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Farhad Shakiba | Co-Founder, Brainium Studios LLC

Portland, Oregon Area |

Saul Villatoro | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Luke James Healy | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Jonathan Rodgers | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Reviews 405,499

  1. No issues
    Jennifer Katherine De Loughy
    No issues playing. I think the boards are classified a bit low, i.e. medium is really hard, and hard is really expert. But I don't mind a challenge.
  2. Amazing
    Hershey Choco
    I thought myself how to play when I was younger. I found a sudoku book and then just went along. I guess since math is my favorite subject, and I like Puzzles that Sudoku is perfect for me. And this apps is really nice. Every board I played so far has been different. I don't know if its just me but Medium and Hard aren't that hard at all. It's like they're practically the same levels. I'm going to try expert out and see if its more difficult.
  3. Love it!
    Only thing missing is the option of games in the "X" format. The hints are a huge help to learn how to solve, not just giving the answer. Really a nice game.
  4. I'm a little slow
    Gloria Wang
    As long as I'm not playing on a clock, I like doing the methodical process of eliminating the possibilities for each square. Still doing the easy games and I anticipate learning more skills as I progress.
  5. Terri Coley
    I agree with another reviewer, would be better if the puzzles could be numbered. Also I have never heard of the patterns in the expert level hints, think there should be some explanation on these.
  6. Debbie Longoria
    Love the style, and how easy it was to get started. Even my thirteen year old is addicted. It's great for the brain.
  7. Great game, great fun
    Omarey Williams
    I didn't understand Sudoku before this app but now I do. Lot of fun.
  8. Keith Rexroat
    The expert puzzles are unsolvable without some form of what I have to say is a cheat. Meaning you have to try non working numbers before you can achieve a workable number allowing you to work the entire puzzle before realizing it can not be completed correctly!
  9. bee isenberg
    4⭐'s because once u figure out the "formula" the game TOTALLY changes, levels (easy-expert) become COMPLETELY irrelevant.... THIS GAME'S nuttin butta JIGSAW PUZZLE!!!
  10. Loving it
    Christine Duncan
    Wish you didn't get negative points for a mess up but either way lots of fun
  11. Great way to Learn!!
    jacqueline guthridge
    I always wanted to learn how to play this game. I downloaded this game and I have been really enjoying playing as I learn. I think it's fun for everyone because my little girl is getting sharper with counting And number recognition by telling me which numbers are missing. Play and ENJOY!!!
  12. Easy to use makes it fun
    Betty German
    I don't enjoy the ads with very loud audio while my device's media volume is switched off. The ads override volume setting. But the app itself is easy to use and the tutorial improved my overall score. I really like it.
  13. Noisy and unfamiliar stuff
    Alan Barchman
    I do not like the loud ads that seem to blast out even though the volume is down. I was in bed playing when the ad woke my wife up out a sound sleep. Also some of the hints on certain games are totally confusing with there complexity. A help screen would be helpful, whether in or outside the program by Web page. Also the timeout on my screen short, so sometimes when I turn it back on it asks to resume the game, sometimes it just goes to where you left off. It is fun to play though.
  14. Sudoku
    Pd Holcomb
    I love this game. Like most people, when first told about the game, I said no thanks. But that was because I am not good at math. But this is just strategically placing the numbers 1-9 each on there on line and as you play you will see that each of the nine grid boxes end up with 1-9 in them. It is a good workout for your brain!
  15. Great way to learn Sudoku
    Midnight Ferret
    Learn at your own pace with easy to follow hints when you need them. Increase your skill and knowledge to play the game at higher levels. Highly recommend it.
  16. Good game
    Pamela Holt
    I like the features, especially the notes. I also like the explanations in the hints... except that don't have a glossary. I don't know, for example, what the finned fish thing is-only that it appears. Either a glossary or a more detailed explanation in the hint would be good.
  17. Sudoku by Brainium
    Barbara Keener
    It is an enjoyable learning experience. It's really a playground for your mind. You don't even know you are giving your brain a workout! Lot's of hints along the way!
  18. Wonderful!
    Michelle Washington
    Enjoyable for both adults and children because of the levels. No problems using on android device so far. Love the ability to make notes. I'm a novice so the hints are helpful.
  19. Chris McColgan
    This is a good version of this game. I particularly like, when you have candidates written in the squares and put a single number in how it removes that number from each of the other squares where it's a candidate. If you're wrong, undo puts all the candidates back to where they were in the step before. Very helpful.
  20. Shhhhh...
    Marilee Teasley
    I fully intend on buying the full version of this game (once I go buy another Google Play card) because I have done so with every other game that Brainium has designed. But in the meantime, please consider toning down the ads. I understand why the ads are there, just don't make them so loud! I've nearly fallen out of my chair before from how loud and sudden the ads are.


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