Or will it open the data connection. Thank you
  6. Jack Laws
    It is awesome!!! Works so well, i got my friends to try and unlock my phone and a minut later I got a email saying someone has tried to unlock my phone. 100% Recommend
  7. Awesome Anti~theft App...
    rishikesh sawant
    This app is an awesome App for protecting the device from theft..But i was having one question what if the thief resets the phone using hard reboot or other such features...?? Does premium feature has anyhting for this...???
  8. Letting me know......
    Antonio Brown
    Very god app, takes pics of whoever try to unlock my phone, I like it!!!
  9. Fantastic App
    David Roberts
    Does exactly what I wanted. I have had someone lock my phone a few times from entering the unlock code incorrectly, but no one ever owned up to it. Installed this app and within 24 hours I caught them red handed. Would highly recommend.
  10. Have a question
    Safeer Palakkal
    Using free version, good app. I would like to purchase premium, after the purchase how can reactivate the premium app in case of restored my phone?(can i do it without extra cost) Also my android software version is 4.1.2(htc desire 700) is it supported the automatic data enabling facility? Thanks for giving this good app. Yours faithfully. Safeer. Still waiting for your answer
  11. One of the best apps
    Chili Padee
    Could be better if have photo capture from back camera too. This can help to get better location. Set it to use medium resolution & small jpg file size.
  12. CindaS 29
    I love this app. It sent pics to my email of my bf trying to enter my password twice. I never even knew he had touched my phone lol.
  13. It seems works very good
    Marton Lakatos
    I can't lost my phone (yet), but I tried how it works, and it's do what it need to do.
  14. Yuriy Shalak
    I don't really-really need the app - I seldom leave it in a place where unauthorized access is possible. However, knowing that you have that option is important to me. So far, the app did not fail. Besides, sometimes I'm getting very funny selfies :)
  15. Love this app
    Yashovardhan Sharma
    It sends the mail.very fast whoever trying to intrude your phone. This is a must download app
  16. Fast, reliable and of course Free
    Gavin Man
    The app has a great and functional layout. It takes the pictures fast and sends them very quickly.
  17. Good app
    Ron Larsen
    Works very well. Catches funny pics of the kids when they try to unlock my phone without permission
  18. Works beautifully
    Melissa Bivians
    This app does exactly what I downloaded it to do. Catch my boyfriend trying to unlock my phone when I was sleeping. It also doesnt go overboard by sending an email every time I accidentally enter my code wrong.
  19. Dam good app
    Alvin Malcolm
    I was sceptical at first until I told my friend to try it on my phone and it works best app I have seen
  20. Adam Pordash
    Pretty good app so far. I wish the devs would include features for the knock and pattern swipe lock screen features.


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