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  1. Balloon Pop
    Marge Miarnowski
    I think there should be a speed button since my little grabdkids are so young they can't keep up! Also how they hold the phone prevents the balloons from mbeing popped!
  2. Not bad
    Josh Hanson
    This had the same shortcoming a lot of kids games have. When my son holds the phone he is touching the screen and because he is already touching the screen they hasn't won't let him pop balloons with his other hand. Make him board quickly.
  3. Came up first. Looked great.
    Ben Gaertner
    was looking for a fun..good looking game for a 5y old...and bam....perfect. free. Thanks Guys. 5 stars!!!
  4. Great time waster
    Jay Donaldson
    Very repetitive and easy to lose track of time. My Granddaughter Ava loves it.
  5. Needs improvements
    Barry Hammer
    1) It's extremely annoying that the music blares loudly the instant the game starts. Would like a setting to keep the music off 2) There is no setting to stop the sound effects, you have to turn the volume down all the way 3) No help function to explain which balloons are more points than others 4) No setting to control how many balloons display. It's a decent game, but I would REALLY like to see these improvements soon.
  6. joy bullard
    my two year old loves the game but why can't we remove all the games from the bottom? I hate that! it leads to my child clicking on the games to buy and changing my default options . please fix or does anyone know how that can be moved
  7. laura marie
    My 2yr old loves this game keeps him busy when I'm cleaning or feeding his baby brother
  8. Tanyatla Ahnor
    Great game for 2 yr olds love the way my grand knows how to play.. She is 18 months.
  9. Really? No instructions!
    Laranda Edwards
    I downloaded this for my 2and 4 year old nieces. However, there are no freaking instructions on how to play. The basics I get - pop balloons. There are balloons with toys in them, bombs, other balloons (when those are popped it releases multiple balloons of all sizes),etc. You are timed but when the game ends you don't know why it ended. What made it end. It leaves you let down.
  10. Samantha Blake
    My baby brother loves this... he almost 2 years old
  11. Three year old
    Jackie Clouse
    GreatGrand son loves this game and i do too....
  12. Fun, but too simple.
    Brandon Beltran
    My biggest complaint is that it doesnt support multi touch. A kids game should always be able to process multiple fingers, because inevitably, at least one makes its way onto the screen unintentionally.
  13. Ugly theme song
    Manuel A Gonzalez
    How can a baby play with this and have all those ads on the way. And the countdown time is to short. Add an option to unlimited time
  14. Five stars
    Poonam Bindra
    Just loved popping and my 16 months old baby...
  15. Bobbie Henry
    Both my 3yr old and 2 yr old love this game
  16. Child pleaser
    Robey McKown
    Keeps the kids entertained for 10 to 30 min
  17. Hand eye coordination is imptoved
    Anton Zwickl
    Great game for elderly whom have a stroke builds up their confidence and kids
  18. Kyme Berry
    This game is great for my 1 year old
  19. I paid for the premium
    maria frandes
    but it is no different than the free. There is no levels. No fun :(
  20. Alissa Mooney
    My three year old loves this game!


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