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  1. Love it!
    Susan Reed
    I love this game! Challenging, cute, with new elements regularly sprinkled in to keep this fresh... Awesome free and paid versions.
  2. Well worth a buck!!!
    ryan brault
    An extremely fun and unique puzzler that starts out really easy so even a beginner can learn quick and a pro can advance fast to the more challenging levels and believe me they get very challenging boarding on crazy hard for some but they also let you skip up to 2 levels with a 3 star finish taking away being over frustrated stuck on a seemingly impossible level. I've played almost all puzzlers on Google Play and this is easily my favorite save Greedy Spiders 2 lol! Great job Devs!!!!
  3. Fun, but stuck at level 32
    Sharon Burkholder
    I love playing this game, but after level 32 it wouldn't go to the next level. I bought the game thinking that was the problem, but it's still stuck. I can't recommend a game with this big a flaw.
  4. Probably the best game ever.
    Constantin Bogdan Petrescu
    However, how can I save progress to other phone or after factory reset? Doesn't seem possible to register with Google Play or the like, for that matter. Help?
  5. Greedy spiders
    Gail Luo
    Cute! Easy to learn and I like the music. I also like that you can go to next level if you can't beat the one you are playing. That's a plus cuz not many games will let you do this.
  6. Leslie Shifflett
    It's a fun game but I don't like having to wait for hints.
  7. Spider bad, flies good
    Rick Koehler
    Free flies, no charge to a good home. HTH.
  8. Greedy spiders game
    Jennifer Rayworth-Power
    I love this game, it is fun and addictive.
  9. More then meets the eye
    Thomas Smith
    I wasn't expecting a whole lot going in but I was pleasently surprised. I'm only in world 1 and already I'm impressed at how simple but chelenging this game is, especially if you plan to three star the levels.
  10. Not bad.
    Norman Bartlett
    Was hoping to keep the kids entertained with this game but after a couple of levels it became far to difficult.
  11. I love this game
    Pax Christi
    It is challenging enough for me and my children love. Nice music and cute sound effects.
  12. Simple idea.
    Tony prince
    As a game should be. Challenging, frustrating but not so difficult as to make you give up & when you solve each level you wonder why you didn't see the solution a lot sooner. Great fun.
  13. Great game
    Brett Pendelton
    This is really good fun for anyone thanks dev
  14. Phili G
    Greedy Spiders is one of my faves. A mental challenge!
  15. Addicting fun!
    Taz Z
    Challenging and cute. Works great on my HTC One M8. Thank you.
  16. Robert Cler
    Very fun puzzle game. I am enjoying it a lot.
  17. Great game
    Larry Red
    After about 10 levels you really find yourself having to outsmart the AI. Great way to burn 99 cents and a few minutes here and there
  18. Michael H
    Great game. Simple but fun with a bit of thinking.
  19. Nice game!
    Gerald C Basham
    Addictive. Fun. The #2 version is best too.
  20. So&so
    anastasia k
    I bought this game because I'm a puzzle games fan, but I stopped playing the other day. Not so good.


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