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solitaire classic
طاولي حقيقي بدون نت


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Farhad Shakiba | Co-Founder, Brainium Studios LLC

Portland, Oregon Area |

Saul Villatoro | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Luke James Healy | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Jonathan Rodgers | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Reviews 12,935

  1. Freezing up
    Christina Haley
    I don't know what's different, but the app has been freezing up for me since yesterday. I'm on a galaxy s4. None of my other apps appear to be affected. I can get it to unfreeze by rotating the screen. UPDATE: works great. No ads. What's not to like?
  2. Shame about the new version....
    Mark Benson
    A lovely company but I'm sorry, the game has become so boring because the odds of now getting a hand cleared are few and far between. I know the British call the game patience, but this is far worse than the real card experience. Sorry guys...uninstalled.
  3. Great Game.
    kane basie
    This game is stable, easy on the battery and system resources. I tried the free version and immediately bought the full version. A few less steps to start a new game is the only thing I would like to see changed.
  4. Love this game
    Catherine Carter Kelly
    Perfect when I want something quick to do. No crazy fancy mess, just a good game of solitaire!
  5. Oh so close!
    Greg Matthews
    One more thing would make it perfect: the ability to back up achievements so they can be retrieved after a phone reinstall/upgrade.
  6. Horrible
    narendra bansal
    Just installed it after paying $2 since I wanted a ad free app.. Compared to Mobility ware game app, this is an awful experience minus the ads. There is no solution to the game and Hints keep moving cards back and forth!! No option of a draw! Wish I can get a refund.
  7. Great game!
    Richard Knierim
    Runs great on a Moto G 2nd gen. running Lollipop. Fun game with a great interface that is customizable. Brainium seems responsive to customer problems. Things I would add are a pause feature. For people with tremors, add a delay when you touch the screen, you can get more than 3 cards. Great stable game, highly recommend!
  8. Solitaire+(Newest Version)
    Daniel Antonucci
    Greatest implementation of solitaire games I have ever played! This is a "Must Have" for you're Android device! Constant improvement is clearly this company's goal. If you love Klondike Solitaire, you'll love this app.
  9. Broken
    Gary Lange
    This game is seriously broken. Wrong number of passes through the deck (sometimes 2,3, and 4), card deals so bizarre they are statistically impossible. 3 weeks of play with only 3 or less plays possible per game with 20 to 30 games in a row without a single play possible (again, not normal). Worst is that no one has replied to my emails over 5 weeks of attempts. Don't waste your money.
  10. Nice, nice, baby! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Karl Schmitz
    Just what I was looking for. This classic solitaire app has a clean, classy UI, and runs smoothly. Animations are slick; game win animation is mesmerizing. Card back customization is a welcomed option. "Achievements" a clever and fun addition. Wish hints were more a "best"/most valuable move, vs. every single available move. Ad-free worth the $2. Try it! (Samsung Galaxy S6)
  11. Good ol solitaire
    Road Lord
    I like it that it isn't loaded down with a lot of annoying sounds and visuals. However, it would be nice to have the option to make the phone's "return" button the "undo", I use that a lot!
  12. aaron srok
    I wish you were able to limit the amount of auto completion. I can go through a game by just touching the stack and the card to auto place it. No decision making.
  13. LOVE IT! Vegas style!
    Danelle Miller
    I play the Vegas style accumulative! Lots of fun! STARTING LAST MONTH - game freezes for about 15 to 20 seconds. Needs fix!
  14. Perfect
    Paul Montgomery
    Spend a buck and get an ad free game that is fast, small and free of bugs, spy ware, etc. After messing my smartphone up with other cra$ and having to reload the os, load only the good stuff. Just keeps getting better.
  15. Works great. Hours of fun.
    Shelly Rae Comer
    I love being able to create my own themes.
  16. A Good Game to Sharpen Your Focus
    Rex Holt
    Great straight forward game. Allows you to replay a game until you discover the solution or surrender in utter defeat.
  17. Still great
    Bill Morgan
    Simple interface, good customization choices, no ads. A perfect time killer with no side effects other than addiction.
  18. Excellent Solitaire
    Wayne Hynd
    Nice, rich colors with gradients for a "realistic" look; smooth, flawless operation...very well done card game.
  19. My favorite solitaire
    David R Barcena
    It's customizable and it has all ofthe features I could possibly need. Been using it for quite some time now
  20. Favorite App
    Deborah Blanton
    Best version of Klondike for androids and we'll worth paying for. I only wish it had the snapshot feature that I have on my pc solitaire game.


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