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  1. Google Nexus 7
    sam Crowe
    I play it in my phone but after some time, my screen gets hot and then i can no longer interact and help Bob. Please make it compatible with Googlr Nexus 7 and ill rate it higher
  2. WHY?!
    Mackenna Miami
    It keeps on saying it wont respond! I wasted my money on this I was really really excited and It hasn't worked for 2 days I restarted my tablet and everything I hate what its doing and you shouldn't waste your money either
  3. Love it but
    Willow Craft
    I love this but I cant break his rib cages I kill him every time I try to get past the heart transplant plz fix and ill rate 5
  4. I
    John Abreu
    I would put 5 stars but the only down side is that when I lock my tool on bobs face my tool jiggles it didn't do that before but now it does please please fix I will play it more
  5. I love this game
    Ken Salazar
    Its really fun and works great on my shield my biggest complaint is there is isn't more surgeries like in the steam and anniversary editions I finished it quite quickly I'll give it more stars if we get some content updates
  6. Good game but...
    Michael Rago
    I love this game to bits, but, it's unfinished and there are known glitches. I wanted to get all the apps on the izac. You know, the paid ones. Well I emailed them asking how to get then and they said it was a bug. Mind you they haven't updated this game sense it came out. Also it's unfinished. The defibrillators don't work, there is a missing meter that Apple has but not Android. Good but glitched and unfinished
  7. A lot like the normal version, if a bit easier.
    Vinh Nguyen
    It's fun, and it's really smooth. My only complaint is that the gobbleshaft surgery doesn't work for me. I swear i put it in the right place, but it wouldn't recognize it.
  8. Feels like a full console game
    nathan varney
    It's awesome Its way less frustrating then on the computer, reduced lag, acceptable graphics, It's worth the money 5/5 stars, buy now.
  9. The Heart Transplant
    Good Game But,I can't Find The Heart in the Heart Transplant,it Might be just me noticing,or it is not there P.S. Good Game! It Is AWESOME!!!
  10. Amazing
    Colton VSGaming
    This game is funny, hard, and cool people say it has sloppy controls but I say it does not I think you should add the brain transplant
  11. Bob Gibbs
    Love it. The so-called "sloppy controls" makes the surgeries that little bit more fun. If the controls were precise, then the mayhem that does occur in this game would not happen. I look forward to updates.
  12. Can't use some features
    Patrick Sir
    It is a great game but I can't use the defibrillators, I can't turn off the tools and I can't use the pump. I played the Ipad version and It had all these features. Does this only happen on Sony Xperia? Please reply soon. 5 stars for you if this is fixed.
  13. Controls are way worse than PC
    Nathan samuelson
    I have this game on steam and it's pretty fun. This version is impressive for a mobile device. The graphics look just as good and the physics feel the same. My problem is that when I pick up a tool to use, I can't control it's elevation. I end up dragging saws and blades across Bobs body. It's madness! I'd like the developer to make a tutorial video to show how they expect us to control this mess. I could only finish the first surgery so far.
    Mason McCombs
    its a great game... even though i beat all the transplants, its fun to go back and mess around.. P.S. (To people who have problems with controls) the sloppy controls are fun.. if they were easier than its not fun.
  15. Amazing!
    Dylan Lee
    This game is an amazing game that is fun and raging at the same time. There are tons of fun easter eggs, operations and more! The only problem is that there is no hand which makes it easier.
  16. Don't buy!
    The controls are fine but the gameplay is so limited. I finished the game in 5 non consecutive hours after getting it. There are only 4 different operations. And honestly it will get boring really quickly after buy. I would just not recommend it.
  17. Crash
    Melissa Radford
    I was so excited when I got it but it will not come up it just says s s can not come up what a waste of money
  18. It's just so stupid
    Mister Mink
    There is no point to it and it's probably the most complicated game I've ever played
  19. Worth downloading
    Loubna Khamis
    Really really cool worth more than 5dollars I'll pay a 100dollars for it ok it may be hard like extreme but you know the greater the obstacle the more glory of overcoming it
  20. My issue
    Ferris Trettel
    I love this game. It runs smooth as butter on my note 4 but I don't have the vitals thing so I never can get the revive Bob achievement with the defibrillators! Fix this and u have 5 stars from me! Do I am bread next


What`s new

Fixed an issue where the game crashed on launch on certain devices on Android 7 or above.
Added compatibility for more devices, enjoy!

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